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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 4,1433/January 28, 2012 # 5

Jamaat al-Muslimeen thanks Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Qatar) for speaking out in support of Prof. Golam Azam, venerable Bengali Islamic leader, who has been imprisoned by the pro-India government in Bangladesh. Dr. Qaradawi's remarks indicate a rare occasion when an Arab Islamic leader has come out strongly in favor of the oppressed Muslims of South Asia.

JI leader Dr. Fareed Paracha uncovers Pakistani military's crimes against humanity. "Disappeared" People. Where are they? Please scroll to end. Just received by NT

CAIR thinks US troops are in the service of humanity. Please scroll down to CAIR's coddling of the military and then to the end for a glimpse of a crime of one of these "heroes" who has just been acquitted!

Pakistani American Dr.Syed K. Fareed [from Texas] brings charges of fraud and injustice against a well known American university and medical accreditation service. Your support by email is needed. Please scroll down.

Pleasant surprise from symbols listed on search engines. Please scroll to end.

Scroll to end for historic photo of Qaddafi and Obama. It was a strategic error for both sides and a tragedy for Qaddafi.

Nadrat Siddique's observations on Islam hater Rushdie's video conference which was stopped by India's Muslims. Please scroll way down.

Latest Khutba: Re: Rabi' al-Awwal
Unite to Rebut and Defeat Attacks on Prophet Muhammad, Ayesha, r.a., and Hadith.
No Hereditary holiness, no dictatorship: Shoora, Shar'ia and Sunnah are the way forward

On January 27, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba and led prayers at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, in spite of pain from a broken ankle bone. The masjid was packed but a summary of the main points of his khutba are given here for countrywide distribution, inshallah.

3 Texts: "The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves and his wives are their mothers." [The Qur'an 33:6]

"Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets, and Allah has full knowledge of all things." [33:40]

"Do not denigrate my Companions [sahaba]. By Him in whose hand is my life, even if you spend gold equal to the mountain of Uhud, you will not be able to reach to even one ounce of the good done by my sahaba, or even less than that." [Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.]
  1. In the ongoing war of ideas against Islam, Muhammad, pbuh, and his family, particularly 'Ayesha, r.a., are the central targets.

  2. The British made a major move when they brought a group from India, with Muslim names and beards and hijab, to claim that there can be a prophet [ nauzoobillah] after Muhammad, pbuh. The Muslims of Pakistan, inspired by Iqbal and led by Maudoodi, defeated this move and these Qadianis ["Ahmedis"] were unanimously declared non-Muslims.

  3. After 9.11, Zionist think tanks have been cooking up ways to attack the Prophet, pbuh, by attacking Hadith. They attack hadith by claiming that they were collected more than 200 years after the Prophet, pbuh, and hence cannot be genuine.

  4. This ploy sometimes works because many Muslims don't study hadith. The fact is that hadith were memorized right from the beginning of the mission of Muhammad, pbuh, and also put into writing. Later scholars like Imam Bukhari and others were responding to attempts by kings and their scholars to fabricate hadith. The standards by which hadith are authenticated are stricter than anything modern research has devised.

  5. Every word and gesture of the Prophet, pbuh, has been recorded and authenticated [even his facial expressions], checked, cross checked and tested by chains of narration and by the character and scholarship of the narrators.

  6. Think of this: More than a hundred people of the highest integrity narrate that the Prophet, pbuh, washed his body parts three times to prepare for prayer. These hundred people lived in different cities, hundreds of miles apart, and came up with the same narration. No one said "four times" or three rakats for fajr!

  7. The purpose of our enemies is to "remove" the Prophet, pbuh, as the decisive commentator on the Qur'an. If they succeed, the Qur'an will become like the Bible which can be explained in every which way.

  8. Scholarship and knowledge is the answer to the attacks on Islam. Heretical sects [like Aga Khanis] must be opposed because there is no hereditary holiness in Islam. Those whom we admire should prove themselves through acts of faith and good works, especially opposition to oppressors, exploiters, subjugators and hypocrites.

  9. The Prophet, pbuh, brought us both Shar'ia [Islamic Law] and Sunnah [the daily lifestyle] Other religions have not authenticated or saved anything like that from the prophets who came to them.

  10. So when anyone attacks the Prophet, pbuh, he/she is attacking all that is sacred in our lives. If anyone attacks Ayesha, r.a., or other women in his family, that's an attack on our mothers, wives, daughters, sisters. It's an act of cultural genocide.

