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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 25, 1432/August 26, 2011 # 36

Taraweehs are not in the Qur'an or authentic hadithe nabawi, pbuh. Please scroll to end for three important letters and replies.

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Our America

Major Breakthrough in Neurology by Pakistani American Muslim: Dr. Teepu Siddique

"Dr. Teepu Siddique has been searching for the causes and underlying mechanism of ALS for more than a quarter century. He said he was initially drawn to it because, "It was one of the most difficult problems in neurology and the most devastating, a disease without any treatment or known cause."

Siddique's efforts first showed in 1989 that molecular genetics techniques were applicable to ALS, then described the first ALS gene locus in 1991, which led to the discovery of SOD1 and engineering of the first genetic animal model for ALS."

"The discovery provides an opening to finding treatments for ALS and could also pay dividends by showing the way to treatments for other, more common neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia and Parkinson's, Siddique said.",0,396973.story

Our America: #2

National Strategy Session for Liberating our Political Prisoners

Washington, DC, NE, Plymouth Congregational United Church.
On August 20, at the invitation of Thomas Ruffin, attorney at law, Jamaat al-Muslimeen representatives and other Islamic activists attended an impressive gathering of grassroots non-Muslim organizers from across America. The all day program brought together the Jericho movement and numerous other groups, Black and White. Christians, Pan Africanists and Black Nationalists were thhere in full force along with various anti-war people.

A unified effort will be made to focus on long suffering political opponents of the US power structure. Planning for peaceful efforts on a national basis is underway. The program was moved forward by:

Jihad Abdul Mumit, C0-Chairperson of the National Jericho Movement.

Laulette D'auteil, Co-Chairperson of the National Jericho Movement

Chokwe Lumumba, Chairperson of the New Afrikan Peoples' Organization.

An Islamic Victory in Libya: Don't be fooled by the Media
Latest News: August 22-25: Islamic forces have defeated Gaddafi in his own stronghold, Tripoli. In a coordinated move, as the liberators entered the city, the battle cry of Allahu Akbar rang out from all the mosques in Tripoli and the masses came out in the streets.

Under Gaddafi, Libya had no future. His sons and family members ran every aspect of life. He saw Islam as his real enemy. When the people rose up, he claimed that they were al-Qaida and tried to crush them, killing 300 unarmed people in one day.

Western media are presenting NATO as the source of victory. Every fighter the media people meet says to them "Allahu Akbar" but they ignore it. The West is pretending to be on the side of the people and NATO blunted Gaddafi's tank columns. This was a major blunder for NATO. It played right into the hands of the Islamic fighters. For once FOX TV is right: There is a strong Islamic, including some al-Qaida, presence among the victors. Thus there are three agendas:
  1. Anglo-American and Europeonized Libyans
  2. Islamic, ranging from Ikhwan to Salafi to al-Qaida
  3. Gaddafi's tribal and mercenary groups.

Comparisons of Gaddafi with Saddam Hussain are inaccurate. President Saddam spoke openly of jihad against the West and opposition to Israel. He never bowed down to western power. By contrast, Gaddafi has appealed to narrow tribal and racial forces. Even as he went down, he never tried to hit NATO. It was a pathetic performance. He was all rhetoric and full of brutality against his people.

The new government will probably be pro-western and allied specially to France. The leaders of the front dealing with the West are former Gaddafi loyalists and secularists. So, inshallah, the second stage will be that the Islamic masses will fight the pro-western rulers. There is a possibility that western or pro-western forces may come in to "protect" the oil resources. We can be sure that the Libyans will fight back.In any case, the new westernized rulers will not be as terroristic as Qaddafi, and Muslims will be able to organize.

Gaddafi's supporters in America failed miserably to understand the situation. They do not realize that Africa is going Islamic. Race based and "socialist" ideologies cannot face the power of Islam. Gaddafi and Saddam were alike at one time, but Saddam understood that only Islam can resist the West. As a result, the Iraqis fought a huge American armada to a standstill inspite of Shi'ite support for it. In Libya, there were no western forces and Gaddafi still failed miserably.

After 42 years of absolute power, he had lost touch with reality. His cheerleaders told him that Libyans loved him! He committed horrific crimes against Islamic prisoners. He and his family should be brought to trial.

However, NATO commanders responsible for the deaths of Libyan civilians should also be brought to trial. They have committed horrific acts of murder from the air. Cynthia McKinney was right about the bombing carried out by NATO.

Reader Supported News [RSN] has uncovered US right wing hypocrisy:

For all the braying by the Senate's top three hawks about how the US wasn't doing enough to oust Libyan dictator Col. Muammar Qaddafi from power, one might be surprised to learn that exactly two years ago, Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were in Tripoli meeting with the erratic leader and giving him assurances that relations between the nations were on the mend.

According to a leaked August 2009 US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks recounting the Senators' junket, the neoconservative Connecticut Senator captured the dynamic of aligning with a brutal dictator:

Lieberman called Libya an important ally in the war on terrorism, noting that common enemies sometimes make better friends."

August 22: Yemen is with Libya. There were huge rallies in the Yemeni cities of San'a, Taiz and Aden in support of the Libyan victory against Qaddafi.

Hizbullah and Iran have hailed the victory of the Libyan people.

[Troubling development in Yemen: Al-Qaida captured Shuqra city in the south on August 17, the third city now in its control. According to a survey by an American firm, US Muslim al-Awlaki is the most popular person in Yemen. On August 21, al-Qaida launched attacks in Moudia and Lauder areas killing a top supporter of the government, al-Ashal, and 8 troops. Many troops injured.]

Evangelical Christian right wingers hate Islam and are injecting extreme intolerance into American politics. Please scroll down to a good analysis of these groups by independent broadcaster and friend of Muslims Dr. Wilmer Leon. Please scroll way down.

Latest Juma Khutba: A Different View of Ramadan

Badr, Makkah, Laylatul Qadr, Ayesha, r.a., Essential to Ramadan and Taqwa

On August 19, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave a khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in central Baltimore. Here are its main points to help khateebs across the country: