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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 7, 1433/ February 29, 2012 # 10

Pakistani-American Scientist in Chicago, inspired by Islam, does the unthinkable. Scroll to end, please.

Eyewitness account of police behavior in a New York hospital. Please scroll to end.

Our America: #1
Breaking News: From JAM New York-Brooklyn. 10.30 AM.
Strong Rally by Lynne Stewart Supporters but her appeal looks doubtful

Jamaat al-Muslimeen representative reports from downtown New York city, 500 Pearl street, that more than 100 people demonstrated in support of Lynne Stewart at 8 AM near the court before the 9 AM appeal hearing.

Almost the same number demonstrated for acceptance of her appeal immediately after the court session ended. The main speaker was Ramsey Clark [a trusted friend of New Trend], a famous human rights activist and former attorney general of the USA. He is from Texas but lives in New York.
The second speaker was Ralph Poynter, Lynne's African American husband and former Black Panter supporter. [It's the unity of Black and White].

The judge seemed bent on rejecting the appeal but the result has not yet been announced.
Lynne Stewart is a "White" woman who defended Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, the Blind Shaikh, pro bono, and later kept visiting him at her own expense with Ahmed Abdel Sattar who worked hard for Dr. Abdel Rahman's human rights. She brought the Shaikh's message out of prison, to the media, with the help of Ahmed Abdel Sattar. She was arrested and sentenced to 28 months. Then, in violation of law, she was RE-SENTENCED to 10 years. That sentence is being appealed.
Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ] is in federal prison all the way in Colorado and is not allowed any public access of any kind.
Other than Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York Muslims, either too "busy" or controlled by the 4 letter groups or too scared, did not turn up for Lynne. The demonstrators were non-Muslims.

Our America: #2
Islam is the only way out for the People of the USA. Why America can't Succeed on its Own.

"The issues of alcoholism, drug addiction, AIDS, etc are moral problems but this nation is trying to find out only their medical treatment. As such, these problems are mutiplyimg and there is no cure in sight. Pornography, too, is a moral issue and represents the degradation of human behavior. Instead of banning it once and for all, Americans defend it on the plea of freedom of expression. As a result, it is eating away at the vitals of this nation. The entire press, media and judiciary are defending it as personal freedom.... Muslims must come forward and accept this challenge."
- Br. Shamim Siddiqui, [Long Island, New York, advisor to Jamaat al-Muslimeen, The Dawah Program, p.92.

Our America: #3
White Supremacy and Racist Hegemony bedrocks of American Elitist attitudes to the "Other."

Muslims wonder how could US troops enjoy Abu Ghraib or hold Muslims in cages in Guantanamo Bay, and now the urination on the bodies of Taliban fighters and finally the burning of an entire library of Qur'ans and Islamic literature in America's air force base and prison in Bagram, Afghanistan.
Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, laid out the foundations of racism and White Supremacy in great detail, all the way from the massacres of Native Americans [it is the anniversary of Wounded Knee] , through 400 years of slavery, to our own times and the tragedy of New Orleans. [It is also the anniversary of the destruction of the Black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921.]

In a brilliant extension of his analysis, Dr. Shabazz noted that Zionism is a dimension of White Supremacist ideas that Jews are racially superior to Palestinians!
[Notes from the lectures of Dr. Shabazz [ ] to Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora. He is the Philosopher of JAM and is based in Louisiana.]

Our America: #4. Book Notice
How Mormons Operate: An Unusual way of Understanding Mitt Romney

From Utah to Eternity: A Mormon-Muslim Journey by Sarah Louise Baker. 488 pages. 10 British pounds. A few copies are still available from

Most of this book is a detailed account of Mormon missionary work. It's a fictionalized account meant to conceal the identities of people within the Mormon movement because of the conversion of a few Mormons to Islam.

The book has relevance although we first noticed it in New Trend a long time back. At this time a Mormon, Mitt Romney, is a presidential candidate and is leading the Republican pack. If Romney gets elected, the Muslim world could face a serious situation.

The Mormons have a very disciplined, well organized, extremely close minded and brainwashed network of missionaries around the world. From Utah to Eternity provides a detailed account of the brainwashing process. Each Mormon missionary unit is led by a "president" who controls every aspect of the missionary's life, comparable to the commissars in Soviet military units, except that he can't kill people.

The story is about Mormon missionaries in Japan and the way they systematically spread their message and yet are sealed off from Japanese influence. Their response to the suffering caused by US imperialism is mind boggling. They watch the remains of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as nothing more than museum artifacts. {Try to imagine Romney visiting cities and villages bombed by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan]. Racism is an underlying construct of Mormonism.

Only Islam can defeat Mormonism. The central figure in the story is brought into Islam by an Indonesian Muslim who does it not by counter-propagands but simply by being a Muslim. What happens when the central figure's parents find out that he has embraced Islam, right out of the heart of Mormonism, is worth reading. It is struggle of Truth versus Falsehood but in the language of everyday people.

US Muslims Condemn plans to Attack Iran
Israeli Attack on Iran or an Israeli-US attack on Iran? Why the pretense?
by Kaukab Siddique

We have Israel, an extension of America, armed and funded and even populated by America in good measure.

We have the US where no one can say a word against Israel and get elected to a high office.

We have the corporate media, TV, radio, newspapers, where news writers and commentators compete to support Israel, and opponents of Israel consider themselves lucky if they can get a letter published in six months.

President Obama, being an intellectual, tried a ploy to soften the Palestinians by urging Israel to stop NEW construction WITHIN the settlements it has established in the West Bank. Jews, both American and Israeli, got after Obama as if he is their worst enemy. It was clearly a case of: You are our servant. We got you elected. How dare you tell us what to do! We'll tell YOU what to do!

Now the Obama regime has signalled the media puppets to declaim that an attack on Iran will be an Israeli attack. Hey, we are against such an attack. Here the assumption is that Muslims can easily be misled.

What the US could achieve thru Israel:

If the Israelis carry out a successful raid which damages Iran's nuclear capability, the US will make soothing noises and offer some carrots to Iran. Like Reagan in the case of Israel's bombing of the Iraqi reactor, Obama may even issue a condemnation, though it will be worded very carefully so as not to offend American Jews.

After a successful attack, an attempt could be made to topple President Ahmedinejad through "internal disturbances." Thus a major objective of the Israeli attack would be regime change.

How the US-Israeli venture might flounder:

If the Israeli attack is not pin pointed, fails to destroy nuclear facilities and causes civilian casualties, there would most probably be a huge surge of support for the Islamic government.
Iran could make a real effort to block the strait of Hormuz. This attempt would be difficult if not impossible because it's not easy to block 35 miles of ocean. It would result in an American military response aimed at the destruction of the Iranian navy.
However, any military action in the area, even with a clear US victory, would rally the Muslim world in support of Iran and cause a HUGE UPSET in the oil market. Limited actions against Israel could be carried out by Hizbullah and Hamas. Unfortunately Iran has missed the opportunity to provide these Islamic forces with heavy weapons.

What else the US-Israeli venture could achieve?:

If the Israelis breach Iranian defenses and Iran lashes out at US forces, there may be an attempt to seize Iranian oilfields in Abadan with US Special Forces coming in from Iraq which has a US-backed "Shia" regime.

However, the greatest success for the West would be a pinpointed Israeli raid which would destroy the nuclear facilities without major civilian casualties, thus leaving Iran high and dry.

Iran's Best Option:

If Iran could attack Israel through Hizbullah and Hamas or even via the somewhat meagre but important foothold it has in Iraq, that would be a game changer. An effective attack on Israel with heavy Jewish military losses would mean the beginning of the end for Israel. It could cause an exodus of Jews from Israel back to the countries they came from with all the problems they cause in countries they go to.

Israeli leaders should be put on trial in absentia in Iran for their crimes against humanity.