  11. The army of Muhammad, pbuh, jaishe Muhammad, is coming. All the way from Kashmir, to Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Somalia, Nigeria, the army of Muhammad, pbuh, is coming. Let not the Muslims of America despair. We can help the entire ummah by defeating the yahood who have occupied Palestine right here in America by peaceful means. There are nine million of us in America and the oppressed American people will sooner or later try to break the stranglehold of the yahood. We should be there to help.

For Nine Months, Youth Group Kept Vigil for Return of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman to his Family.

Let my people go!

[Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges President Obama to free Dr. Abdel Rahman [also known as the Blind Shaikh] to let him go and spend the last years of his life with his family. We also urge the Muslim Brotherhood, which has won the Egyptian elections, 45%, and the Salafiyya, 25%, to urge the US to release the scholar and teacher. With a 70% majority, the Islamic people should be able to right this great wrong which the tyrant Hosni Mubarak, Israel and the US rulers committed against a blind man of God who has never harmed anyone.]

Rapper Lowkey exposes Zionism [more than 10,000 viewings.]
African Voices against Zionism [with thanks to Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [ ] ]
[This video has been circulating for quite a while but Jamaat al-Muslimeen wants to circulate it globally.]

[World famous mathematician and philosopher of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz wrote devasatating critiques of White Supremacy and racism, and then turned his attention to Zionism as an important aspect of White Supremacy.]

Dissent in Israel: Visiting American Jew Speaks out and this is what Happens:

Notice that at the end, the Muslims in the ghetto next door see what's happening and they start chanting "Allahu Akbar" but it's too late.

Obama, Lieberman, and Gingrich claim Israel is a democracy. Replace the Star of David on those flags with the Swastika and you would have a scene from the Third Reich.

by Kaukab Siddique
Facts about Auschwitz: Jewish Stories have huge holes in them

1. Auschwitz is located in Poland, not in Germany.

2. When Soviet troops captured Auschwitz on January 27, 1945, there was no hue and cry about any gruesome discovery of "ovens" and mass deaths of Jews. Hitler showed no concern either.

3. More than three months later, in May 1945, after both Hitler and Goebbels were dead and unable to answer, Stalin's regime started this Communist propaganda that 4 million Jews had been killed in "ovens" in Auschwitz. International Jewry came up with a total figure of Six Million Jews killed by Hitler although there was ABSOLUTELY no way of counting the dead so soon after the war.

4. A few years later, the Soviets scaled down their figure of 4 million killed in Auschwitz to one million, a three million difference! However Jewish groups refused to deduct anything from their magic number of SIX MILLION.

5. There is ABSOLUTELY no indication from any orders given by Hitler that Jews should be physically liquidated. Goebbels entire private diary is available now. The "kill" indication is not there.

6. Thus there is NO documentary evidence of the Holocaust story. The Jews, with Israeli influence in the media, have been using the memories of "survivors" to keep the holocaust story going.

How do we know that the holocaust stories are grossly exaggerated and in some cases fabricated? There are numerous scholars known as revisionists who have proven that the Jews did suffer a lot, as did the Germans and the Russians, but there was no special suffering of the Jews.
With the writings of the revisionists, with a whole team of writers with Bradley Smith [Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, CODOH] and the brillliant work of Mark Weber, David Irving, Germar Rudolf, Rassinier, Faurisson and many others, the holocaust story is in serious trouble.
The only way Israel can continue to collect funds owing to the "victim" status of the Jews is by making sure that the revionists are kept STRICTLY out of the mass media

Is CAIR a joke machine?
If General Boykin Addresses American troops, they'll turn against Muslims!?
New Trend report.

