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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'aban 1,1432/ July 3, 2011 # 28

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supports July 16 event in Detroit.
"Resisting Profiling, Preemptive Prosecution and Prisoner Abuse"

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Prophet Muhammad's, pbuh, Night Journey. Important article . Please scroll way down.

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz recently travelled to Omaha, Nebraska, where an event was organized by Br. Rich.

Dr. Shabazz visited the Malcolm X marker in Omaha. We have a great photo of an outstanding educationist remembering the sacrifices of a groundbreaking leader of Islam in America. [Please scroll all the way down for the photo.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen welcomes input from readers. Reach us by mail at: P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234. Website: . Also check us out on facebook.

From the Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Our message: Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims to use non-violent resistance against Zionism, imperialism, racism and exploitation of women.

Boycott of pro-Israel businesses is the most effective non-violent tool. Become politically aware without becoming part of the power structure.

Protest, demonstrate, write, email, speak out against oppression. Do not break the law. Remember, with the Qur'an and Hadith as educational resources, we can win.

"Do not be angry." [Hadith.] Do not use abusive language.
Remember the Prophet, pbuh, in Makka. He did not fight physically, but he did not compromise with the oppressors. Teach our children: We want peace but peace does not mean that we accept aggression and remain silent about Zionism. Evil must be resisted by creative means.

An Invitation to think.
Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali,
National Islamic Shoora, North Carolina

Spotlight #1: Justice is not possible without hard work and sacrifices of our abilities and time.

Spotlight #2: Peace is essential but there can be no peace without justice.

Spotlight #3: When we read stories of the messengers of Allah in the Qur'an and the Hadith, stop and think. If we don't implement them in our lives, they are just words.

Spotlight #4: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt looks like any opportunistic, secular movement. There is no difference between MB and other poltical groupings linked to the West.

Spotlight #5: Do you have a PLAN B for success, in case one fails, do you have objectives and projects?

Spotlight # 6: Jordan under a pleasure loving king was created by western powers. It is not an independent country. Which other British creations are we missing?

[We must acknowledge the wisdom of Imam Badi Ali: The US has just decided to OFFICIALLY recognize the Muslim Brotherhood. The links with imperial powers are quite old. CAIR and ISNA in USA are Americanized versions of MB. The so called Ikhwan dumped the teachings of Al-Banna and Syed Qutb and were very friendly with Hosni Mubarak but he only used them, lettting them win some seats, and then stopped them. Their leaders are quite shallow and westernized.- Editor

Mass Distribution of Jamaat Literature at Baltimore's Biggest Mosque

On July 1, 2011 after Juma' prayers, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's literature was given to Muslims at Masjid Rahma [Islamic Society of Baltimore] on the west side of the city. Most of the people were from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh with good numbers from Arab countries.

The literature, given to 200 people, included Imam Badi Ali's "Spotlights" urging Muslims to re-think their pursuit of money and dunya. A brief report on David Irving's imprisonment in Austria owing to his views on the Jewish holocaust story was included. The literature included glimpses of Dr. Kaukab Siddique's visit to Pakistan as well as his speeches in Greensboro and Augusta, Georgia. Finally there were news about the wars in Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Latest news on the flotilla: July 1:Greek troops are approaching the flotilla to prevent its departure for Gaza.
Excerpted from "Democracy Now."
Obama Admin Warns of "Fines and Incarceration" if U.S. Citizens Set Sail with Gaza Aid Flotilla.

A group of U.S. citizens is rejecting the Obama administration's attempt to thwart their aid mission to the Gaza Strip, which threatens to leave them stranded in Greece. They are set to sail from a Greek port on a U.S.-flagged ship called "The Audacity of Hope," part of an international humanitarian flotilla carrying aid for Gaza's 1.5 million Palestinian residents. Flotilla members are taking part despite Israeli threats to intercept their ships. Nine people were killed in an Israeli attack on the first aid flotilla just over a year ago. The Audacity of Hope passengers have called for the U.S. government's help in ensuring their safe passage. But instead, the Obama administration has told them not to set sail and even warned them they could face punishment back home.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested Israel would have the right to use force to prevent the ship's passage. The State Department called the flotilla "irresponsible and provocative" and warned that U.S. delegates could face "fines and incarceration." We play an excerpt from a press conference when State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland is repeatedly questioned about the Obama administration's threat, but refuses to answer whether the U.S. considers the Israeli blockade of Gaza to be legal.

ISNA's FITNA: What you don't know could Mislead your Children

Compiled by Dr. Kaukab Siddique to help young people who go into the ISNA convention, attracted by the crowd mentality, thinking it's an Islamic event. [ISNA leaders are welcome to answer or deny any of the points made hereunder up to 300 words.]

Question: ISNA is holding its convention as usual in the Chicago area where a Zionist Jew [hard core] Rahm Emmanuel has been elected mayor. Does ISNA oppose Rahm?

Answer: No.

Q. Does ISNA oppose the claim that Israel is a legitimate state?

A. No.

Q. What does Islam say about Israel?

A. Any power which drives Muslims out of their homeland is illegitimate. In fact Islam orders Muslims to drive out the occupiers. US Muslims could use peaceful means for this purpose.

Q. Did ISNA oppose the genocidal Israeli assault on Gaza?

A. No.

Q. Is it true that AFTER the assault ended ISNA affiliates cashed in on Muslim trauma by collecting funds for Gaza?

A. As far as we know, yes. Cashing in like that is typical of ISNA.

Q. Which organs of the US power structure does ISNA ally itself with?

A. The White House, the Pentagon, the FBI, the Zionist-corporate media.

Q. Does ISNA condemn the bombing of Libyan civilians?

A. No.

Q. Does ISNA condemn the bombing of Pakistani civilians by US drones?

A. No.

Q. Does ISNA condemn the bombing and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq?

A. No.

Q. Does ISNA oppose Zionism and US Jewish support for Israel?

A. No.

Q. Does ISNA oppose the railroading and persecution of US Muslim political prisoners?

A. NO.

Q. Are you saying NONE?

A. That's right!

Q. The holocaust story is one of the biggest fund raisers for Israel and International Jewry. Does ISNA oppose or question the holocaust story?

A. No. In fact ISNA associate CAIR condemned Iran's president for asking for a discussion of both sides of the holocaust story.

Q. Is there a specific example of any top leader of ISNA working very closely with Jews who support the holocaust story and Israel?

A. ISNA's president Hag Majid, who claims to be an imam, visited Auschwitz under the auspices of the State Department. He is also a regular visitor to synagogues which support Israel. Another lackey named Syed Syeed is also closely linked to Zionist Rabbis.

Q. ISNA supported the assassination of Osama. Has ISNA EVER opposed a White House proclamation or propaganda piece?

A. Never!

Q. ISNA supports Obama though Obama is silent about the genocide in Gaza. But if it supports Obama, it must have opposed Bush?

A. ISNA not only supported Bush but fooled Muslims into delivering a bloc vote for Bush.

Q. What about Clinton?

A. ISNA not only supported Clinton but ISNA's ally CAIR participated in a White House iftar when Iraq was starving under US imposed sanctions.

Q. How do you explain the Islamic appearance of ISNA officials? The men have beards, the women have hijab, and they pray a lot.

A. Conventional religion supports such behavior. Islam is not a conventional religion. It REQUIRES the rejection of false gods BEFORE the affirmation of the ONE God, Allah. Remember that the Saudi rulers and Karzai of Kabul also have beards. Their women are in purdah. Allah wants loyalty, not formalities.

Q. The homosexual movement has gained recognition from the Obama administration. Does ISNA condemn homosexuality as both the Qur'an and the Bible do?

A. ISNA dare not oppose Obama in any way.

Q. Is ISNA a threat to Islam in America?

A. No! Islam is spreading under Allah's laws of development.

Q. Then why bother about ISNA?

A. It's a tool of the US government and hence its infiltration into upper class Muslim communities creates the impression that Islam is a religion of bootlickers and exploiters. Islam would spread much faster if new Muslims understood that ISNA is a perverted group which has ignored the Sunnah even in basic issues such as moon sighting for the Eids.

[The answers are based on ISNA's own literature, particularly its PR magazine known as Islamic Horizons.]

Problems or Questions? Telephone: (209) 682-5327;
Bradley Smith, Founder of Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, reminds President Obama of UDHR.

There is a story to be told that the most powerful elites in Europe and North America do not want you to hear about, do not want you to follow, do not want you to consider in public through a free exchange of ideas. From the Abraham Foxmans and their hundred-million-dollar budgets on up the elitist ladder through the U.S. Congress to the swarm that surrounds President Obama:

"To this day, there are those who insist that the Holocaust never happened — a denial of fact and truth that is baseless and ignorant and hateful,' Mr. Obama said.'This place [Buchenwald!] is the ultimate rebuke to such thoughts, a reminder of our duty to confront those who would tell lies about our history.'"

Ignorance personified (to coin a phrase) at the highest level.

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, published on December 10, 1948, reads in part:

"...everyone has a right to freedom of opinion and expression, which includes the right not to be penalized for those opinions and to 'seek, receive and impart' information and ideas by whatever means, regardless of national borders."

We agree with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration - and argue that it is meant for all of us, not some of us. UNESCO and every top free press organization in Europe and North America agree with the Universal Declaration - for some, but not for all. It is exactly this cultural posture—intellectual freedom for some, but not for all with regard to the Holocaust question—that CODOH challenges at UNESCO offices and Free Press organizations around the globe.

We will continue to make the same argument to the student masses and student press nation-wide, pointing out how the routine betrayal of the ideal of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration by their own faculty functions to protect Holocaust fraud and falsehood from being addressed, thus allowing the story to be exploited by the bad guys to morally justify, among other things, the U.S. alliance with Israel against the Palestinians and other Muslims in the Middle East.

None of this is difficult to do, or complicated, we have only to be willing to do it. We are willing. But it does take time, extra hands to do the work (I especially need more hands), special programs that the usual perps cannot block, and all kinds of office and equipment expenses which you do not need me to delineate here.

Please help me do this work. Your contribution is very much needed.
Thank you,

Bradley Smith. CODOH Founder

P.O. Box 439016, San Ysidoro, Ca. 92143

Books: by NT reader Sis. Sofia in New York City.

Is USA a Democracy?

The War on Islam: Unusual Insights in Two books

Must read for this summer of 2011:

(1) A World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller

Published by Little, Brown and Company ( August 2010)

The title appears at first glance to be anti-Islam but it is not anti-Islam or anti-Muslim.

The book is well-researched and consists of historical facts and analysis that offers insights and strategies into current western politics --- that could be valuable gems to Muslims everywhere.

(2) Area 51 -- an unusual history.... by Annie Jacobsen ( a recent publication).

Area 51 is a highly classified place in Nevada, U.S.A. that is a base for many experiments being conducted by the army and C.I.A, etc. including manufacturing of drones such as the one that was used to kill Osama Bin Laden, the 1957 test of "dirty bomb" and the controversial last seven pages of the book that deal with the "wicked science" -- a "rogue program" of human engineering. The activities of Area 51 are so highly classified that their activities are not made available to Presidents of the United States, more recently to Clinton and Obama.

One attempt at googling "annie jacobsen and her book" got me to an interview of author on MSNBC where author mentions her publisher as Little, Brown and Company.

The comments of viewers are at two extreme some debunking the book and author and others willing to acknowledge its authenticity to some extent.

My response is: Even if one were to take stuff in her book with a ton of salt, yet if the following statements/facts are true that

(A) Area 51 exists in Nevada USA and is the size of Connecticut State.

(B) That recent US Presidents are aware of this site (managed by CIA and the US military top brass) and that experiments and projects are conducted on site that the activities of Area 51 are not made available to even the President of the USA.

(C) That decisions are made by those in control and not by elected US Presidents---

---then in my opinion, it would be a valid argument to state that the USA functions as a Federation of States regarding internal matters. But that IF at the national political decisions regarding international affairs such as declaring wars against any nation world-wide are not made by those elected by US citizens such as the President and other elected officials, THEN it would be a valid argument to make that the United States is not a Democracy and the elected President is not "the most powerful man in the world" but a mere symbol and the power of the Presidency is a mere myth.

(D) Whenever and wherever citizens are afraid of all those in the country who have been given control of guns, war weaponry, and the control of decision making on how and when and where to use them, and are also allowed to keep their decisions beyond the knowledge and awareness of citizens, then one can claim-- as a citizen of the United States--- that this nation is not functioning as a democratic society/nation. Not only that, the entire world's population is in grave danger from a nation such as the United States with "fire-power" and a total lack of "Conscience" that could wipe the planet into non-existence with the click on a computer. No exaggeration! There are many "dummies" and "gung-ho" / trigger-happy patriots in this "land of the free and the home of the brave"!

The questions that come to mind are: (1) Is the USA a democracy? The Presidency of the USA is a symbol and a myth. The real power players are beyond political elections and US citizens' knowledge, awareness and control. Viva Democracy!

The contents of these two books may help Muslims around the globe realize how far off the mark they are in their political analyses of western power structures.

"Justice" for Muslims in America

Three African American Muslims Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison: Tricked/trapped by Informant

[Report below written by Br. Mauri Saalakhan.]

Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace):

It is now just after midnight and I'm about to depart New York after spending the day in the "Big Apple." I came because three of the brothers embroiled in the Newburgh 4 case - James Cromitie, 45, David Williams, 30, and Onta Williams, 35 (no relation) - were sentenced today; the outcome of the proceeding was tragically predictable. (Later in the evening I spoke at one of the centers in New York, to a very receptive audience, alhamdullilah.)

U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon, who justifiably criticized the government for manufacturing a terrorism case, gave the defendants what some considered a break - 25 years each (the government was asking for life sentences, and the government usually gets what it asks for in cases of this nature). As a result of giving the young men a break within acceptable limits of the law, as the law is presently constructed, the punishment still ended up being a grotesque mockery of the (theoretically at least) equalizing and civilizing principle called "justice."

Once again, in yet another preemptive prosecution case that targeted naive and foolish you Muslim men, at the manipulative hand of a government paid agent-provocateur, the punishment did not fit the crime!

I am convinced that if a genuine march toward justice is to begin within the U.S. Judiciary, it will come at the hands of jurists who are courageous enough to make a decision that they expect to be overturned. Such a jurist must be so justice-oriented that they are willing to anticipate the probability that their decision will be overturned; embrace that probability; indeed, invite that probability! Then, and only then, will a real march toward justice begin in the courts of the land.

May that day come soon!

El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan
THE PEACE THRU JUSTICE FOUNDATION .11006 Veirs Mill Rd, STE L-15, PMB 298, Silver Spring, MD. 20902

RAJAB 1432 A.H. (June 30, 2011)

Letter: NT issue on Newburgh 4 and other issues...
Injustice in America is rampant. America is a nation of mentally ill people, who are being psychologically conditioned to attack any people, nation or group in the name of capitalism, racism, classism and sexism for it to survive.
The world's problem is Capitalism: the solution to the problem is the destruction of the problem.
I am in solidarity with you..... Understanding that there are as many Muslim Capitalists as there are Christian and Jewish.

Curtis Mullins
African American Council [California]

Pakistan's Arrest of Brigadier Ali Khan & Other Officers
[Recently an incident indicated dissent in the Paki army.]

In Pakistan, to have links with Hizb-ut- Tahrir is criminal. To have links with USA and receive money from Washington and kill innocent people in Balochistan and Swat is perfectly legal.

Pakistan Army's arrest of Army officers indicates that there are true Pakistanis in that maligned establishment called Pakistan Army. For too long the Army has been a mercenary army. General Zia ul Haque murdered Palestinians in Jordan. General Musharraf sent people to USA to be tortured and received money for his despicable acts.

I am sure Pakistanis will rise against the Army which controls 60% of Pakistan's economy. It has banks, factories, etc. etc. Its economic empire is huge.

Shaikh Mohommad

New Trend's editor urges readers to pray for peace while reading our reports about conflict. Think about how communication can be opened up between warring viewpoints. We must oppose conflict.

1. The military is reporting new clashes with the Pak Taliban in the Mohmand and Adam Khel areas.

2. Jamaate Islami's Punjab leader, Dr. Waseem, is reporting horrific economic conditions of the masses of Pakistanis. Lack of electricity, and rising prices are creating serious setbacks for ordinary pakistanis. The people are at the verge of rising up but lack leadership.

3. On July 1, Jamaate Islami's ameer Syed Munawar Hasan addressed a large juma' prayer gathering in Mansoora, Lahore. He said the US and the Paki government now admit that the US still has control of Shamsi air base. Thus many of the drone attacks were launched from WITHIN Pakistan. He said talks with India are fruitless while it refuses to relax its death grip on Kashmir. He called for an end to the Paki participation in the 'war on terror' and urged national unity on the basis of an end to US intervention.

4. On June 28, US drones attacked "suspected" Taliban supporters in south Waziristan killing 26 civilians who allegedly supported Taliban.

Egypt Entering New Stage of its Revolution:
1036 injured by Security Forces: June 28-29

Excerpted from Al Jazeerah

Clashes between Egyptian security forces and more than 5,000 protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square have left more than 1,036 people injured, according to witnesses and medical officials.

Tahrir Square, the epicentre of protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's former president, was sealed off early on Wednesday as lines of security forces in riot gear strived to regain control from demonstrators. Witnesses said the clashes started on Tuesday when police tried to clear a sit-in at the state-TV building, which included families of those killed during the country's revolution earlier this year, known as the "martyrs", according to the Daily News, an Egyptian news website.

Witnesses said police attacked the families outside the Balloon Theatre in Agouza, where a planned memorial service for them was taking place. The interior ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that "people who claimed to be families of martyrs, tried to break into the theatre" in which the service was held.

The Egyptian cabinet on Wednesday announced on its Facebook page that nine people had been arrested and will face questioning from military prosecutors. Later in the day, the newspaper al-Masri al-Youm reported that 44 people had been taken away for questioning, with Reuters reporting that an American and Briton were among them.

Violent clashes

Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Cairo, reported: "The original dispute happened between families of the martyrs of the revolution as they were trying to attend an event [and were denied access]. "At that point there were clashes between police and some of those family members that ultimately spilled over to other parts of the city. "The protest gained momentum and made its way into Tahrir Square, and ultimately to the interior ministry," he said.

Rocks and shattered glass littered the streets around Tahrir, as protesters chanted: "Down with the military junta." As protests at the ministry died down, the army replaced riot police in guarding the building. According to the Egyptian health ministry, 1,036 people had been hurt in the clashes, with 40 members of the security forces among them. Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has said that he ordered the police to withdraw from Tahrir Square to reduce tension.

Nigeria: Islam vs Military tyranny
Boko Haram members were slaughtered, mosques destroyed, homes demolished
Now Comes the Boko Haram couterattack: Strikes in Abuja, Katsina, Maiduguri

Who would have thought that Boko Haram would make a comeback. It's a literalist Islamic movement which wants Shar'ia and calls for end to all western influences. The Nigerian army, backed by the US and Israel, slaughtered these innocent and largely unarmed Muslims by the hundreds. Army tanks smashed their mosques. Their pious leader Yusuf was captured and then executed without trial along with hundreds of other Muslims.

