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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 19, 1433/ February 12, 2012 # 7

February 14: The German holocaust. The so-called Valentine's Day is the anniversary of the destruction of the German city of Dresden by waves of British and American bombers in 1945. The defenseless city was systematically set on fire and wiped out. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed, including a train load of children who were preparing for Valentine's Day. Till David Irving documented it in his book on Dresden, the Zionist media hid this horror.
ALL other German cities were dealt with similarly as Jorg Friedrich has documented in his book FIRE. This was the real holocaust implemented by Churchill on the advice of his Jewish friend known as "The Prof."

February 12. Karachi: Biggest ever Pakistani crowds rally against US intervention, against NATO supplies, against drone attacks, for people of Baluchistan and for Dr. Aafia's release. Major Islamic groups join hands with Jamaate Islami. History in the making. Scroll down to end please.

Dr. Javed Jamil's thoughtful paper on India's large Muslim population. Why the depression and defeatism? Scroll to end.

Do you love Muhammad, pbuh? Note what Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen has to say about that. Please scroll down.

A Message from Br. Shamim Siddiqui [Long Island, New York.]
Dawah Ilallah in the context of America: The Priorities and the Process are to remain the same as demonstrated by Rasulullah (peace be on him) in his life long struggle for establishing Allah's Deen on this earth. The means and methodology can, however, be modernized as available to us or are still in the womb of the future.

Ground breaking trip:
Ethiopia: Sis. Ashira Naim, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, has just returned from a six week visit to Ethiopia. She was inspired by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, who praised Ethiopia [Abyssinia] and encouraged Muslims to go there. Sis. Ashira was encouraged by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [ ] , the philosopher of Jamaaal-Muslimeen, who already has roots in Ethiopia.
While in Ethiopia, Sis. Ashira made contacts with prominent Ethiopians and initiated the "Feed the Hungry" program. Her initial report and first person account is now available. Please scroll down to end for the first installment.

New Trend extends its greetings to the people of Iran on the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution. The crowds organized and orchestrated by the government were very large. All Muslims should be happy that Iran has retained its national independence and some of its Islamic fervor. However, Iran's support for Syria's tyrant, its neutrality on Kashmir and its silence on Chechnya indicate a serious lack of Islamic objectives in its policies. It's a strong ally of the regime planted in Bagdad by the US and very friendly towards Karzai of Kabul. Iran's support for Palestine is enthusiastic but remains devoid of any muscle or any action against Israel.
Iran is very keen to be friends with the US. America's Muslims should support these attempts at friendship. A war with Iran will not benefit anyone other than Israel.
Islamic movements are quite independent of Iran and will continue to prosper regardless of Iranian nationalistic aims.

Dr. Siddique Urges US Muslims to Become Organized & Disciplined.
Connection with Africa taught by the Prophet, pbuh.

On February 10, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave his latest Juma' khutba and led the prayers at a mosque in Central Baltimore despite his leg injury. The community welcomed the return of Sis. Ashira from Ethiopia. Also welcomed was Br. Wiggins, a well known activist in Baltimore, who joined the prayers.
Here is a summary of some of the points Dr. Siddique made in his khutba:

Text: "For sure We sent among every people a messenger with the command: Worship Allah and oppose powers other than Allah [ taghoot]: Of the people were some whom Allah guided, and some on whom Error became established. So travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who denied the truth." [The Qur'an 16:36]
  1. Islam is a universal religion and acknowledges all the Truth which was revealed, be it to Abraham or Moses or Jesus, peace be on them.

  2. Worship of Allah alone is not Islam. It has to be connected ALWAYS to rejection of powers other than Allah.

  3. When we gather for prayer and form straight lines, that is a sign of basic organization required in Islam.

  4. When we choose someone to lead the prayers, that is a sign of organization.
    1. Hadith says even if three of us are together, we must have a teacher, guide or imam. Don't be disorganized.

  5. The Qur'an puts Truth Telling and Warning [9:71] above prayer and charity. It puts the working together of men and women WITHIN Islamic limits as the first requirement [9:71.]

  6. We must work in an organized way to help those who are sick, or poor or in debt.

  7. Large crowds, flashy cars, grand mosques mean nothing without fearless leadership, clear objectives and shoora.

  8. Look at 1.8 billion Muslims who cannot defeat and dismantle tiny Israel. Why? because of lack of organization and lack of fearless leadership.

  9. Our children need to travel so that they can see that America is NOT the world. We need scholarships for children to travel to Muslim lands. Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem are most important but Africa comes first in travel. Why?

  10. The FIRST hijra was to Ethiopia in Africa. The great sahaba, r.a., who did this first hijra, included Usman, r.a., and the blessed daughter of the Prophet, pbuh, Ruqayya, r.a. The journey was so tough that Ruqayya, r.a., had a miscarriage and lost her child.

