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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Dhulhijja 25, 1432/November 21, 2011 # 48

Imam Badi Ali's latest Spotlights are about War. Food for thought. Please scroll down.

Egypt Changing its history: On November 18, huge crowds gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square for Juma' prayers and to protest the drive by the Generals to retain power. The crowds remained peaceful till the next day, November 19 when police attacked them and tried to push them out. The conflict continued on November 20 and 21 with huge numbers of police using rubber and real bullets along with tear gas. The crowds were fearless and retaliated with stones and rocks. By November 21, Tahrir Square was in the hands of the people but police strongly resisted attempts to reach the Interior Ministry on the east side of Tahrir. At least 22 people have been killed and more than 1700 injured.

The crowds gave the biggest support to the Salafi Islamic movement which is outright against the West and secondly to the Muslim Brotherhood and liberals who want to keep links with the West. [These Salafis in Egypt are not to be confused with the Saudi salafis who are non-political and support the government. The Egyptian salafis take the Sahaba, r.a., as their role model.]

Muslim scholar Dr. Javed Jamil says it is time to say farewell to Einstein's theory which some thought was immutable. Please scroll way down for this amazing article.

Treachery is very common in Pakistan but seldom has it been proclaimed with such pride. Pakistan air force's commander in chief, Qamar Suleiman, has announced that his late model planes provided by his foreign masters have bombed Pakistan 5500 times. Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq, even Judas, could not match this. We have it here in Qamar's own words. Please scroll all the way. [The enemies of this air force have no anti-aircraft weapons!]

Tennessee Da'wah [ ] [This is a new page on facebook by Br. Yusuf. Please support by clicking on "like.".]
From Hudhayfah, the Prophet (peace be on him) said: "By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, you must enjoin good ( ma'roof) and forbid evil (munkar), otherwise it is near that Allah will send chastisement ( adhaab) upon you from Himself. YOU WILL THEN CALL HIM BUT YOU WILL NOT BE RESPONDED TO." [Hadith in Sunan of At-Tirmidhee]

Revolutionary Khutba
Organization and Communication among Muslims: Love of Allah & His messenger.
Stand against Oppressors: Be Compassionate & Forgiving to the Oppressed

On November 18, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave his latest khutba and led juma' prayers in central Baltimore. Here are a few glimpses:

Text #1: "... and the birds with with wings outspread: each one knows its own mode of prayer and worship. And Allah knows well all that they do." [The Qur'an 24:41]
Text #2: "0 Allah! I seek refuge with You from cowardice and laziness, and seek refuge with You from miserliness, and seek refuge with You from reaching a degraded old age, and seek refuge with You from the afflictions of the people of the world and from the punishment in the grave." [Prophet Muhammad's, pbuh, prayer, Sahih Bukhari, v.8]

The creatures whom the Qur'an praises the most are little creatures who live in well organized communities helping each other. The most praised are the birds [they were sent to destroy the army of Abraha]. Then come the bees and the ants.

Organized life in Islam comes through SHOORA or mutual consultation based on discussion and consent. An entire chapter is named SHOORA. There is no dictatorship, leadership cult or kingship in Islam. The great Sahaba [companions of the Prophet, pbuh] were humble, loving, compassionate, forgiving, open to advice and criticism but unwavering against oppression.

Islam has come to put an end to all forms of slavery, be it chattel slavery, or mental slavery or subjugation of women and children. Islam is the only religion which makes slavery illegal and Allah does not accept the prayers of a slave master. [ Sahih Bukhari ]

This masjid in which we pray has been built from the basement up by the sacrifices of this community, bit by bit. There is no big money in it: no government control: no overseas control: no sectarianism.

Pray for the victory of Islam in Kashmir over India, in Chechnya over Russia, in Afghanistan over NATO, in Pakistan against Munafiqueen and US agents, in Iraq over the US, in Somalia over invading armies, in Nigeria over US funded army.
Pray for the victory of Islam in Syria and Yemen and Bahrain over tyrants.
Above all pray for the liberation of Palestine, and that those who drove us out be driven out.