January 26: Across the country Muslims are under surveillance. Informants are at work. Frequently Muslims are arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to decades in prison for "thought crimes." The top Muslim leaders like Imam Jamil and Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman are treated like dirt and kept under constant psychological pressure. Lynne Stewart and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui are sentenced for "terrorism" by association!
All this and not a cheep out of well paid "Muslim" friends of Israel known as CAIR. They claim to be Islamic but support the holocaust story. But CAIR's latest is also its funniest. So sad these pretend Muslims never put the Hereafter into their future.
The latest is that CAIR claims: If an Islam hater named General Boykin addresses US military graduates at West Point on February 8, as he is scheduled to do, the troops will turn against Islam!
Think of the absurdity of CAIR. Boykin's hate for Islam is well known. The troops know it. That's why he has been invited. American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been doing much worse than anything Boykin can suggest. The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the military support for Israel, the threats to Iran are not coming from a love of Islam!
Those troops who urinated on dead Muslims were not watching Boykin videos.
Surely CAIR knows that America is at war with Islam and arms Israel accordingly. So why this pretense by CAIR? Whom can CAIR fool other than naive Muslims who are so cut off from reality that they actually donate to CAIR.
Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, the "pissing" didn't happen because of Boykin!

See below [scroll]: The elite marine murderer of 12 Iraqi children, 10 women and two men, all unarmed, has been let go without even ONE day in prison. Thank you Dr. Shabazz! You taught us well. That is White Supremacy in action.

Indian Muslims make it Clear:
Rushdie's abuse of the Prophet [pbuh] is Not Freedom of Expression.
Zionist Rushdie's Video Conference Cancelled

[This is how it appeared in India's relatively free media.]
Indian Express news service : Jaipur, Wed Jan 25 2012, 00:45 hrs
Salman Rushdie's video conference at Jaipur Literature Festival was cancelled today due to "security concerns". Organisers said they were "pushed to the wall".
The owner of Diggi Palace, the festival venue, said they had decided not to allow the conference "on the advice of the police". "The police have informed that there are people inside the venue ready to create trouble," Ram Pratap Singh said.
"Three weeks after this idiotic situation, we had to step down from the fight," said Sanjoy Roy, the festival producer. "This is a sad day for freedom of expression and freedom of writing... We had no other way but to listen to save the people here, our children and everyone."
He added that while they could not support this decision, they had been "pushed to the wall". Roy, however, lauded the Jaipur police who, he said, were ready to provide security. "We are hurt and this is a matter of shame but I thank the police."Uncertainty over the video conference began early Tuesday after leaders of Muslim organisations turned up at the JLF venue.

"The very face of Salman Rushdie offends us and we will not allow this video conference to happen," said Sajid Mohammad, a leader of the Muslim Manch. "We will not be responsible for what happens if this continues."
The police said they were ready to handle any untoward incident but could not predict the measures they would have to use if violence broke out.

Re: Rushdie:
Is it okay to attack the beloved Prophet, pbuh, but not question World War II events?

Islam-hater Salman Rushdie was uninvited from speaking at the Jaipur Literary Festival in India. As much as I support free speech in principle, I find Rushdie's attacks on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reprehensible, and the liberal establishment's obsequious sycophantry of Rushdie monumental hypocrisy--particularly when the same folk turn a blind eye to vastly greater threats to freedom of speech. So, ...for example, it's okay to attack a beloved Prophet of Islam who strove his entire life for the establishment of a just society (and is dear to nearly 2 billion Muslims around the world)--but not okay to question the victor's version of events in WW II (you can be jailed in at least 13 countries, mostly in Europe, for the latter offense). Why should free speech apply to some, but not others?

- Nadrat Siddique

Pakistani American Charges Fraud & Injustice vs West Virginia School of Medicine.
Loss of $60,000 Plus Academic Future

Ms. Marsha Miller,
Accreditation counsel for graduate medical education [ACGME]

I filed a formal complaint with your office twice last year in writing, via mail against the WVSOM but did not get any answer. Before filing the written complaint I have discussed my case in detail with you, with Ms. Amy Dunlap and Mr. Danny Hart. All these emails and telephonic complaints are well documented. To this date I have not received any answers from your office.
I am reporting again the old complaints as well as some new findings.
This complaint is against West Virginia School of Medicine/WVU, Morgantown, WV.(Dept. of Internal Medicine 2009-2010)
  1. The ACGME knew all the way in early 2010 when I first contacted ACGME that my individual residency position is non-accredited but instead of being upfront and telling me the truth you gave me misleading information in order to conceal the crime committed by WVSOM. My name was never submitted by WVSOM to ACGME for accreditation and you knew it. Therefore, despite the fact that I was in an accredited "residency program" my individual "residency position" remained non-accredited. On papers the WVSOM gave me a contract that was for an accredited position. The ACGME has worked in cahoots with the WVSOM. All my email correspondence with you and others at ACGME points towards this fact.