  11. To affirm the Islamic connection to Africa, the Prophet, pbuh, married an African woman, Maria, r.a., a Christian woman who embraced Islam. He had a son from her, Ibrahim, who died and for once the Prophet, pbuh, shed tears. There was an eclipse that day but he said, we should not connect the immutable laws of Allah's creation with our suffering.

  12. Travelling can change our thinking. The verse I have chosen, makes travel a command from Allah. "Travel in the earth." We need to visit Muslim lands we don't know, like Bangladesh, with 120 million Muslims. We don'y even know our international family in India.

  13. There were no Arabs who brought Africa to Islam. Sundiata, the great classic of West Africa, brings out the indigenous nature of Islam in Africa. They say, the descendants of Bilal, r.a., the famous slave freed by Abu Bakr, r.a., moved there.

  14. Islam is the only religion which condemns SLAVERY outright. [See chapter 90.]
Du'a: Pray for the victory of Islam in Kashmir, against India, in Afghanistan, against NATO, in Iraq against the remnants of US occupation, in Checnya against Russia, in Pakistan against the munafiqueen, in Somalia, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya against foreign intervention, In Yemen and Syria against tyranny.. Especially pray for the victory of Islam against the yahood who have occupied Palestine.

Rally for Dr. Aafia Subjected to Police Brutality. Attempt to Reach US Consulate Foiled

February 10: In Karachi, Pakistan, demonstrators led by Dr. Aafia's sister Dr. Fawzia Siddiqui and Pasban leader Altaf Shakoor were subjected to a ferocious assault by the police. The demonstrators were trying to reach the US Consulate. The police sealed off the entire area, fired tear gas shells into the crowd and then charged into the rally with steel tipped staves. Scores of people were injured. The upscale shopping area nearby was closed down and huge traffic jams resulted. Dr. Fawzia and Shakoor were arrested with a 100 others but later released. [ Pasban is a youth group supporting Dr. Aafia who is in a US prison in Ft. Worth, Texas.]

Vigil for Lynne Stewart: She Defended Dr.Omar Abdel Rahman
[From Ralph Poynter.]

February 28: A vigil will begin for Lynne Stewart at Tom Paine Park, New York City at 6 PM and go on into the night
February 29: Attend the court for Lynne's appeal at 9 AM . [Federal Court, 500 Pearl street, New York City.]

The Words of Lynne Stewart: America's Great Daughter & Top Attorney

A letter from Prison. Like Dr. Aafia, she is also being held in Ft. Worth, Texas.
{She is better than Siraj Wahhaj and other flunkeys who helped put the Shaikh in prison.]

"There are two aspects to my 'situation.' First, I was prosecuted for doing what I believe is the duty and work of an attorney - to represent the client zealously and conscientiously. In the case of the original trial [1995] of the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel Rahman, of Egypt, we wanted to keep his name alive so that we could eventually try to negotiate a return for him even if it meant jail in Egypt. In that spirit I made a press release public, and to Reuters, expressing his point of view on a unilateral cease fire then in effect in Egypt. I believed that this was part of salvaging him from the torture of his solitary confinement and also that it was part of the work I had sworn to do. I was tried and found guilty for materially aiding 'terrorism.'
"Then after I received a sentence of two-and-one-half-years, as opposed to the 30 years the government wanted, on appeal, the Second Circuit Court sent the case back for the judge to give me more time. Without much ado, he sentenced me then to 10 years, partially based upon statements I made after the sentencing and before I surrendered in November 2009. That sentencing is currently on appeal and will be argued on February 29 in New York City."

[Sis. Lynne is now a grandmother. -Ed. New Trend.]

Message from Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Care for Muslims in prison.
Think of our political prisoners. Write to them. Make Du'a for them. Let your community know. Even if you don't agree with their politics, concern for their well being and survival as humans is part of our faith.

Imam Jamil al-Amin [Contact Imam Khalil or Sis. Karima.] {America's Imam treated so shamefully!]

Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ]

Dr. Ali al-Timimi

Masoud Khan [ ]

Siddique Abdullah Hasan

Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi

Imam Abu Toubah

Ehsanul "Shifa" Sadequee

Tarek Mehanna

Abu Ali

Prof. Sami al-Arian. [Believe it or not, he is still under house arrest in the US although all charges were dropped.]
And many others. Ask us how to reach them by mail:

Important Creative Da'wah Production in Richmond, Virginia on March 9

As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Al-hamdulillah for all of your good work fi sabilillah!

We just wanted to bring to your attention an exciting new dawah production that we are performing in Richmond, Va. on Friday, March 9th, entitled: "As A Muslimah, I Am (Tales of a Female Gang Banger)." Please reference the 2 information and flier attachments. Insha Allah, you will be able to attend and post wherever it is feasible so that others in travelling distance may attend also.

Shukran wa ma salaam,
Jihad Abdulmumit
For Our Children
Phone: 804-304-8595

Analysis by New Trend.
Hope for Syria Dims. Overwhelming Odds but the Islamic masses refuse to back down

The people of Syria are facing difficult times. Russia and China have come out openly in support of the dictator Assad. USA and UK have decided NOT to offer arms to the Syrian people or to carry out any form of military intervention. Assad organized a large welcome rally for Russian intelligence chief now in Damascus. The Alawite and Syrian Christian minorities are standing with Assad. Iran and Hizbullah are also supporting Assad.

The Syrian refugees flooding into Turkey are getting humanitarian relief from the "moderate" Muslim government there. Qatar is helping refugees in Jordan. Al-Qaida under some guise has carried out a third attack, this time in Aleppo where rich Sunnis support Assad.
The only positive aspect for the Syrian people is that more than 20,000 of Assad's troops have defected and set up the Free Syrian Army [FSA] but these are poorly armed.
The Syrian army, very advanced with late model Russian tanks and a modern air force, is INTACT and waiting to be sent into action if the situation gets really bad for Assad.
And yet the Syrian masses in their hundreds of thousands continue to come out of mosques all over the country, calmly facing death and destruction, with the cry of Allahu Akbar on their lips. A glorious new chapter of Islamic history is being written with the unique resistance of the Syrian masses.

Syria Latest: Masses of People Defy Assad in Hama. Condemn Russia. Homs in Shambles.
US and Britain Decide not to arm Syrians and say no to any specific Help for Syrians.
Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri's video message.

Breaking news: Feb. 11: Brigadier General Issa al-Khouli was killed by gunmen in Damascus. He was closely linked to the Alawite power structure supporting Bashar Assad. He was the nephew of the elder El-Khouli who led the dreaded intelligence branch of the regime which tortured Muslims during the life of Bashar's father Hafez al-Assad.

February 10: Huge crowds of people rallied after Friday prayers in Hama to condemn tyrant Assad's atrocities and to speak out against Russian support for the Alawite regime. Similar rallies were held in other cities.There were explosions in Aleppo, a Sunni city which supports Assad, after an attack by army defectors. Twenty eight of Assad's troops were killed and 235 wounded in the attack by human bombers.. Al-Qaida is suspected.
Meanwhile, Homs is in shambles as the Syrian military continues to bombard the city for the 6th day Hospitals counted 137 people killed on the latest day of bombardment by the military.
However, the good news is that defectors from the army, though poorly armed, have held off the Syrian military's entry into Homs. {There are reports of slaughter of two Islamic families by Alawite gangsters working for the regime. There is an Alawite sector of Homs which is untouched by the violence.]

Latest complication, February 11: Wire services report: Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaidah after Shaykh Osama was killed 10 months back, issued an 8 minute video tape urging Muslims in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan to join the battle against Syria's regime. He urged Muslims not to depend on the West or on Arab rulers and Turkey's west-linked government but on Allah alone and on their own sacrifices and resistance. He called Assad's regime "cancer" which must be removed.
Hours later, Islamic scholars in Iraq called for Jihad against Assad. Also, a gunfight erupted between Alawites and supporters of Syrian resistance in Lebanon's northern city, Tripoli. Several people were killed.

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan continue In Spite of Severe Winter

During the first 37 days of 2012, NATO lost 37 of its best troops in Afghanistan with more than a 100 wounded. This is the result of pin prick attacks by the Taliban. [The fighting is no longer reported in US corporate media because there are no victories to report.]
On February 8, Pakistan's Dunya TV reported that the talks between The Taliban and the US held in Qatar have failed. It reports that the US wanted the Taliban to recognize Karzai before the US withdrawal. The Taliban rejected this and are insisting on unilateral American withdrawal and release of prisoners.
The Haqqani network and Hikmatyar's group were also at the talks, Dunya reported.

General Kayani Claims Victory Against Islamic Fighters in Kurram: Admits Heavy Losses

On February 8, Pakistan's top military man, General Kayani, visited his troops in the Kurram Agency. His spokesman declared that Paki troops have captured Jogi mountain, thus cutting off North Waziristan from Pak Taliban in other areas of the northern areas bordering Afghanistan. He admitted that fighting had been heavy and 69 Pakistani troops, including 8 officers, had been killed. He put Islamic losses at 3 times that number but this multiplication by three has often proven to be false. Looks like the Pak Taliban, though poorly armed fought well against highly trained US-backed Paki troops and withdrew in good order. Pakistanis have no prisoners to show.
[Observers say, Kayani is clearing the staging areas for renewal of supply convoys for NATO. Coordination between US and Pakistani generals has been renewed.]