If the US starts bombing Iran directly, the Iranians could break their sectarian blinders and start helping al-Qaida and the Taliban. Strategy rather than sect might become their real option.

Syria was a major blunder. Can it be rectified:

Iran did not think strategically about Syria and put all its eggs into Assad's basket.If Iran could have quickly disposed off Assad and his family, the Syrian army would have been fighting Israel rather than its own people. The Saudi moves against Iran could be easily defeated if the Assad regime is replaced by an Islamic regime with full IRANIAN support devoid of sectarian restrictions.
Iran chose the tiny, murderous, Alawite sect led by Assad. What a blunder! Why not have the fearless Syrian people on your side? Why not draw Israel into a people's war INSIDE Syria where Israel should have been trying to save Assad?
Can the situation be rectified? Will Iran keep supporting Assad to the bitter end even at the price of becoming a pariah throughout the Sunni Muslim world [95% of the Muslim population of the world]? What an easy victory for the Saudis. Think about it! THINK!

Demolition of Shaykh Osama's House
Can the Memory of Osame be erased? Was he too great or too insignificant?
A note from Kaukab Siddique

On February 27, Osama bin Laden's house in Abbottabad was demolished by Pakistani authorities after the approach roads to the entire area were blocked by the military from February 25 onwards.

First Osama's body was "disappeared" into the ocean and now his house is erased. A superpower is worried that Osama even after being killed is too dangerous for the western powers and that the Muslim world might rally to avenge him.

These measures don't make sense. If Osama was the leader of global Islamic resistance, then certainly his memory cannot be erased by America depositing his body in the ocean and now his home being demolished. Such measures will simply arouse the masses, the very poor, the oppressed, the downtrodden who saw him as the closest person they would ever see resembling the Sahaba, r.a., in our times. The unlettered Muslims think he stood for Jihad and was the only one who insisted on rolling back the power of America, crazy as that might sound.

On the other hand, if Osama was just a terrorist who deserved to be killed in the middle of his family, then why bother about him? Why worry that he left Arabia to live in Afghanistan and then in Pakistan. Terrorists are not liked in Pakistan and with time he would be forgotten. Why smash his house, as if every sign of his existence cries out for resistance? Why convince Muslims that he was a martyr killed by the oppressors.

Pakistan has so many religious leaders, each lost in his ego, that for them Osama was a threat to their leadership. They saw him as a giant and knew themselves as pygmies. They would have never allowed the mystique and charisma of Osama to flourish. Such actions as the demolition of his home, increase the anxiety of religious leaders who worry that he might eclipse them even from the grave.

If the house had to be demolished, it should have been done right away. It stayed as it was for almost 9 months during which the poor, those who have no place in society, those who look for a saint, came to look at the "Shaykh's home" even though they were not allowed by the military to approach it.
Why are Pakistani authorities always so inept? They obeyed American orders but so slowly that the damage has already been done..

Americans are being somewhat obtuse about erasing Osama's memory. Before he was killed, the Saudis identified 50 web sites world wide which were distributing his messages. After he was killed, there seems to have been a smooth election of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri as the new leader. He has been interfering in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Al-Qaida has now emerged in Yemen, Somalia, Mali and Nigeria in various shapes and forms.

It's possible that America has received intelligence that Osama's influence can be erased if his last home is demolished. Surely American intelligence is ahead of my analysis. They know better. According to America's Muslim advisers known as CAIR, ISNA and ICNA, Osama was not even a Muslim. He was simply a terrorist. So if his home is demolished, all the big and small Muslim leaders will sigh with relief and say: Thank goodness. After all, who can be more intelligent than American intelligence.

Karachi, Pakistan: From Shamsuddin Amjad.
Large Crowd of Niqabi and Hijabi Women in Long March Against Cultural Imperialism

Photo shows part of the mass march. Inset shows 5 Niqabi leaders.