O Allah! Give health to those of us who are not well, jobs to those of us who are jobless, halal earnings to those who have jobs. Unite our families on Islam. We beseech you O Allah for the unity of the Muslims of America on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith.

Poet Ron Williams: Spectacular Presentation at Lincoln University
Who is the terrorist? Slavery, Holocaust of Native Americans, Troy Davis, Emmett Till

Program hosted by Dr. Kaukab Siddique & the Lectures and Recitals Committee

November 16, 2011: Poet Ron Kipling Williams from Baltimore presented the saga of human suffering in America to a young audience at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. He recited poetry, sang with a drum and lectured as a rapt audience hung on to his every word.

He gave an extensive catalogue of genocidal crimes committed by the American power structure and asked in rhetorical poetry: Who then is the terrorist, from the slave ships through the Trail of Tears to Guantanamo Bay.
Williams pointed out that there is no democracy in America. It is a plutocracy, he said. He also noted that the founders of America were slave owners and had hundreds of slaves while they preached equality.

Williams' performance with a drum about the lynching of a 14 year old Black boy, Emmett Till, in 1955, for "whistling" at a White woman, was stunning, to say the least, as he enacted the way the child might have felt.
[Thanks go to Prof. Hunter Hayes and Ms. Sophia Sotilleo for facilitating the program.]

Community Event coming up.
What is the Muslim Converts Association (MCA) in Durham?
(A brief overview of the project)
There will also be an Islamic bookshop and boutique shop

The Darul Arqam Muslims Converts Association of Durham, NC is a program copied from and advised by Darul Arqam MCA Singapore

Key Beliefs:
Muslims Reconverts are a valuable growing community resource who will be respected and appreciated.

Muslims Reconverts are entitled to and deserve quality services, Islamic Orientation and Islamic classes on an ongoing basis. They also need a place where they can gain friendships and a meeting place in order to maintain a healthy sense of belonging and quality lifestyle in the community.

Darul Arqam (MCA) will make every effort to make Muslim Converts transitions easy, by providing Islamic Adab, (basic Islam manners) wherein, New Muslims can contribute their experiences, wealth of knowledge and skills adding to the growth and development of community.

Mission Statement: Provide basic Islamic knowledge to American Muslim in our community as well as and including those who want to know about Islam. Our endeavor is to enhance their understanding and practice of the religion of Islam while elevating the well-being of the nation. Embedded in a multi-religious society, secular state and globalize world we can still survive helping to bring about peace.
Darul Arqam (MCA) will provide the "Gateway" to Islamic Knowledge, creating the sense of belonging, friendships and fulfillment of a better life style for Muslims in the United States.

Some of the courses and classes that will be taught: Insha'Allah.
Sirah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Introduction to Hadith of the Prophet
Quran, memorization and Tafseer
Islamic slaughtering of animals for food
Basic Quranic Sciences
Salah types, preparation, tutorial and practicum
Quranic Arabic basic and advanced
Rules of will preparation
Islamic Adab (basic Islamic manners)
Islamic history
Preparation classes for future Quranic Sciences scholars
Wali courses also when related to marriage
Orientation class for the family of the Converts if desired
\Quranic Calligraphy
Other related classes and courses
Basic Islamic Law
Janazah classes
Marriage Guidance and Building Strong families
Self improvement skills/also Health related courses
Plus many other courses are planned

Purpose of the Darul Arqam Muslim Converts Center
  1. To educate the Converted Muslims and those interest in Islamic knowledge
  2. To provide the example of living by the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wassalam), Islamic Adab and Good Muslims
  3. To answer questions about the religion of Islam on an ongoing basis
  4. To provide counseling to Muslim Converts as needed
  5. To provide basic classes in the Quranic Sciences on ongoing basis
  6. To provide "One Stop" Islamic Religious Services on a daily basis
  7. To provide a place for Muslims Converts to meet other Muslims
    Gain a sense of family and meet Muslim friends
  8. To help with the transformation of an Islamic way of life and gaining a sense of belonging in the community.