{For more Pakistani war news, please scroll down.}

A Look at Ghamdi, one of Pakistan's Smooth Talking "Secular" Muslims

In the Muslim world, "secularist" is a westernized Muslim who thinks that Islam is a matter of personal belief and should not be involved in politics, economics and social planning. The problem arises when secularists try to impose their limited version of Islam on the entire country with the help of Anglo-American power and a government which is controlled by the West.
Here is an interview with one Pakistani secularist. This is the link. It is in Urdu but my comments relate to its specific points.

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:

Javed Ghamdi's interview is typical of westernized Pakistanis who are out of touch the realities of Pakistan even while living in Pakistan. . Unfortunately the lady interviewing him also shows lack of knowledge of Islam and is not able to oppose ANY of his views or to question him in depth. There are basic contradictions and absurdities in his statements. He complains about intolerance and lack of freedom of expression in Pakistan. If one looks at the Pakistani media, newspapers, TV, one can see that Pakistan has more freedom of expression than America. People even attack the existence of Pakistan [e.g. MQM's views in Karachi] and are still tolerated. Christians carry out rallies and are not arrested for doing so. Every sect is openly and clearly expressing itself and no one can stop them. Ghamdi is a clever "QUR'AN ONLY" sectarian. He claims that one can know everything about the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, from the Qur'an. That is a baseless claim. Most of the chapters of the Qur'an DO NOT even mention the name of Muhammad, pbuh. If one reads Hadith, then only can one know that the Qur'an is addressing Muhammad, pbuh. Like a Perwaizi sectarian [an anti-Hadith group in Pakistan], Ghamdi tries to insult Sahaba, r.a. by claiming that Hadith narratives amount to : "kisi nay kaha." [Someone said.]. ALL the Sahaba,r.a., of any stature narrated Hadith. It is a form of kufr to dismiss them as "kisi." On the other hand, when it comes to supporting Prophet's, pbuh, humbleness and gentleness, Ghamdi dishonestly starts using Hadith. In Islam, none of the Prophets and messengers are equal to Muhammad, pbuh, although we accept all of them as having brought the truth and equal in that sense. They were for their own times and their own nations. "That was a people who have passed away. They shall reap the fruit of what they did, and you of what you do! Of their merits there is no question in your case." {The Qur'an 2:141} Their Shar'ia and Sunnah are unknown today, while that of Muhammad, pbuh, is part of the lives of 1.8 billion people. Ghamdi claims that prophets are equal, thus trying to undermine the authority of Muhammad, pbuh. The Qur'an does not say they are equal:

"Those Messengers We endowed with gifts, some above others: To one of them Allah spoke; others He raised to degrees of honor....." [The Qur'an 2 253.]

Ghamdi spends a lot of time stressing the gentleness of the Prophet, pbuh, and how soft he was in his dealings. That is partially true, but Muhammad, pbuh, also taught Jihad and was strong against the oppressors. He was a complete human being, a warner and a bringer of good news.
The Qur'an says: "O Prophet! Do jihad against the kuffar and the munafiqueen, and be firm against them. Their abode is hell, - an evil refuge indeed. " [The Qur'an 9:73]

Obviously Ghamdi is out of touch with Pakistan. American drones have killed several thousand Pakistanis. The government is in America's hands. The military is also in America's hands and has killed 30,000 Muslims. Secularists are trying to legitimize blasphemy so that Muhammad, pbuh, can be insulted just as Jesus, pbuh, is insulted in America. So Ghamidi is wrong in saying that the Ulema should be soft and smiling. Pakistan cannot afford to be soft and smiling when it is under attack from outside and inside.
Perwaizis must be desperate that they bring a fringe person like Ghamdi to oppose the great Ulema of today who are standing up to a Superpower.

Intellectual of the Highest Quality
Australian University Notes 6 years role of Bangladeshi Islamic Professor

Professor Shahjahan Khan has stepped down
from his role as President of the Islamic Countries
Society of Statistical Sciences after six years

"University of Southern Queensland Professor of Statistics Shahjahan Khan has stepped down from his position as the President of the Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences (ISOSS) after six years in the role. Professor Khan said the ISOSS, a global body of professional statisticians, played a crucial role in shaping his professional position and global perspectives on statistics. 'The responsibilities of the ISOSS President were to lead the international professional organisation at the global level, promote its activities, attract membership, oversee management, organise biennial international conferences, deal with other international organisations with similar objectives and activities, collect sponsorship and build and enhance reputation,' Professor Khan said. 'I took over the position in 2005 and replaced the Founding President Dr Munir Ahmed who held the position since 1988.' The new President of the society will be Professor Ali Haidi of the American University of Cairo in Egypt and Stephen Weiss, Presidential Fellow and Professor Emeritus at Cornell University in America. 'When I took over, ISOSS was a regional organisation and facing problems with attracting venues and sponsors to organise international conferences. 'I took the role as a challenge and organised very successful conferences in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Cairo, Egypt and Lahore, Pakistan. 'I enjoyed the interaction with leading scientists of the world and productive communication with so many professional colleagues in academia, industry, government offices and in the media.' As President, Professor Khan oversaw the planning, design, construction and February 2001 opening of the ISOSS House in its headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan. " [Excerpts]

America's Gulag: [From Detroit News: Via Jamaat al-Muslimeen activist Br. Jihad Rashid.]

USA Tax Payers Spend $38.8 Billion on Prisons
NEW YORK, Jan. 30 (UPI) -- On average, state taxpayers pay 14 percent more on prisons than corrections department budgets reflect, a U.S. non-profit center for justice policy said.A report by the Vera Institute of Justice, with offices in New York, Washington and New Orleans, found among the 40 states that responded to a survey, the total fiscal year 2010 taxpayer cost of prisons was $38.8 billion, or $5.4 billion more than in state corrections budgets for that year.Michael Jacobson, the institute's director, said when all costs are considered, the annual average taxpayer cost in these states was $31,166 per inmate.To calculate the total price of prisons, Vera developed a survey tool that tallied costs outside corrections budgets.The study found the most common of these hidden costs were fringe benefits, underfunded contributions for corrections employees' pension and retiree healthcare plans, inmate healthcare, capital projects, legal costs, and inmate education and training.The scale of the expenditures outside of corrections departments ranged from less than 1 percent of the total cost of Arizona's prison budget to 34 percent in Connecticut.For example, the Connecticut Department of Corrections spent $613.3 million for prisons in fiscal year 2010, but when all state costs are included, the total taxpayer cost was $929.4 million, the study said.

Message from Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen Pakistani Woman Leader says:
Love of Muhammad, pbuh, Linked to idol breaking and Resistance to Oppression

The life of Prophet Muhammad( pbuh) is a role model in every walk of life.Enlightening intellect and vision with the love of Prophet (pbuh) and following him in practical life will lead to ultimate success, Dr Rukhsana Jabeen said in her message regarding 12th Rabiul Awal.
She further added that the Love of the Prophet (pbuh) demands negation of human idols and resistance against all forms of oppression in order to spread the message of love and peace which was given by the Prophet of Peace (pbuh).
Dr Jabeen reiterated that the revolutionary process of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the real solution for all the problems of the world. She said that current surge of change in the Muslim world will lead to Islamic revolution InshaAllah.

[Ed. Note: New Trend readers may have noticed photos of mass rallies by hijabi women organized by Jamaate Islami in Pakistan. Dr. Jabeen is the leader of these women.]

US Drone Attacks Coordinated with General Kayani Continue.

February 8: A US drone strike killed 10 Muslims in an Islamic village 10 km southeast of Miran Shah in North Waziristan. Looks like the Pakistani military was involved in homing the US attackers because after the attack, a Pakistani officer told AFP that Muslims from Central Asia, probably Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, were among those killed.

February 9: A US drone strike killed 5 Pakistanis in an Islamic home in Miran Shah, the main town in North Waziristan. Again the casualties were confirmed by Pakistani intelligence. [According to Dawn, one of those killed was a Punjabi Taliban commander. His wife was injured.]

Treachery at Highest Levels: Defense Info Reaches USA First. Islamic Leader Condemns Latest Drone Attacks
JI condemns leakage of national decisions to the US

LAHORE, Feb. 9: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has expressed his deep concern over the leakage of suggestions in connection with national security taken in a number of meetings of Defence Committee of the Parliament.

The media reports that the suggestions taken in the Defence Committee with regard to NATO supply and other national security issues have been disclosed to the US even before being brought to the Parliament and the Prime Minister.

He said this while addressing a special meeting of Jamaat e Islami responsibles held here at Mansoora on Thursday. He severely condemned the act saying it proved that there were amongst the leadership those were working in the best interests of the US instead of Pakistan. He termed the situation the most dangerous for the national security of the country.

He demanded of the government to bring those who were responsible to reveal the national secrets to the US, to justice as soon as possible. "If these US agents were not taken to task, the country might face a huge crisis," he added.

He regretted that some of the rulers were indicating the government was ready to restore the NATO supply line only for some money. However, he warned that if the NATO supply line was reinstated, the rulers would be thrown out of the power. "They will also have to face the wrath of the masses as well," he added.

The Chief Jamaat e Islami expressed his profound grief over killing of dozens of innocent people in US drone strikes saying if the government or the Pak army had taken steps earlier, the US forces would not have dared take such kind of brutal acts against Pakistan. "It seems government is hands in gloves with the US. Though the government issues statements against drone strikes but it is only to mislead the people," he added.
He said the US leaders had no confidence in their courts. USA had put all the rules and regulations under its feet in the form of Guantanamo where it was openly violating fundamental human rights. "Now, US officials including judges and lawyers are crying over the inhumane treatment to the Guantanamo prisoners."

He said that the Guantanamo prison was a clear proof of US brutality and anti-Islam policies.

He reiterated his appeal to the masses to not vote again for the people who could, at any time, surrender the national autonomy and sovereignty.

What has gone Wrong with India's Muslims?
by Dr. Javed Jamil
[A distinguished Islamic scholar of India looks at a large Muslim population which has become defeatist and depressed - ed]

It is important to analyse what has gone wrong. With a glorious historical background, with Muslim rule covering hundreds of years , a very strong religious inclination and a distinct culture, Muslims of India tend to be more emotional than practical in their approach. They have been the victims of
  1. The power game by the political parties

    India's democratic model has many positives about it, the biggest positive of course being that it has survived against all odds. It has been able to imbue a belief in Indians that they can play a decisive role in throwing any government and replace it with the other. If however the ability of the people to change the governments becomes the sole criterion of success of a democracy, it is nothing but a cruel joke. Indian democracy like many other democracies of the world has many negatives. It has not always brought the best people in the forefront of politics. The nexus of corporate-politicians-bureaucracy has more harmed than benefited the masses. The demographic realities and constraints have made the greedy politicians to look for communal agendas to gain an upper hand. No political party or group has succeeded to earn acclaim from all sections and all communities of the people. There are certain parties that are considered to be openly anti-Muslim; but the truth is that no political party has cared about the masses in general and Muslim community in particular. All political parties without exception are guilty of criminal ignorance of the needs of the people including Muslims. The so-called Secular parties have only used Muslims as vote banks, making big promises but taking only some cosmetic steps to keep them glued. The anti-Muslim organisations and parties have labelled even these minor cosmetic changes as "appeasement".

  2. The game played by Muslim political leaders

    The selection of candidates for elections and ministries has in general been dismal with hardly any regard to the public service records and personal integrity of the candidates, the only criteria being their ability to spend money and garner votes. This has been true in the case of Muslims as well. Not only their representation in numerical terms has been significantly lower than it should have been but also in terms of representing their community they have not proved up to the mark. Most if not all of them have cared more for toeing the party line than arguing the case of Muslims. They were neither fully aware nor interested to know how the Muslim issues can be resolved. Some of them have used their political clouts for their personal ends.
    There have been several Muslim political leaders whose love for the community was demonstrated in merely using sentimental issues for their political aggrandisement. It is not that these issues - the issues related to Personal Law, Religious places, Communal riots, etc-- were not important or should not have been politically raised. They in fact required greater attention than they actually got. But the biggest problem with the Muslim political leaders was that they could not see beyond these issues. They had absolutely no socioeconomic agenda and no effort was made to develop institutions for macro level planning covering all the aspects of the needs of the community and their role in national and international affairs. Even when dealing with sentimental issues, they usually sought short term solutions and did not have a clue to what should be done to ensure that such issues do not recur.

  3. The inefficient role played by the traditional religious scholars (Ulama)

    Ulama are traditionally simple, devoted and conscientious people whose personal lives have always been exemplary. They are rightly credited for preserving the texts of Islam in their original form and for maintaining certain degree of morality and spirituality in society. Indian Ulama have made significant contributions in the field of Deen and are rated very high in the world of Islam. However, the loss of political power in the country and domination of non-Islamic ideologies all over the world have led Islamic learning to shrink to the theological domain. The Madrasa System in the country has failed to realise the threat posed by un-Islamic ideologies and have made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to objectively understand and analyse the developments taking place in various fields. With lack of knowledge of the contemporary developments, the modern educated class started losing confidence in their leadership. Ulama tried to exert their dominance through emphasis on theological agenda and did not show any interest in the socioeconomic development of the community. The gap between traditional religious scholars and modern educated Muslims on the one hand and Ulama and the masses on the other hand has continued to widen with every passing day. The government and the Hindu organisations have also been viewing the role of Ulama as either against the interests of the country or as negative. This is unfortunate that such a view has developed and continued to gain strength because this is not wholly true. Ulama are still seriously concerned about the community as well as the country, but in absence of a formal relationship with the Muslim experts in different fields, they often do not respond adequately to the situation. The recurrent criticism has further alienated them. The decreased role pf Ulama in the community life, especially in socioeconomic fields, has not done any good to the community.
    The non-Madrasa Islamic scholars and organisations too have not responded adequately to the rapidly changing circumstances. These organisations too have either remained confined to the theological agenda of Islam or have often jumped straightaway to the political agenda without realising that the successes at the political front have minimum chances in absence of a strong socioeconomic agenda. Moreover, the religious scholars - both traditional and modern, have more often than not adopted defensive and apologetic approach in matters of religion. This has led to development of an inferiority complex in the Muslim community, which started feeling insecure in face of the onslaught at various fronts.