Karachi. Feb 25: Media had played a pivotal role as regards to creating awareness but it had also promoted nudity, obscene and vulgar commercial advertisements and drama, which was contrary to Islamic norms and values. PTA has to block websites that spread nudity and images and billboards being installed on road sides that displayed vulgar material should be removed. PEMRA should ensure complete compliance to its rules and regulations.

Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Karachi (Women Wing) patron Rana Fazal expressed these views while addressing a press conference at the end of a walk from Masjid-e Bait Ul Mukarram in Gulshan-e Iqbal to Civic Centre under the theme of 'Pak Watan Ko Pak Banaen-Media Ko Apni Quwwat Banaen' (Let us cleanse Pakistan and make the media our strength) on Saturday.
JI Women Wing Central Leader and former MNA Aisha Munawwar, Central Deputy Administrator Durdana Siddiqui and Central Information Department incharge Alia Mansoor also addressed the crowd. Central Deputy Administrator Kausar Masood, Sindh administrator Afshan Naveed, Sindh deputy Administrator Najma Irshad and others were present.

Earlier, thousands of women walked from Masjid-e baitul Mukarram to Civic Centre led by Aisha Munawwar. JI Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui managed the walk. Participants of the walk held placards in their hands that carried slogans demanding PEMRA to curb nudity from media and ensure the media would comply to PEMRA rules and regulations.

Pakistani-American, Teepu Siddique, Pride of Islam and of the Entire Ummah.

Confronting and untangling the Dark Mysteries of a Horrific Disease: ALS
From Abu Huraira: The Prophet, pbuh, said, "There is no disease that Allah has created, but that He has also created its cure." [Sahih Bukhari: Vo.7, bk.71. #582.]

Dr. Teepu Siddique, with the support of his dedicated wife Nailah, and a team of researchers, has done what seemed unthinkable at one time.

Put out by the Big Ten Network:

Our America
New York: Where the Police Openly Flout the rights of Citizens to Emergency Care
by Hagar

I am frustrated as my awareness of how corrupt New York City is grows. On February 1st, a police officer was shot in the head. The trauma announcement at this hospital came in around 8:30pm. I was walking in the hallway to return to my emergency room team. I had to navigate through the crowd of 40 police officers (and growing) who came there to cram into that tiny trauma room just to support their fallen comrade. Hospital security had to tell the officers that not all of them could fit into that room.

The trauma area is not staffed with its own doctors. Instead, doctors from the general emergency room areas run to the trauma area to treat the patient in need of immediate help. One of the doctors came from the trauma area and told the rest us that it was pretty much a superficial flesh wound and that one of the doctors pulled the bullet out of the cop's head! This is important to keep in mind because of how the hospital handled the treatment of this one patient, who happened to be a police officer.

After an hour, I noticed that the emergency room had not received any new patients. I thought that maybe the night had become slow. That happens, sometimes. Well, after two hours, I realized that something was wrong. One of the nurses told me that they shut down the hospital when an officer is brought in and re-route ambulances to area hospitals.

The ENTIRE hospital was SHUT DOWN! All because a police officer had a flesh wound! Of course the mayor and police commissioner were there to give a press conference. They made the injury seem worse than it really was, but that's their story and they are sticking to it.

The even more upsetting thing about this incident is that there was a female patient on my particular team in need of medical attention. She was admitted for severe abdominal pain and was in need of a consultation with a surgical team. However, the surgical team, along with other doctors, were enthralled with this one police officer patient! She was just writhing in pain and all the nurses could do was to tell her that the doctors were at the trauma.

I don't believe that any patient had been treated or discharged for hours!

This is one of the reasons why police offers are so arrogant and reckless. The reputation of the police force has been stained by the dirtiest among them but, one injured officer can bring an entire hospital to a close. That is protocol. Only celebrities are afforded that special treatment!

That same day on Channel NY1, Javin James gave an account of how he was beaten by several police officers after yelling at them to stop beating a teenager in the street. This was witnessed by several others but, he was the one who spoke up. He is only 19 years old.

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