  2. The office of Honorable Congressman Pete Olson (Mrs. Kimberli Reed) contacted ACGME on my behalf on 10-27-11 and talked to Mr. Danny Hart and asked him to provide the Honorable Congressman's office the list of residents that was submitted to ACGME by the WVSOM, Mr. Danny Hart replied "we do not have the list". If you people have courage to lie to the Congressman's office, we know that we are not dealing with ordinary crime here. But remember this is United States of America and this is not a third world country; people have rights here. Here we impeached our President if necessary and we put powerful giants like Madoff Kahn behind bars.

  3. WVSOM took $60,000 from Dept. of Radiology/ indirectly from my wife's salary to give me a Residency position.

  4. The WVSOM put me on probation by creating false and fabricated reasons. They never gave me any written warning before putting me on probation. They were required by ACGME/GME rules that they should have given me two written warnings.

  5. They changed my ER evaluation three times, pass/fail/pass. I have documentation for that. WVSOM marked me absent fraudulently for many days during my residency to fulfill their ulterior motives and when it was found out they apologized and corrected the attendance sheet, all this is documented.

  6. They suppressed my excellent evaluation for 4 months before finally declaring it at my repeated request. Some unknown, non- existent person with whom I never worked was asked to evaluate me. All this fraud can only take place at WVU, Morgantown, a university known for this kind of fraud.

  7. Program Director Shelly Nuss lied three times under oath on 4-4-11 at grievance level-3 hearing. Court provided me with the recordings.

  8. WVSOM never gave me any credit for my twelve months of work, since they knew that if they give me credit even for one month and I submit this credit to another University, my non-accredited status and the crime of the WVSOM would be revealed. So, they decided not to give me any credit at all.

  9. I reported almost all of the above to you from time to time, you ill advised me via email not to file a complaint against WVSOM, you told me " if you file a complaint it is not going to benefit you". I replied " I do not care if it is going to benefit me or not at least it is going to benefit those who will join the program after me". You bet, I saved that email and all other correspondence I ever had with any body at your office. Why did you discourage me from filing the complaint? You knew very well that my individual position is non-accredited, therefore if I file a complaint the ACGME would be compelled to answer my complaint and in that answer the ACGME had to tell me the truth about my non-accredited position. Indeed when I filed the complaint against your advise, I never received an answer from your office.

  10. My goal here is to get JUSTICE, but most importantly I want these wrong doers behind bars. America would be a safer and better place to live if these people are put behind bars.
    I am faxing this complaint/allegation to you with my signature on it on 11-29-11. I am mailing it as well, doing all this just to complete the legal formalities.
Thank you.

Dr. Syed K. Fareed; MD.
Seabrook, Texas

Please send email supporting Dr. Fareed to: and

Send letter of complaint against WVSOM to the senate investigator:

Our America: Who said Jewish Elites don't hate Muslims!
National Public Radio {NPR} Launches Series of Attacks on Muslims.
Jews in Spain, Rushdie disinvited and Boko Haram [repeatedly attacked by NPR]

[By New Trend's media monitor.]

On January 23, 2012 NPR [WYY Philadelphia] broadcast an hour long program on the Inquisition and the suffering of the Jews in Spain. Believe it or not, during the entire program, NPR did not mention even once that Muslims [too] suffered at the hands of the Inquisition in Spain.
In fact, all historians agree that the main targets of Ferdinand and Isabella and of the Catholic Church in Spain were Muslims. The expulsion of Muslims en masse from Spain and the forced conversion of those who remained to Christianity is the biggest crime against humanity in all of Muslim history. To say that only Jews suffered is such a big lie that it boggles the imagination.
Lying by omission is the biggest propaganda weapon of International Jewry and Israel against Muslims.

Then on January 24, NPR [WYY] again went on the rampage, this time supporting Rushdie's video conference in India which was stopped by a united front of India's Muslims. NPR took the Jewish propaganda tack that stopping Rushdie is a violation of "freedom of expression." NPR gave air time to a Hindu who insisted tht he will read from Rushdie's hate filled book Satanic Verses to support Rushdie's right to speak. No Muslim was invited to speak on the issue.
[As for freedom of expression, David Irving, Mark Weber, Bradley Smith, and other scholarly revisionists of the Jewish holocaust story are never allowed to speak on NPR, though they document everything they write. --editor]

Then again on January 24, this time in the evening, NPR attacked Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamic movement with the help of an African from the Zionist Brookings Institute. The "scholar" conveniently left out the fact that the Israel-US backed Nigerian army invaded mosques and Islamic schools and executed hundreds of Islamic prisoners and the Islamic counterattack is a response to those atrocities. Yusuf, the leaders of Boko Haram, was among those Muslims executed without trial

[NPR has branched out all over America as the propaganda arm of Zionism and International Jewry. It is much more sophisticated in its attacks on Islam than the ham handed Republican candidates for presidency.]