  4. The selfishness of Muslim intellectuals

    Muslim intellectuals are no less to blame. Most of them proved to be self seekers who showed hardly any interest in the development of their community. The Muslim officers feared that any support to the Muslim cause could land them into trouble, as their departmental bosses would not like this kind of approach. They would often be reluctant to help Muslims even where it was absolutely justified. The intellectuals have been nothing but drawing room thinkers and analysts, with little interest in using their intellectual power to develop a comprehensive strategy for an all-round development of Muslim community. Instead of doing anything worthwhile themselves, they would waste all their time in criticising Ulama and political leaders. This is true even of the products of institutions like Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia. Despite being passionate followers of Sir Syed Khan, only a few Aligarians followed his example - some of them have done truly notable work for the nation as well as the community-- and have been only busy in celebrating his birthday.

    * Dr. Javed Jamil is Executive Chairman, International Centre for Applied Islamics, Chief Editor, "Islam, Muslims & the World" and Director PEACE. He is also author of more than a dozen books including "Islam means Peace", "The Essence of the Divine Verses", "The Killer Sex", "Rediscovering the Universe", "The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism" and "Islamic Model for Control of AIDS". Also has more than 200 articles and papers to his credit. His soon-to-be-published works include "Scientific & Social Principles based on Qur'an" and "Westernism: the Ideology of Hegemony". He can be reached at Phone: 91- 8130340339

Millions attend Defense of Pakistan public gathering at Bagh Quaid-e Azam:
In Karachi, Pakistan, Leaders vowed to expel US from Pakistan
"DPC has on its agenda that the country should be liberated from the aggression of the United States, which was being defeated in Afghanistan and wanted to avenge Pakistan by gearing up unrest in Balochistan - Maulana Sami Ul Haque"
"DPC was formed for the defence of country's territorial and ideological boundaries and it would help people get rid of the corrupt rulers - Syed Munawwar Hassan"

KARACHI. 12 Feb: Leaders of the Difa-e Pakistan Council (DPC) have vowed that they would stage a sit-in protest at the Parliament on Feb 20 to condemn any restoration of NATO supply. The restoration of NATO supplies was tantamount to mocking at the national honoor and sovereignty of the country. They addressed a historical public gathering at Bagh Quaid-e Azam in the city.
Jamiat Ulema Islam (S) Chief Maulana Sami Ul Haque, Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Pakistan Chief Syed Munawwar Hassan, Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP) Chief Sahibzada Abu Al Khair Muhammad Zubair, Jamaat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and Ahl-e Sunnat Wal Jamaat Chief Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhyanvi, Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed, Tehreek-e Ittehad Pakistan (TIP) Chief Gen. (retd.) Hameed Gul, JI Pakistan Secretary General Liaquat Baloch, JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Husain Mahenti, Pakistan Muslim League (Z) Chief Ijaz Ul Haque and others addressed the gathering.
While addressing the press briefing, Maulana Sami Ul Haque said that the DPC had on its agenda that the country should be liberated from the aggression of the United States, which was being defeated in Afghanistan and wanted to revenge on Pakistan by gearing up unrest in Balochistan.
He informed the audience of points of DPC agenda and said that the DPC was determined to ensure ban on NATO supplies and drone attacks would not be allowed. The DPC would struggle to keep Karachiites free from being divided on ethnic and sectarian grounds. He said that the DPC would take people of Balochistan on board and would fight for their rights. He said that the DPC would continue supporting Kashmiri freedom fighters from all aspects and would support people of Afghanistan against the US.