Launching and Fund raiser. December 25, 2011. 11 AM to 5 PM
Place: Masjid Taqwah Shaw University. 122 Martin L King Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27601
Contact: Amatullah V. Abdul-Karim, BSN, MA, Proj. Mgr.,
P.O. Box 15102, Durham. NC 27704
email: Phone: 919-697-7147

Preserve your space. Get your ticket now, before December 10, 2011

Spotlights on War
Imam Badi Ali, JAM Shoora leader in Greensboro, NC., Invites you to Think

Spotlight #1:
Wars are the result of politicians tricking their people into thinking there is a threat from "others." This legitimizes killing the "others."
Spotlight # 2:
Using war to solve problems is insane. Warmongers should be put on trial.
Spotlight #3:
Dictators are a worldwide problem, not just in the east. There are differences of color, style and methods but reality is the same. SEE the IMAGES of "Occupy Wall Street" people being pepper sprayed and arrested.
Spotlight #4:
What justification can there be for war by those who claim to follow Jesus? At one time they burned scientists, at others they killed "witches" or took slaves. There is no moral justification for such Christian activities.
Spotlight #5:
Why are war and sex connected? Soldiers want women. There is a whole hotel and entertainment
industry connected with soldiers. Look at what they did in Iraq and even "Muslims" did to Bengali women.
Spotlight #6:
War breeds war. It is murder often committed inn the name of honor, religion and even peace.
Spotlight #7:
The warmonger thinks he has the right to control others and impose his power. He basically wants to be a slave master.
Spotlightlight #8:
American way of war brings back armies of homeless soldiers, many of them begging on American street corners. many with psychological disorders..
Spotlight #9:
Note how a movie with foul language is rated R but a movie of Iron Man, Batman, Captain America etc with global war, massacres and even genocide is rated PG.
Spotlight #10:
What we see as language, culture, standards of behavior and even institutions like the UN are the productions of those who won the war. The defeated are treated as if their way of life does not exist.

Letter: Message to JAM's National Islamic Shoora held in Greensboro

Assalamualaikum dear brothers & sisters-in-Islam of Greensboro,
May Allah Subhanatha'thallah shower His Infinite Grace on you for organising/participating in such an auspicious and profitable function. Ameen Summa Aameen.

Chennai ( South India)

Correction: [Accepted with thanks:

A reader [name withheld on request] has pointed out that the verse from the Qur'an given at the conclusion of Ehtisham Khan's article on Sects is incorrectly reported. It should be as follows:

7:23 (Asad) The two replied: "O our Sustainer! We have sinned against ourselves -and unless Thou grant us forgiveness and bestow Thy mercy upon us, we shall most certainly be lost!"

Message on Kashmir [Occupied by the Indian Army]
by Habib Yousufzai [Canada]
Spokesperson of World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance

The atrocities committed by more than 700,000 Indian forces, virtually devoid of human rights, against the Kashmiri citizens cannot be forgotten. The Indian regime and its armed forces have killed more than 192,802 citizens, made 215,994 arrests, 110,117 have disappeared, 115,782 homes demolished, leaving 122,792 widows and 207,335 orphans.
Indian forces have been committing crimes such as rape, torture, and gross human rights violations of the innocent Kashmiris. These cruelties have been documented by international human rights organizations such as United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Educational Development, International Tribunal on Kashmir and many others. Irony of the Kashmiri people is that nobody is there to listen to their agony since the alleged Indian democracy occupied Jammu and Kashmir 64 years ago.

Syria: November 18 saw Huge protests against Assad & Nov. 19 new Crimes by the Alawites. [Nov. 20 Assad holds his own big regime funded rally in Damascus!]