[The day ended with NPR extolling the virtues of homosexuality. Part of the Jewish-Zionist methodology in America is to claim that homosexuality is "normal" regardless of what the Qur'an and the Bible say. NPR, the biggest line up of Jews in the media, has broadcast more programs in support of homosexuality than any other media outlet in America. The purpose seems to be to obliterate the lines of morality which Islam and Christianity teach.]

On January 27, NPR again attacked Boko Haram. This time NPR had Christians speak from Kano as they prepare to leave the city. It sounded so sad that they were leaving out of fear of Boko Haram. NPR was honest enough to mention that these Christians are Ibos from the South and had come to settle in Kano. Again it was not mentioned that Kano is a 100% Muslim city and the Ibos were brought as settlers to dilute the Muslim majority, not very different from the way Israel brings Jewish settlers from Russia to live on Palestinian lands.
Of course NPR did not bring any Muslim to speak about the fact that Christian setllers have been helping the military to attack mosques. Of course no one was allowed to speak from the Boko Haram movement.

War News: Yemen [NT Media Monitor]
Anwar al-Awlaki's son-in-law Takes over al-R'ada town in Central Yemen:
365 Prisoners Released.

[From Yemen Times]: On January 14, Al-Dahabh, son in law of Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki, with Ansar al-Shar'ia [Yemeni al-Qaida] forces prayed in Rada's central mosque Al-Ameria, He said he did not want to seize al-Rada but wanted his brother Nabeel to be released who was arrested on the way to Iraq via Syria to join al-Qaida operations. From the mosque, the fighters spread out into the town and peacefully took key points. Government forces surrounded the town.
January 16: When Nabeel was not released, there was an al-Qaida raid on the prison and all 365 prisoners were released, including 165 who had been sentenced to death. [The Houthi Shi'as supported allegedly by Iran clashed with the fighters.]
January 21: Aden's security chief, Major General Ali, complained that al-Qaida armed groups are moving openly in this key port city and nobody is stopping them. He is interested in a US-backed anti-terrorism task force. [Yemen Post.]

War News: Pakistan [NT Media Monitor]

January 23: In a US drone strike in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan, 4 Islamic "militants" were killed.

January 24: In response to the drone strike, Pakistani Taliban attacked Pakistani troops entrenched in a village in central Kurram Agency. At least six Paki troops were killed and 4 wounded. It appears that the Pakistanis rapidly brought up artilley and reinforcements and repelled the Taliban. [The people of Kurram, other than a small sect, support the Pak Taliban. General Kayani has several times declared that Kurram has been cleared of the mujahideen but is unable to allow any journalist to go in and check the claims.]

January 25: In the Sui area of Baluchistan [area of Pakistan's biggest gas reserves], Baluch insurgents attacked a Pakistani military unit, killing 5 troops and capturing a sixth.

January 26: Pakistani villagers from Gwadur [Baluchistan] crossing the Iranian border with cows and oxen and without papers were fired upon by Iranian troops. Six Pakistanis were killed in the shooting.

January 27: In Abbotabad, not far from where Osama bin Laden and died, there is Pakistan's flagship military academy, Kakul. Someone fired nine rockets at the academy from the hill berhind the town. Three of them hit their target. There is consternation in the town because such an incident has never happened here.

Late model Pakistani helicopters supplied by the US attacked a camp of Pakistani Taliban hidden in the hills of Kurram agency. Several Taliban were killed.

Q and A
Did the Prophet, pbuh, recite Alif Lam Mim?

Do you know any hadith which mentions that Muqatta'at being recited.
LIke "the prophet started reciting: alim lam mim, thalikal kitabu... etc"

Shoaib [Qatar]

Answer by Br. Kaukab:

Yes, he did.
Narrated Abu Huraira, r.a: The Prophet used to recite the following in the Fajr prayer on Friday, "Alif, Lam, Mim, Tanzil" (Surat-as-Sajda #32) and "Hal-ata-ala-l-Insani" (i.e. Surah-Ad-Dahr #76). (Bukhari, Book #13, Hadith #16)

Q & A 2:
What does Alif Lam Mim mean?

