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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 3,1432/February 6, 2011 # 6

A very important article from Br. Shamim Siddiqui [Long Island, New York] is published below. It is essential reading for those who want to work for peaceful Islamic movement in America. Please scroll all the way down.

Press Release
Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar & Lynne Stewart, victims of US-Mubarak Collusion, should be freed.

I urge President Obama to release Islamic prisoners being held in US prisoners, especially prisoners held in collusion with the Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak. Obama claims that he is on the side of the Egyptian people, which is quite a surprise after the consistent help the White House has extended to Mubarak.

Release Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ] and Lynne Stewart. They have committed no crime except non-violent opposition to the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Their release will show, at least in part, that Obama is sincere in the impression being created by his government that he does not support Mubarak and his terror regime.

Sincerely, Kaukab Siddique, PhD, Ameer Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Why Does History Produce Insensitive Brutes like Hosni Mubarak? Connecting the past with the present.

"A combination of forces and circumstances is responsible for the present day observed or perceived chaos and backwardness in Africa and the so-called Middle East. Principal among them are the system of world-wide European centered education, established over the past 500 or more years following the fall of Granada and the coming of Columbus to the New World, and the rise of Neo-Darwinism claiming a hereditary and genetic basis for the occurrence of high ability in human beings during the latter part of the 19th century.

Now aided by powerful media, this world-wide system of European centered education, which supports and sustains western and Zionist exploitation of the oppressed populations and nations of the earth, was born of force, massive killings of human beings, slavery, colonization, rape, robbery, distortion of history and outright fabrications, and operates in all areas of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war."

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [ ] , Distinguished Professor of Mathematics

[Islamic and African Thinker and Philosopher of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]. Non-violent Resistance
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P.O. Box 10881 Baltimore, MD 21234
Outreach # 1: After Juma', Jamaat al-Muslimeen Message given to 125 Muslims in Laurel, Maryland

On February 4, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's literature was given to 125 people at a mosque in Laurel, Maryland. This town is located 40 miles south of Baltimore. The items distributed included Imam Badi Ali's SPOTLIGHT on EGYPT and Dr. Kaukab Siddique's khutba on Egypt and Tunisia and the miraculous rise of Islam from the arid soil of secularism. The third item was a report on the Jewish-Israeli attack on a Black youth in Baltimore. The 4th summarized a historic rally in Lahore, Pakistan against attacks on the Prophet, pbuh with a message from Pakistani leader Munawar Hasan. These 4 items were given to 50 people.

Another 75 Muslims were given a two page letter from Sis. Karen calling for the boycott of businesses which support Israel. These businesses include Calvin Klein, Gap, Starbucks, Nestle, Estee Lauder and Coca Cola.

A mosque official told the activists to stop the distribution. By that time it had been done. The government seems to be pressuring mosques not to let Jamaat literature be distributed.

Outreach #2. The Voice of US Muslims Khutba on Egypt's Revolution: Analysis, Significance and Future [inshallah]

On February 4, Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora leader [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina], gave a khutba on Egypt which is said to be the best in America although USA has more than a thousand mosques. The mosque where he spoke, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, attracted several hundred Muslims from various Arabic speaking countries, including Sudan.

Texts highlighted in the khutba: "...Take warning then, o you with eyes [to see] ..." [The Qur'an 59:2]

"Allah punishes the hypocrites, men and women, those who associate others with Allah, be they men or women, and Allah turns in Mercy to the believers, men and women, for Allah is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful." [33:73]

"...Pharoah and his hosts followed them in insolence and enmity, At length when overwhelmed with the flood, and drowning, Pharoah said: 'I believe that there is no god except Him ..." [10:90]

" [Satan fails against] ...those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of Allah, and defend themselves after they are unjustly attacked. And soon will the unjust know what vicissitudes their affairs will take." [26:227]

How thy Lord dealt with 'Ad, Thamud "And with Paroah, Lord of Stakes . These transgressed beyond bounds in the lands." [89:10-11]

"Incline not towards the oppressors, or the Fire will seize you , and you have no protectors other than Allah, nor shall you be helped." [11:113]

Main points of the khutba:

[Imam Badi read a poem in Arabic to greet the masses of Egypt. Here we attempt a translation.]