The number of martyrs in Syria is more than 3500 now. Unarmed crowds continue to defy the tyrant. Defectors from the army are joining the protestors and have carried out at least one successful counterattack against the Ba'athist/Alawite regime.
Homs, Hama, the suburbs of Damascus, the south, the north, have risen up. Assad's tanks are shooting at protestors. Only Aleppo remains silent. Assad also mobilizes government servants, security agents, and businessmen who have benefitted from his regime.
America is waiting to see which side would win. Iran is making the major blunder of opposing the Islamic, unarmed, majority. The people do not want outside interference but are facing deadly repression. Turkey is giving them refuge on its border.

Photo below shows crowds rallying in Homs. They chant: La Illaha il Allah. Allahu Akbar

[This news item was censored by the daily Dawn online which is read by Pakistani Americans.]
Pakistan: Countrywide Protests against Regime's Sellout to India
Munawar Hasan Challenges Gen. Kayani's Deals with US & India

[Photo inset shows Liaqat Baloch, center, addressing the rally in Lahore.[

Report by Shamsuddin Amjad
LAHORE, Nov. 18: Countrywide protest was held on Friday against the Federal Cabinet decision to grant Most Favoured Nation status to India on the appeal of the Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, Ulema and Khatibs in their Friday addresses besides political leaders denounced the government decision and demanded its immediate withdrawal.
Protest rallies and demonstrations were held after Juma prayers in big and small cities where the speakers described the cabinet move as acceptance of India's supremacy besides stabbing the Kashmiris freedom movement. They called for total ban on trade with India in the larger national interest.
Syed Munawar Hasan, addressing a big congregation at the Mansoora mosque, urged the nation to rise to check the advance of the Zionists and Hindus towards the country's nuclear assets and launch a vigorous movement to get rid of the US and its slaves ruling the country failing which the rulers would surrender Pakistan 's independence. He said that the Commerce Secretaries of the two countries had already worked out the details of the items of trade between the two countries but Prime Minister Gilani appeared to be deceiving the nation on the issue. He also stressed upon the military leadership to explain its position regarding the Prime Minister's statement that the armed forces had also been taken on board about trade with India. He said that rulers were out to place the country under American and Indian slavery by keeping the nation in the dark.
Syed Munawar Hasan said the whole world had seen Indian's bloody face in the shape of mass graves in Kashmir. Hundreds of Muslims were gunned down in cold blood and thrown into mass graves. The Muslim's trade and properties were destroyed and put on fire. The idea was to turn the Muslims majority into minority.
He said at the recent SAARC conference, the Indian Prime Minister had warned Premier Gilani against the repetition of the Mumbai incident but Gilani did not express any reaction to that. He said, the country's industry was being destroyed through energy crisis to create room for Indian goods.
He said veteran Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Gilani, in a recent telephonic talk with him had complained if the Pakistani nation had forgotten the molestation of the Kashmiris women, and the massacre of their men and children at the hands of Indian troops.
Addressing the protest rally at Multan Road near Mansoora, JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch said that the Pakistani nation would not endorse the Cabinet decision for MFN status to India. He said that none of the past government dared to take such a decision. He said in fact, India was provoking world powers to take over or nuclear arsenal.
He said the present government had done nothing except adding to the problems of the masses and now it appeared to be stabbing the Kashmiris freedom struggle in the back. He further said that the US wanted to create a wedge between Pakistan and China and was pressing Islamabad to roll back the Pak-China joint project of JF Thunder 17, that had been built through Pak- China cooperation at a cost which was only twenty per cent of the cost of American F 16 s with far better performance.
He said the Baluchistan chief of the PPP, Lashkari Raeesani had rightly asked the government why was India being given MFN status when it was involved in terrorism and subversion in Baluchistan. In Islamabad, the JI held a rally outside National Press Club. JI Islamabad chief Mian Muhammad Aslam addressed.
In Karachi, a very big protest rally was held outside Masjid al Ikhwan; JI Sindh chief Asadullah Bhutto addressed the rally. Protest rallies were also held at Multan and Peshawar