I often wonder about the "enigmatic" ayats.
I noticed that in Surahs 29,30,31,and 32 the same ones are used A.L.M

Are there any hadiths that can help me on this?

Roberto Solano [Texas]

Answer by Br. Kaukab:

Neither the Qur'an nor the hadith explain what these letters mean. The hadith guides us by saying that if something is not in the Qur'an or the Hadith, we should use our reason. This has taken the shape of taweel [interpretation] and tafseer [commentary]. The first interpretation of these letters was by Abdullah ibn Abbas, r.a., one of the youngest companions of the Prophet, pbuh. The next was Mujahid, in the generation after the Sahaba. These two tried to connect the letters to the allegorical verses [mutashabihat] of the Qur'an. These verses refer to matters which we as physical beings cannot know, such as heaven and hell, or the nature of events immediately after death [in the "grave"] or the nature of the companions of the Believers in Paradise, known as hoories and ghilman.
In his Tafseer, Ibn Katheer, writes that there are 29 suras with these unexplained letters in them. There are 14 such letters, if the ones repeated are counted as one. There are exactly equal numbers of hard and soft letters.
The Sufis have tried to explain these letters in a variety of ways which are too circular to be repeated here.
My personal understanding is that Allah is indicating to us the fact that however much we may learn, we cannot attain to ALL knowledge. That's why the Prophet, pbuh, empasizes SEEKING knowledge more than knowledge itself.

What Really Happened to Jesus, peace be on him.
[Please say peace be on him whenever the name of Jesus is mentioned.]

H. Abdul Al-Dahir

According to the Holy Quran Surat Al Nisa (IV), Aya 157:

That they (the Jews) said: "We killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, The Messenger of Allah." But they did not kill him nor did they crucify him. Instead (it was) a resemblance (of Jesus). And those who differ are full of doubts with no knowledge but only conjecture for surely they did not kill him.

The above verse is fully confirmed in the New Testament Gospel of Mark. Mark is the earliest of the canonical gospels. The author obviously believed that Jesus was crucified. However, he left for the careful reader, the order of the true events which are enumerated in chapters 14, 15 and 16. According to chapter 14, Jesus and his disciples were in Judea or Southern Palestine:

"It was two days before the festival of Passover and Unleavened Bread, and the chief priests and the scribes were trying to devise some scheme to seize him (Jesus) and put him to death. "It must not be during the festival," they said, "or, we should have rioting among the people."

Jesus was aware of the plots of his Jewish enemies for it states in the same chapter that while he was in the house of a follower undergoing an anointing by a female disciple, he stated:
"She has done what lay in her power; she has anointed my body in anticipation of my burial."

Judas Iscariot, one of the original twelve disciples, then went to the chief priests to betray Jesus. So, Jesus was well aware of what was afoot. Accordingly, in the same chapter, Jesus gathered his disciples for a Passover feast. During that feast, the author of the Gospel of Mark makes it very clear that Jesus knew the very disciple who had betrayed him. At this time, Jesus intructs his disciples to meet him in Galilee (aka Samaria or northern Palestine) after he is raised up (vs 28).

Jesus then proceeds to the Mount of Olives where his demeanor undergoes a remarkable transformation. From the resigned and assured prophet, he morphs into a despairing man who is sobbing, overwhelmed with horror and anguish (vs 34,35) and begging God to rescue him (vs 36). (This un-prophetly despair is most acutely expressed in chapter 15:34, where the author has Jesus actually accusing God of deserting him.).

Judas appears with an armed crowd sent by the chief priests, scribes and elders. Judas instructs them to nab the person he identifies with a kiss. Jesus is led away to be tried by his Jewish accusers who then turn him over to the Roman authorities. Jesus is tried by the Roman governor, Pilate, and then led to be crucified. After the crucifixion, he is buried in a tomb, which his female followers find empty except for a youth who instructs them:

"But go and say to his disciples and to Peter: He is going ahead of you into Galilee; there you will see him, as he told you." (Mark 16:7)

There are many points of disconnect in the above narrative. The first and most obvious is the abrupt change in Jesus' personality from a confidant Prophet of God to an emotional wreck who is struggling to commit to his God ordained commission. The second disconnect is the strange instruction of Jesus to his followers to meet him Galilee; a 63 mile journey from Jerusalem in Judea.

According to the Gospel of John 20:27, Jesus would have made this trip on foot with huge nail holes in his hands and feet as well as a gash in his side caused by the insertion of a Roman lance.

The third disconnect involves the manner of Judas' betrayal of Jesus to the 'crowd' sent from the chief priests scribes and elders. These people knew Jesus well, not only by reputation but by sight. They knew him from his preaching in the synagogues and public places where throngs gathered to hear him. They knew him from his public procession into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. They knew him from his attempt to cleanse the temple and from the numerous verbal jousts he had with these very people. So, one must question the necessity of Judas to identify him to the people who knew him so well. This Gospel's tale is too disconnected to be true as told. However, the Quran unravels the mystery.

According to the Quran, Surat Al Nisa, Aya 157, the Jews did not crucify Jesus or kill him. The person crucified resembled Jesus. This person who resembled Jesus was such a close match to Jesus' physical appearance that he was known as the twin; Taowm in Aramaic and Thomas in Greek (The gospels were all written in Greek). This realization explains the first disconnect in the personality of Jesus in the Mount of Olives episode. Thomas was not a prophet and did not have the assurance of revelation that Jesus had. He was a very loyal follower who volunteered to take Jesus' place so that Jesus could escape and Jesus and the rest of the group could re-assemble in Galilee. As matter of fact, according the Gospel of John:11, Thomas had earlier volunteered to die with Jesus when Jesus, upon hearing of the death of Lazarus, proposed to return to Judea where there was a previous attempt to stone him to death:
Jhn 11:7 Then after this he said to the disciples, "Let us go into Judea again."
Jhn 11:8 The disciples said to him, "Rabbi, the Jews were but now seeking to
stone you, and are you going there again?"...
Jhn 11:16 Thomas, called the Twin, said to his fellow disciples, "Let us also
go, that we may die with him."

The mission was overwhelmingly difficult and Thomas did follow through with his commitment. However, the pangs of death caused him to utter the ultimate statement of despair; his belief that God had deserted him.

The fact that Thomas was Jesus' double also explains the third disconnect; the necessity for Judas to identify Jesus to the crowd sent by Jesus' enemies. Judas identified Thomas as Jesus and the crowd fell for the subterfuge because Thomas' resemblance to Jesus was so matched that Thomas could easily be mistaken for Jesus. Judas was obviously one of Jesus' most trusted companions or he would not have been entrusted with such a mission. Unfortunately, this loyal disciple has been vilified for more than two thousand years for successfully accomplishing his mission.

The second disconnect or Jesus' command to his followers to meet him in Galilee after the crucifixion is solved once we understand that Jesus was not crucified, but instead he had arranged for his double, Thomas, to take his place so that he and the disciples could escape safely. Prior to the crucifixion, Jesus arranged to be hidden in a tomb. This plan is hinted at in the Gospel of Matthew 12:40 where Jesus says:

"Just as Jonah was in the whale's belly for three days and three nights, so the son of man (Jesus) will be three days and three nights in the bowels of the earth."

This tomb is where Jesus, along with a young follower, hid until it was safe to flee to Galilee. Jesus left the young man at the tomb knowing that some of his followers who were not informed of the plan, might return to the tomb to complete the burial rites which were impossible to implement due to the start of the Sabbath. The young man duly informed the women to remind the disciples that Jesus, as was planned, would meet his companions in Galilee. One must ask whether Jesus actually made the trip to Galilee successfully.

According to the historian, Titus Flavius Josephus (37-100 AD), a man whom he identifies as the Samaritan Prophet (Galilee was in Samaria) attempted, along with his followers, to lay the cornerstone for a Samaritan center of worship on Mount Gerizim in 36 AD or approximately three years after Jesus' flight to the area. Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea interpreted this attempt as a revolt against the Roman occupation. He sent his army to the location and dispersed the crowd. Pilate claimed to have executed the ring leaders.