Our America [With thanks to Gordon Williams on facebook.]
SIX Cops Beating the Crap Out Of Underage Teen Caught On Video
Search this heading on youtube.
February 04, 2011 CNN

Courtesy Market Guardian: Jan. 23.
They started Right Away. Egyptian Upper Class getting Gold out: Shipment Caught

After a week ago we learned that the central bank of Tunisia had parted with 23% of its gold stash courtesy of now deposed president who fled the country with a 1.5 ton shipment of gold, it appears that Egypt is preparing for a comparable spike in revolutionary activity. Only unlike the now former Tunisian president whose gold sequestering actions were retroactive and thus, quite lucky to succeed, Egypt has taken proactive measures. According to Egypt News, the country's airport has intercepted 59 shipments of gold directed for the Netherlands "worth tens of millions." The gold, as well as an indeterminate amount of foreign currencies, was hidden in pillow cases: uh, cotton may not show up on X-Rays, but gold sure does. We eagerly await to learn how big the decline in the country's official holdings 75.6 tonnes of gold will be after this most recent episode confirming that gold is precisely money.

Top Islamic Leader Hails Egyptian Masses: Era of US-Israeli Agents Ending. When will there be justice for Kashmir?

LAHORE, Feb. 3: The Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has saluted the Egyptian people on their epoch-making struggle and counseled the Muslim rulers to learn a lesson from the developments in Tunisia and Egypt. In a statement here on Thursday, he said that throughout the Muslim world, where ever the US colonialism had tightened its hold and thrust anti-people rulers, there was a wind of change and the rulers were falling one by one and the US influence in the Muslim world and its hold on their rich resources was weakening. He said that the Egyptians had given a verdict against a tyrant and corrupt ruler by coming on the streets in millions. The fact that the entire Egyptian nation had come on roads and was continuing its movement despite hundreds of the deaths indicated that Hosni Mubarak had been continuing his rule only due to the US and Israeli backing. The JI chief further said that the historic movement of the Egyptian people was also a message to Washington and Tel Aviv that the age of their agents was over. This is also a message for the Muslim rulers that the US support could not keep them in power for ever and the US always abandoned its friends in difficult times and Washington had now shut its eyes from Hosni Mubarak as soon there was a change. The rulers should realize that only the true obedience of Allah, protection of the national interests and true representation of the public sentiments is the only way to salvation, he added. Syed Munawar Hasan also called upon the Pakistani rulers to announce support for the Egyptian people instead of the corrupt and bloodthirsty ruler. In this respect, he commended the Turkish Prime Minister's announcement of solidarity with the Egyptian people at this juncture and said that the Pakistani rulers could win the Muslim Ummah's heart by emulating Turkey's example.

The JI chief strongly condemned the killings in Egypt on the 9th day of the mass movement following the attacks of plain clothed police and army men. He said this was only the government's last attempt to save its drowning ship. He said at a time when the entire Egypt had risen against Hosni Mubarak, this was a plot to push the country into a civil war. However, he was confident that the Egyptian people would foil this conspiracy through their unity and peaceful struggle.

Meanwhile, in a letter to the Muslim rulers, the JI chief has requested for convening a special OIC meeting to discuss the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Syed Munawar Hasan stressed that the Islamic Conference should adopt a unanimous resolution calling upon India for troops pull out from the disputed Jammu and Kashmir. He said that in case New Delhi did not comply, the Muslim world should completely boycott Indian products. The JI chief also called upon the UN to prevail upon India for implementation of the UN resolution on Kashmir.