Einsteinism: Time to Abandon this Physico-Religion

Light Speed Barrier a great impediment in the understanding of the Universe
by Dr Javed Jamil*
The reports regarding the experiments that showed neutrinos achieving a higher speed than that of the light have hit the international headlines again. The news has just come that the repeat experiment by CERN has proved the results again. I have been arguing for more than 15 years that the light-speed barrier is the greatest blunder ever of the modern physics. (I had discussed in my book, "Rediscovering the Universe" and several papers published in American journals that light speed is not constant as argued by Einstein but stable, and there is no reason why daster than light speeds can be ruled out.) Light cannot be allowed to adorn divinity, which turns its small speed into an infinite one for all practical purposes. Light-speed barrier is an artificial barrier erected by Einstein's mind. Physicists have unfortunately turned this barrier into a wall that cannot be scaled. This is despite the accumulating evidences at the microscopic as well as the macroscopic level pointing to the brittle nature of the foundation of this wall. To talk of light-speed as the fastest possible speed is as to talk in the tenth century of the speed of the horse being the fastest achievable speed in the world. Einstein cannot be allowed to don the role of Final Prophet whose Word cannot be challenged or changed.
In my book, "Rediscovering the Universe" and several papers published in online American journals known for presenting alternative viewpoints (Nature and Science, American Journal of Science & Academia Arena) I have argued that light speed barrier has become the biggest impediment in understanding the universe. The universe appears from all the plausible evidences to be a well-knot state like organisation, which cannot run without extremely fast and effective means of communication. No state and no organisation can work without an effective communication. And if Einstein's light speed barrier is accepted, it means that the universe is surviving and functioning without any effective means of communication. I have also raised questions regarding how laws of nature did originate and how they are being enforced. I have also been able to show that Big Bang theory is in truth not a theory of creation at all. It only describes how an already existing massive energy-mass contained within a point of singularity of infinitely small size started getting redistributed due to sudden onset of its expansion. . It was mainly Einstein's ideas and his equations that compelled physicists to think of the universe beginning at a point where all the present laws break down. It is ironical to believe that present laws were derived from a situation where these laws had no tangible or perceptible existence.
I have also argued that the genesis and enforcement of laws of nature are also issues that cannot be explained on the basis of current theories of Physics. Any system cannot function and the laws cannot ne enforced without an effective communication system.
The history of modern Physics is witness to how Einstein used his idea of light-speed barrier to bulldoze almost every other theory; how he constructed theories and formulas to adjust almost every mechanism to its demands. One mistake of light-speed barrier led to hundreds of errors being accepted by the community of Physicists. This is another matter that Einstein and the posterity of physicists did so considering that the falsehood of light-speed barrier was the truth that has to be accepted at all costs. To quote a small example, warping effect can hardly explain the gravity at a large scale, unless Einstein's light-speed barrier is given up. Further, despite the fact that nonlocality is now regarded as consistent with quantum mechanics, Einstein's influence on physics is such that the fundamental idea of the light-speed barrier has not been dropped.
The universe viewed in the light of General Theory of Relativity and Big Bang Cosmology is a passive, clumsily stark looking collection of individual groups of matter. Quantum Mechanics makes it even more shambolic by shrouding it in the dark clouds of uncertainties. The universe itself appears to have hardly any dynamic existence. It seems to be a universe, which was in a highly excited state at the time of Big Bang, but has since then lost its virility; it has willy-nilly bequeathed all its properties to the material that it contains without retaining anything for itself. The sphere of the universe itself continues to expand without anything adding to it except an increasing emptiness in space. It is becoming increasingly hollower with the ticking of the clock; its hollowness is making the components of the world strangers to one another with every passing moment of time, because galaxies are falling apart from one another. The distance between all the parts of the universe is growing but the vehicle of communication available to them is limping with the same old velocity. The space is continuously growing, and growing fast; where it is coming from, nobody knows. The expansion of the universe is not expanding its wealth, resources and means; the communication is getting harder, the overall density is declining and the matter is huddling into ghettos. God has either been banished to a place from where He cannot regulate or control it, or has been converted into a nominal Head of a defunct State soon after the first tiny fraction of the second of the beginning of the creation. Even if He is there, He cannot play any discernible role. There are many, of course, who are not ready to assign anything or any role to God, in the past, present or future, declaring Him to be the creation rather than the creator of the creatures.