If Jesus was the Samaritan Prophet, he obviously escaped with the crowd. Eventually, as He does with all of his prophets, Allah (swt) raised Jesus to Himself upon his death, whenever that took place. The foregoing explanation clarifies the crucifixion stories in the Gospels. Allah (swt) never fails to leave incontrovertible evidence which proves the truth of the Holy Quran, His final revelation to His Holy Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Letter: New Trend's symbolism about the Red Chador of Ayesha, r.a., is at the top

assalamu alaikum
I was looking through the search engines and the Red Chador image from New Trend Magazine
is on the 1st page :
Br. Richard [Omaha, Nebraska]

The rest is history
Fatal Attraction: Qaddafi wanted Obama as a friend to fight Against Islamic "extremism."

CAIR, Eat Your Heart Out!
This Marine along with all his accomplces did not spend even ONE DAY in Prison
CAIR munafiqueen should not worry: Boykin can't corrupt the US military.

In case CAIR bosses do not read the news, here is a glimpse of the crime committed of one of these "heroes" who has just been acquitted:

From AFP
"On November 19, 2005, Wuterich led a squad of US Marines into two separate homes in Haditha, Iraq outside of Baghdad. The men opened fire on civilians, killing two dozen men, women and children, including an elderly man confined to a wheelchair. He would later admit to instructing his peers to "shoot first and ask questions later" and insisted that, despite no weapons ever being recovered from the Iraqi homes, that the American fighters were under assault."

A report from Karachi, Pakistan.
Pakistani Military's Intelligence Branch has "Disappeared" hundeds of Unarmed Islamic Opponents: America's Pakistani Allies are Violating all Norms of humanity.

Photo shows Dr. Fareed Paracha speaking on the issue of "disappeared" people.
Inset [top right] shows hijabi women whose husbands and brothers were "picked up" by the military.

Karachi. 27 Jan: Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Pakistan Deputy General Secretary Dr Fareed Ahmed Paracha has said that the issue of abduction of the peaceful citizens was a human crisis. The government and the intelligence agencies have through their unconstitutional steps promoted terrorism. Every effort was being made to create a distance between the people and the army of the country, which was a serious matter because once the distance was established; the question of defence of the country would emerge.
He was addressing a seminar on the issue of missing persons and a solution to the issue at Idara-e Noor-e Haq January 26. JI Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa deputy chief Mushtaque Ahmed Khan, JI Balochistan deputy chief Hidayat Ur Rehman, JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, JI Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui, Human Rights Network Karachi President Intikhab Alam Soori and other eminent speakers addressed the seminar.
JI has since day one opposed and condemned the kidnappings of civilians by the intelligence agencies on the pretext of investigation. JI had wanted the intelligence agencies to stop all their unconstitutional operations against the civilians, he said adding that if any involved in kidnapping of a citizens was liable to punishment then why the intelligence agencies should not be held punishable under the same law. Perhaps, the kidnapper agencies did not know what became of families of those who were kidnapped.
While commenting on compliance to court's orders, Dr Paracha said that it was an open contrast that the Chief of Army Staff and Director General Inter Services Intelligence could appear in the Supreme Court on the issue of Memogate but they do not comply to the orders of the court to appear on matters that pertained to kidnapping of the civilians. Those kidnapped should be produced and charges against them should be proved in the court of law.
He warned that a conspiracy was in full swing to make the people of the country cross with the Army, which would leave heavy repercussions as regards to defence of the country. The intelligence agencies had kidnapped and still detained JI activists and office-bearers and their constitutional right to defend them in any court of law was denied, which was in serious contradiction to Islamic ideology and any law of civilized country. The world is passing through changes and Pakistan was also no exemption, so the ruling elite of Pakistan should learn a lesson from revolts in many parts of the world.
JI Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa deputy chief Mushtaque Ahmed Khan in his address said that 24 foreign intelligence agencies were operating in Pakistan. The courts had released 90% of those citizens that were kidnapped by the intelligence agencies.
JI Balochistan deputy chief Hidayat Ur Rehman in his address said that in Balochistan, people have been victims of atrocities of the intelligence agencies since 1947 and those killed by the agencies were declared agents of Indian secret service, Research And Analysis Wing (RAW). Government's intelligence agencies were executing people of Balochistan on charges of serving the Indian agency RAW while India was awarded the status of Most Favoured Nation (MFN).
JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mahenti in his address said that the intelligence agencies unconstitutional operations against the peaceful civilians were a serious matter due to which the entire country has been pushed into a state of chaos and anarchy.

2012-01-29 Sun 13:54:20 cst