Our America
The US has deported 190 Pakistanis during the last two years

February 3. [Source Dawn. From Islamabad.] During Question-Hour session of the National Assembly here on Thursday, Malik Khan, Minister of State for Foreign affairs, said the US Department of Homeland Security does not intimate the embassy or concerned consulates about the arrest of accused persons and place where the prisoners are detained, until the investigation is completed and final orders of removal by the court are issued. "We only come to know when US department of Immigration Custom and Enforcement approach us for issuance of travel document, while prisoners who complete their sentence are repatriated to Pakistan at US expenses," he added. He said it is a common practice that at the time of arrest Pakistani nationals sign the waiver of their right of consular access so US security agencies do not inform the Embassy about their arrest.

American "Justice" Mourned
1st Anniversary of Aafia's Conviction Commemorated

February 03, 2011 - The first anniversary of the conviction of Dr. Aafia in Richard M. Berman's court in New York was commemorated across cities in Pakistan with many solemn marches remembering a dark day in the American legal process.

Palestine: [With thanks to al-Awda]
Daily Life Under Israeli Occupation
A young man beaten and kidnapped by soldiers in Hadidiya Today, 0/02/2011, Ghazi Bsharat, 19, was grazing his animals in Hadidiya area when he was beaten and arrested by Israeli soldiers. Ghazi was walking around with his animals, 700m from his home when his family saw him beaten by soldiers. Then he disappeared for two hours. His family didn't know where he was, if he was injured, lying down alone somewhere or if he was arrested, as his phone was closed.

Finally Ghazi came back home after hours of detention in the occupation jails. This [kind] of aggression on Al Hadidiya communities happen often. Al Hadidya is located in the Northern Jordan Valley and is surrounded by three military camps and two settlements, Ro'i and Beqarot.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


[Shamim A Siddiqi, NY]


Since the beginning of human race, Allah (SWT) in his infinite mercy has been sending Messengers after Messengers in a continuous chain for the guidance of mankind as how to act, live and behave on earth as His vicegerent. Each Messenger has the same mission for his people as under:

The mission entrusted to each of them was to establish His Deen and not to deviate from it. It is categorically emphasized in Verse # 13 of Surah # 42, Al-Shura: "Un Aqimuddeen wa la Tatafarraqu Fihey" -"Establish the Deen and be not divided therein."

All the Messengers of Allah tried their best to accomplish their mission of life. They all made extraordinary effort in communicating and explaining the mission and its complexities and Hikmah and purified the character of the people who joined their mission. However, some succeeded partially while some others couldn't due to stiff opposition of the vested interests of the time and only a few could succeed in establishing the Deen of Allah on earth as a political entity of their time. Amongst the successful ones are Prophet Dawood and Prophet Solomon [May Allah be pleased with them] who established Torah, the Divine Guidance of their time but unfortunately the Jewish people are treating them as Kings.

Only Prophet Muhammad (S), the last and the final Messenger of this series established the Deen of Allah in the Arabian Peninsula in its entirety during his life time and paved the way for its establishment in the rest of the then known world with in the next 80 years of his (S) departure from this world. His (S) model is perfect in all respects and we should study it in detail as how he (S) did it and delivered Justice, peace and security to Human abode. He (S) sets a perfect model for us to follow for our time in order to quench our natural thirst for getting justice, peace and solution of our centuries old burning problems. Equally, his (S) is the only model that is available to us in its minutest detail in the pages of history whereas the life pattern of other Prophets of Allah is lying somewhat in obscurity or in brief only.


About five hundred years after the departure of Jesus (AS), according to his prophecy, Prophet Muhammad Ibne Abdullah appeared in Makkah in Quraish in 570 AC. It was the time when humanity has no Guidance and all the previous Books of Guidance stood either lost or mutilated by their followers. Humanity was grappling in gloom and darkness. There were no human rights, no court of Justice. It was a tribal society and bloodshed with injustices was prevailing all around. Europe was grappling in dark ages and people were treated like serfdoms while Muhammad Ibne Abdullah was thinking in the Cave of Hear how to get the situation corrected and deliver justice to mankind.

In the year 610 AC, arch angel Gabriel came from the Lord of this cosmos and addressed Muhammad (S): "Read and read in the name of thy Sustainer.....and revealed the first Wahi covering the first five Verse of Surah Al-A'ala. Thus, Allah appointed Muhammad Ibne Abdullah as His last and final Messenger as no Prophet came after him nor will ever come.

After the gap of a few months, the second Wahi came and addressed Rasulullah (S):

"O thou enveloped in thy cloak; Arise and Warn! And glorify Thy Lord". Thy raiment purify. Pollution shun. Never ever feel contented that enough has been done. And have patience for the sake of thy Lord [Al- Muddathir" Verses # 1 to 7]
It was a clear command from his (S) Lord to get up and struggle hard for glorifying and establishing His authority with all cares, concerns and precautions that this mission demands. To fulfill this mission, Rasulullah (S) needed three things - his (S) life long pursuits confirm it:
  1. The Guidance - the blue print as what to do and how to do to get His authority and Deen established on self, family and in the human society;

  2. Who will do this job? - The requisite Team of dedicated and committed workers to get the Deen of Allah established on this earth

  3. The Land - where to establish the Deen.
Now let us see how it was all managed and arranged by Allah (SWT) and the individual efforts of Rasulullah (S) and his (S) beloved companions [his team mates]

* Guidance - the Blue Print: It came directly from Allah (SWT) in bits and pieces as and when needed and was completed in 23 years to serve the different needs and situation that Rasulullah (S) faced through out this period while struggling hard in a continuous process towards the Iqamah of His Deen.

* Building the Team of his (S) committed worker: This job was undertaken by Rasulullah (S) himself. Before his (S) appointment as the Messenger of Allah he had a lot of concern for the state of his people but when he became the Messenger of Allah, he (S) concentrated solely on the correction of humans as they were [and are] the epic center of all corruption and if he/she is corrected, all will be OK. He (S) started to meet his people on person to person basis, invited them to the Deen of Allah based on the four fundamental points of Islam that I have elaborated at the very outset of this paper - Tawheed, Amanah, Accountability and the Model of Rasulullah (S). Those who accepted his Dawah Ilallah (DI), they became the integral part of his Jamaa'h, the Islamic Movement of the time. He polished and purified their character, behavior, attitude and the concept of life and inspired them to do the same job of DI on the pattern he (S) was doing. We call these Islamic workers the reverend team of Sahabah (RA), the beloved companions of Rasulullah (S).

Through his (S) Dawah efforts and that of his (S) companions, especially that of Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA), he (S) got 124 Islamic workers from Makkah as listed by Ibne Hisham in his Seerah (S) and through the magnificent Dawah efforts of Musaa'b bin Umair (RA) 63 from the tribes of Aus and 173 from Khazraj of Madinah. Out of this total strength that he (S) gathered together in the first 15 years of his Prophethood, he (S) mustered 310 in the Battle of Badr and prayed to Allah: O Allah! Your promised help must come, if not, You will not be worshipped ["La Tabud"]

Thus, he (S) built his team of devoted, dedicated and committed brothers and sisters whose immense sacrifice of time, talents, life and resources paved the way towards establishing the Deen of Allah. This team provided the Caliphs, the Generals, the Jurists, the Governors, the Administrators, the foot solders and all that the Islamic State needed to fulfill its obligations efficiently and effectively.

* Land: Rasulullah (S) was constantly in search of land to establish the Deen of Allah and make it the HQ of the Islamic Movement. He (S) first sent his 74 most talented Sahabah to migrate to Ethiopia with a letter to its Emperor. He became Muslim and permitted the Muslims to live in peace but to the nasty game played by Quraish, the courtyard peoples opposed it. Later on, after the death of Abu Talib and Khadijah (RA) in the tenth year of Prophethood Rasulullah (S) himself went to Taif with Zaid bin Harith (RA) in his company. But due to the opposition of the tribal chiefs of Taif, mission could not succeed and he (S) returned to Makkah under the protection of an idolater Mutam bin Adi. Later on, Allah (SWT) prepared the ground in Madinah after the Second Aqabah Pledge in 622 AC. Muslim migrated to Madinah which became the HQ of the Islamic Movement and that of the Islamic State.