Now everyone is surprised.

On June 16, 2011, Boko Haram struck the police headquarters in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Reports say, the attacker was Nigeria's first martyrdom operator. The entire car park of police vehicles was set ablaze , 37 vehicles destroyed and 40 damaged, seven policemen killed. [This happened the day after the police chief visited Maiduguri, the northern city where Yusuf started the movement, and boasted that he would wipe out Boko Haram.]

On June 20, Boko Haram raiders hit a police station and a bank in Katsina state, a vast distance from Maiduguri. At least 5 policemen and 2 officials were killed.

On June 25, the target was a beer garden in Maiduguri itself. The bombing killed 25 and wounded 30. The government has been encouraging immoral behavior all over the country. Liquor parties in an Islamic city are seen as acts of cultural warfare by the Muslims. Unlike in America, there are no zoning laws and debauchery has government support.

[On June 26, the government in Abuja ordered that beer parlors, night clubs and cinemas must close early to avoid Boko Haram attacks. They are being called Nigerian Taliban.]

First US Drone Strike in Somalia: Previous Air Attacks were Conventional

[From an article in the Washington Post by Greg Jaffe and Karen DeYoung, ]

Published: June 29.

A U.S. drone aircraft fired on two leaders of a militant Somali organization tied to al-Qaeda, apparently wounding them, a senior U.S. military official familiar with the operation said Wednesday.

The strike last week against senior members of al-Shabab comes amid growing concern within the U.S. government that some leaders of the Islamist group are collaborating more closely with al-Qaeda to strike targets beyond Somalia, the military official said. The airstrike makes Somalia at least the sixth country where the United States is using drone aircraft to conduct lethal attacks, joining Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. And it comes as the CIA is expected to begin flying armed drones over Yemen in its hunt for al-Qaeda operatives

. Al-Shabab has battled Somalia's tenuous government for several years. In recent months, U.S. officials have picked up intelligence that senior members of the group have expanded their ambitions beyond attacks in Somalia. "They have become somewhat emboldened of late, and, as a result, we have become more focused on inhibiting their activities," the official said."They were planning operations outside of Somalia."

Both of the al-Shabab leaders targeted in the attack had "direct ties" to American-born cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi, the military official said. Aulaqi escaped a U.S. drone strike in Yemen in May. The White House declined Wednesday night to respond to questions about the attack. But Obama administration officials have made repeated references to al-Shabab in recent weeks, indicating that the group has expanded its aims and its operations.

In a speech Wednesday unveiling the administration's new counterterrorism strategy, senior White House aide John O. Brennan included Somalia among the countries where the administration has placed a new focus on al-Qaeda affiliates. "As the al-Qaeda core has weakened under our unyielding pressure, it has looked increasingly to these other groups and individuals to take up its cause, including its goal of striking the United States," said Brennan, Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser. "From the territory it controls in Somalia," he said, "al-Shabab continues to call for strikes against the United States."

And earlier this month, in a hearing to confirm him as Obama's new defense secretary, CIA Director Leon Panetta told senators that the agency had intelligence on al-Shabab "that indicates that they, too, are looking at targets beyond Somalia." Panetta said al-Qaeda had moved some of its operations to "nodes" in Yemen, Somalia and North Africa. The CIA, he said, was working with the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command in those areas "to try to develop counterterrorism."

The Special Operations Command carried out last week's Somalia strike, the military official said, and it has been flying remotely piloted planes over Yemen for much of the past year. It has taken the lead in operations in Yemen, where Aulaqi, a senior figure in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, is based. U.S. aircraft and Special Operations commandos have carried out other attacks in Somalia against militants linked to al-Qaeda, but the strike last week appears to have been one of the first U.S. drone attacks in Somalia.