Speaking on the occasion, JI Pakistan Chief Syed Munawwar Hassan said that people have welcomed the DPC across the country, which was a manifestation of their trust in the DPC. The biggest challenge in the country was the US interference in the country's affairs as the US has presumed the country was an easy prey. He said that the DPC was formed for the defense of the country's territorial and ideological boundaries and it would help people get rid of the corrupt rulers and from US dominance, and would strive for the eradication of poverty, hunger and joblessness. The DPC wanted US to set Dr Afia Siddiqui free.
He said that the Pakistani rulers had lied that NATO supplies were stopped but the US ambassador had revealed that NATO supplies were being continued from air routes of the country. He invited people to join the DPC in a sit-in protest at the Parliament against the restoration of NATO supply.
He said that preparation for general elections were being processed and if these would be held under the aegis of Zardari and Gilani, the elected government would not last for more than 90 days especially because the elections would be engineered and would be in favor of the US. The government thus formed would be eliminated in 90 days if it would fail to address the grievances of the people of Balochistan.
Sahibzada Abu Al Khair in his address asked the Army Chief why he was silent over drone attacks if the government was not in favor of it for money from US.
Maulana Hafiz Ahmed Ludhyanvi in his speech said that his ancestors had created Pakistan and now his people would save the country.
Dr Abdullah Gul said that in Pakistan, patriotic parties that always fought for the defence of the country were declared banned but those that looted the country were allowed to hold higher offices.
Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed said that the people had to rise against the loot and corruption of the rulers and make the country the Pakistani Al Tahreer Square. He said that the people should unite under the banner of the DPC to expel the corrupt rulers and save the country.
Gen. (retd.) Hameed Gul in his address complained of the Supreme court that he and his son had been jailed for two weeks because they fought for the freedom of the Judiciary but today the court failed to take Suo Motto notice on the situation in Balochistan and on release of US Spy agent Raymond Davis.
Speaking on the occasion, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that the US wanted to avenge the defeat in Afghanistan and for that purpose it was exploiting the situation in Balochistan. He said that the DPC would not leave the people of Balochistan alone and would fight for their rights. He said that the DPC would not allow NATO supply restored. He said that India was using Kashmir against Pakistan as a tool and had checked water supply to Pakistan but the DPC would not allow this to happen any further.
Ijaz Ul Haque said that the country was being ruled by ill-wishers of the country. He said that the DPC would leave no stone unturned to get problems of the people of Balochistan resolved.
Mahenti said that the DPC public gathering was a referendum against the government's decision for restoring NATO supply. He said that Karachi was being ruined by target killing but the DPC would make the city the house of peace.
Liaquat Baloch said that the DPC would not allow the government to award most favored nation status to India.
The DPC also passed a couple of resolutions and one was against federal minister for home affairs Rehman Malik.
Report by Sarfaraz Ahmed in Karachi

Photo below: In Karachi, Feb. 12, a segment of the ocean of people from the Mausoleum of Qaide Azam to the horizon. The speaker is Syed Munawar Hasan [greeted with rose petals]. Note the flags of Pakistan, Jamaate Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam and Jamiate Ulema-e-Pakistan. [Overseas Dawn paper censored the Feb 12 reports. Then, after we poublished it, hours later, Dawn published it in an attenuated form.]]

My Visit to Ethiopia: 300 Children Fed
by Ashira Na'im
[Initial report on Feed the Hungry Project.]

Oh yes, you will be taken back in time because the men actually wear wraps, robes, various head coverings, and carry walking sticks. Then, when you look upwards, your eyes will gaze at the absolute beauty that Allah has made and preserved. The mountainous terrain that forms the Ethiopian skyline is awesome to say the least. The weather is lovely—cool mornings and evenings, warm to hot during the day. This was the entire month of January.
There were no mosquitoes in Addis Ababa or Tigray. There was evidence of a few in Behar Dar, the beautiful city with one of the largest lakes in the world—good, fresh fish!

My visit had several purposes. Discussed herein are two of those purposes which were successfully implemented by the Grace of Allah. The journey spanned several towns and connecting roads. The major towns visited were Addis Ababa, the capital city (where I landed at the Bole International Airport) and Dessie (which became my home base as it is the hometown of my host) .

In Dessie we carried out the "Feed The Hungry" program with the help of one of the town's most generous members who loaned his expansive yard and home for this purpose, as well as gave his personal direction to the purchasing of the livestock and all food items used to prepare the meals. This was already a practice this gentleman was accustomed to performing. In addition, the sisters came out from the local masjid to prepare the traditional injera, doro wot, etc. Sheikhs and prominent brothers from the community also participated. It was estimated that approximately 300 people had been fed and that 85% were of the needy classification.
We should not wait for UNICEF, etc. to feed the hungry. Many of us are more than able to do so. The people in Africa are much more in need than we are! How much more grateful we must become.

A week later we were on the road to Tigray (the home of the present Prime Minister and the town which neighbors the smaller town called Nejash in honor or the then King). This King is referred to in the Qur'an and directly spoken of in the authentic hadith.

I have brought back copies of authentic letters of correspondence between the Prophet Muhammad (salAllaho Alaihi wassalam) and Nejash (r.a) wherein the Nejash declares himself a Muslim. It is important to the Muslim ummah that the "true" history of the early struggles of the sahaba be taught to our children as well as to our adults.
That truth is that there were two hijrahs from the cruelty of the Quraish and those first 2 hijrahs were directed by Prophet Muhammad (salAllaho alaihi wassalam) to Africa to a country called Abyssinia, known today as Ethiopia and to be received by a man referred to as a "good man"—The Nejash.
[Thank you to all the people who donated for the "Feed the Hungry in Ethiopia" project.]

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