However, the Quraish did not like the concentration of Muslims in Madinah. They attacked the City state of Madinah time and again. Battle of Badr took place, then Uhud followed by Trenches. Quraish could not defeat the Muslims. Rasulullah (S) went for Umrah next year and the Treaty of Hudaibiyah took place in the sixth of Hijra offering a peace for ten tears. However, Quraish could not hold the treaty and violated the terms. Rasulullah (S) attacked Makkah in the eight year and conquered it very peacefully for Islam. Taif also was annexed in the same year. In ninth year Delegates from all parts of Arabian Peninsula came to Madinah and entered into the fold of Islam in multitudes. By the tenth year Islam became dominant through out the Arabian Peninsula and Rasulullah (S) invited the rulers of his contemporary world to the fold of Allah and the initial skirmishes started occurring both against Iran and Roman Empires in the last two years of his (S) Prophethood.

The domination of Islamic Civilization and culture continued for about 1200 years afterwards and the last Khilafah of the Ottoman dynasty was terminated by Mustapha Kamal Pasha of Turkey in March 1923. However, the perfect model of Rasulullah (S) in all respects is before us, challenging us to follow it meticulously to get the desired results in the context of modern world but the Ummah, unfortunately, is not following it in its totally but shopping here and there, especially in the context of Dawah Ilallah. As such, they could not succeed in establishing the desired Islamic State any where in this world.


Now we have the Guidance intact in its most original form and 57 Muslim countries where Muslims are in Majority but not the trustworthy leadership and the Team of Da'ees on the pattern Rasulullah (S) built his (S) team of Da'ees to manage, control and run the affairs of Muslim Ummah. Since the time the Khilafah was terminated, Islamic Movements in Muslim world surfaced in the twenties and the thirties of the last century. They have the vision and the program to re-establish the Khilafah and the Islamic state but are bogged down with innumerable national and community problems of the time of colonial era and the legacies of foreign rules. As such, they could not succeed in accomplishing their goal due to constant interference of secular foreign powers in their internal affairs and the ruthless behavior of local autocratic/despotic rulers of the Muslim world. In consequence, they are withering away and gradually drifting away from their goal as so for they could not build the team of trustworthy leadership and that of Da'ees in proportion, 2 - 3 % to their national population any where in the Muslim world. Equally, they could not so for reach to the grass root level of their respective countries.

They have the program, the agenda but not the trustworthy leadership to attain it as the priority # one as was that of Rasulullah (S). He (S) achieved his (S) Goal of Iqamatuddeen within 23 years in spite of extraordinary opposition both from inside and outside the Arabian Peninsula. Islamic Movements will have to assess their whole sole efforts, re-set their priorities, re-arrange their strategies and evaluate the quantum of their efforts as to whether it is sustained or erratic or lopsided?

Alhamdulillah, we have the most perfect model of Dawah Ilallah, the most inspiring character of Rasulullah (S) and the most accomplished Da'ee that the human society could ever produced to follow his (S) footprints in the field of Dawah. The Islamic Movements of our time have to build Islamic leadership on the lines our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S) did in old Jahiliyah. The nature of modern Jahiliyah and its chemistry are the same as that of old one was. Only it needs a will and the hands that could hurl the Haq over the head of Batil and crush it and Batil is there to go. The Islamic Movements are only to produce those trustworthy hands, the leadership that could hurl the Haq over the head of the Batil and crush it as Allah commands in Verse # 18 of Surah Al-Ambiyah: "Nay. But We hurl the Truth against the false and it does breaks its head and lo! It vanishes." Will they all take care of it and reap the harvest that is completely ripped to fall at their feet?

Can our Islamic Movements undertake it as their fastest mission now onward and get this onerous job perfected soonest, lets it becomes too late?

Shamim Siddiqi,
January, 31, 2011

2011-02-08 Tue 18:47:49 cst