Einstein manufactured his ideas about light-constancy and tried to fit everything into it. In doing so, he consciously or unconsciously tried to turn the minibus of light-speed barrier into an omnibus that would absorb the whole universe. Even from an empirical point of view, this is extremely difficult to believe that a small speed like that of light can be of any help in understanding the functioning of the universe. The universe is so vast that in its backdrop, the light-speed is nothing but mere crawl. To keep the universe functioning the way it is functioning, much speedier ways of communication would be needed.
It is also interesting to note that Einstein's First Postulate says that physical laws in all the co-ordinate systems are the same. This postulate in itself is the cause of contradiction for the postulate of light-speed constancy, as how so vastly distant co-ordinate systems can regularly communicate to know about these laws and keep following them without fail. It can be argued that these laws are the same because they all had their origin in the Big Bang. But soon after the Big Bang they got separated by huge distances, making most of them unable to communicate with one another. Why then do the same laws prevail everywhere in the universe? We know from our daily experiences that the enforcement of law requires a constant vigil in the whole land. What then, makes the matter so obedient all over the universe?
The chief foundations of the modern Physics comprise the two mutually contradicting theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. One argues that there can be no communication faster than that of light, the other vehemently challenges it by apparently enabling particles to communicate at much higher velocity. Nevertheless, Einsteinanism rules. This is despite the fact that Einstein himself accepted that light constancy was logically difficult to explain but empirically proved by experiments. Ironically, in his development of the special and general theories, he depended on empirical facts, but did not accept the same logic in Quantum mechanics, where he insisted on refuting the experimental results on the basis of his idealism, founded on the empirical constancy of light. The question here is: can anything empirical be illogical? Whatever we observe as the results of experiments has to be based on certain laws, and even if our experiments or we differ from what is actual or real there has to be a basis of this difference. There was nothing diabolical with the empirical "constancy" of light-speed. The absurdity is the unexceptionable fascination Einstein developed for light, turning constancy into an absolute dogma that gives light a sheet anchor role. Taking a clue from Scriptures perhaps that often describe God as "Light", he too started believing light as divine. This resulted in his giving a kind of absoluteness to light that was only a prerogative of God. He had developed an unshakeable belief in his heart and mind that nothing can surpass light in attributes. This was evident in his total approach in the development of the infrastructure of physics. He made the light-speed constancy as the foundation stone of the edifice he wanted to construct. This, not his idea of cosmological constant described by him as "my greatest blunder", was in truth his greatest folly. There is no logical reason why a small speed like that of light—small in the backdrop of the gigantic universe—can be accepted as the maximum. It was perhaps his belief in the absoluteness of light that he devised a formula for gamma that had the stamp of divinity for light. It made impossible for anything to travel faster than the electromagnetic wave-particle. It positioned light as the Final Criterion relative to which all speeds would be measured and all the properties of the matter would change. This is also perhaps the reason that he used c2, instead of a numerical constant, in his famous mass-energy equation. Does that not mean that he might have believed everything was created ultimately of light? And as nothing has so far been proved beyond to travel faster than light, no physicist has dared challenge his ideas. The increasing likelihood of the nonlocality of quantum mechanics, the apparent faster than light speeds of quasars, the faster than light initial expansion of the universe—all these evidences have faded before Einstein's thunderous claim. Physicists have simply prostrated before the idol of Einstein.

[ Karzai of Kabul wants US Military to Remain in Afghanistan. The Taliban's response, reported by AFP and published in Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates, is given below the headline.]
Taleban reject Afghan-US deal


20 November 2011
KABUL - The Taleban on Sunday rejected as a "show" the endorsement by a traditional assembly of a strategic partnership deal with the United States that could allow its troops to remain in Afghanistan for years.
In a statement sent to media, the Islamist militant group said the assembly, or loya jirga, which ended Saturday was orchestrated by the Afghan government to achieve American aims.
"All the participants were active government workers. What they discussed at the jirga was what America wanted," said the Pashto-language statement quoting Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.
"In the past 10 years they brutally searched Afghans' houses, they detained Afghans and put them in their prisons, they destroyed people's orchards... and this cruel army still wants to continue its barbarism for another 10 years." .
Hundreds of people, mostly university students, took to the streets in Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday to protest against the pact.
Angry demonstrators shouting "death to America" and "death to American puppets" blocked the Kabul-Jalalabad highway for two hours, burning a US flag and an effigy of US President Barack Obama.

PAF made 5,500 strike sorties over Fata

DUBAI: According to Pakistan Air Force (PAF), it has flown more than 5,500 strike sorties over the country's troubled tribal regions since May 2008. In a rare glimpse into Pakistan's attempt to counter domestic terrorism from the air, Chief of PAF described some lessons learned to the Air Chiefs Conference in Dubai.

The need for good airborne reconnaissance was paramount, said Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleiman. When Pakistan Army launched large-scale operations in the remote Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in August 2008, the PAF had to rely on Google Earth imagery when planning air support missions.

However, by the time that the Army was ready to move against insurgents in the Swat Valley in May 2009, the PAF had acquired Goodrich DB-110 electro-optical reconnaissance pods for its F-16 fighters, together with the same company's ground station for imagery exploitation. Intelligence analysts could now identify terrorist training camps, ammunition dumps and command and control facilities. Some of these targets were well camouflaged, and protected by bunkers, Air Chief Marshall Suleiman noted.

Two days before the ground offensive was launched, the PAF launched a series of interdiction missions, and followed up with close air support throughout the six-month campaign. From the imagery collected by the PAF, the Army was also able to identify suitable landing zones for the airdrops of commandos.

In these mountainous regions, airpower was best delivered from medium altitude by fast jets, PAF Chief was quoted as saying by AIT. When the Army turned its attention to South Waziristan in October 2009, the PAF conducted a seven-day campaign in advance. By now, the service had added FLIR Systems Star Safire III EO/IR sensor ball to one of its C-130 transports. Army staff on board the C-130 was able to track the movement of terrorists at night, and radio maneuvering instructions to soldiers on the ground.

PAF has completely overhauled its tactics and techniques for conduct of irregular warfare, ACM Suleiman said. All of the squadrons were put through a training program over a four-month period. Laser-guided bombs have been used in 80 percent of PAF strikes, the PAF chief revealed. Avoiding collateral damage was a primary concern, he explained, "specially since we were engaging targets within our own country. We engage isolated structures only, away from populated areas."

More than 10,600 bombs have been dropped, and 4,600 targets destroyed, he said. PAF has flown more than 500 F-16 sorties with the DB-110 pod, and 650 with the Star Safire EO/IR sensor on the C-130.

ACM Suleiman said that, "we've broken the back of militants in FATA." He said offensive military engagement could only accomplish "10 to 15 percent" of the task of pacifying tribal areas. The rest must be done by dialogue, winning hearts and minds through economic development of these very poor regions, he said.

In his presentation, PAF Chief did not mention Selex Galileo Falco UAV. However, Pakistan was first customer for reconnaissance drone, which carries Anglo-Italian company's own electro-optical/ infrared sensor ball. Suleiman told AIN there had been problems with UAV's data link, caused partly by terrain masking. "Then we put in a relay station, and started flying it higher, so now we are using it more." (PPI)

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