Teachings from Authentic Hadith
Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] Ascension:
Night Journey to Jerusalem and to the Seven Heavens: The Holy city under Israeli -Jewish Occupation

By Kaukab Siddique

The Muslim world is celebrating the Night Journey of Muhammad, the last messenger and prophet of Allah, pbuh. [Rajab 26-27]

The Qur'an emphasizes the great significance of the Night Journey [Isra'] and the Ascension [mairaj] of Muhammad, pbuh. The aHadith, particularly the Sahih of Bukhari, give details of this great event. Just about all the scholars of Islam have commented on these texts. Allama Iqbal, the visionary Poet of the East, looked at the levels of meaning in the Hadith. Here is a summary of main points made by Iqbal and other famous scholars:
Conclusion: Muslims must try to understand the message of Muhammad, p. If you have faith in Allah, nothing can defeat you. In the bleakest of situations, Allah transported Muhammad, p, beyond time and space so that he would not waver in his mission. At this time the Zionist-Jewish terrorist entity known as "Israel" is in blatant occupation of Palestine, of Jerusalem, of masjid al-Aqsa.

Committee supporting Bangladeshi Political Prisoner, Shifa, invites to Important Event in Detroit on July 16.

Dear Allies in Peace, Truth and Justice,

You are cordially invited to the following important social justice event in Detroit, MI. We would greatly appreciate your attendance and assistance in distributing the following announcement to your contacts in Michigan, Midwest and everywhere else. Flyer attached.

If your organization would like to co-sponsor the event, please contact us as soon as possible.

In Solidarity and Peace,

Justice For Shifa and Haris Support Committee

Resisting Profiling, Preemptive Prosecution and Prisoner Abuse

A hearing to confront repression of human rights and civil liberties by the criminal justice system

The panel presentation will focus on how the 'War on Terror' climate and its repressive legal practices in the criminal justice system have affected civil liberties and human rights of Arab, Muslim, African American, South Asian, Latino, and all immigrant communities and the broader social justice movement. Representatives from the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF), Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC), CAIR-MI, Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice (MECAWI), Project Salam, and Committee to Stop FBI Repression-MI will be having a panel discussion about their political, social and legal campaigns around these very important issues to address how we can counter and change oppressive policies. Included in the panels are families who will share personal stories of struggles for justice. The goal of the program is to shed light on the conditions of families and communities suffering under the war on terror, establish alliances across all communities for support, and mobilize our communities to eradicate these oppressive political and legal injunctions.

July 16, 2011
3-6 PM
Reception @ 2:30 PM

The Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural Center
13535 Livernois Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48238

Key Note Speaker: Shahid Buttar, Executive Director, Bill of Rights Defense Committee

PANEL I: Prosecutorial Persecution in the Criminal Justice System

Steve Downs, National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF)
Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African News Wire & MECAWI
Dawud Walid, CAIR-MI

Video Presentation
Mel Undebakke, National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms

PANEL II: Impact of Preemptive Prosecution on Families

Hedaya Jayyousi, Detroit, MI
Tamer Mehenna, Boston, MA
Tom Burke, Grand Rapids MI

Sponsor: National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF)

Co-Sponsors Include: Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC), National Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR), Michigan Emergency Coalition Against War and Injustice (MECAWI), Peace Education Center-MI, Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice (GLNAWI), Islamic House of Wisdom, American Friends Service Committee-Michigan Criminal Justice Program, Families United For Justice In America (FUJA), Council on American Islamic Relations-CAIR-MI, Justice For Shifa and Haris Support Committee, Project SALAM, US Human Rights Network, Friends of Human Rights, The Muslim Center-Detroit, Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

To RSVP and co-sponsor the event contact

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [ ] , famous mathematician and teacher of PhDs, celebrated professor at Lincoln University and Grambling University, visited the Malcolm X historic marker in Omaha, Nebraska.

[Photo by: Br. Rich, Jamaat al-Muslimeen activist.]

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