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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Mohurram 27, 1432 /January 3, 2011 # 1

Historic General Strike: On December 31, 2010 Pakistan, from Peshawar to Karachi, from Lahore to Quetta, stood up for the honor of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, following attempts by the US-backed regime to repeal or amend the anti-Blasphemy law. History has never seen anything like this total strike. Here is the voice of the masses.

Jamaate Islami, led by Syed Munawar Hasan, played a key role along with the entire Islamic leadership of Pakistan. For a summary, please scroll way down.

In memory of President Saddam Hussain. He went to Allah with the kalima on his lips. He faced the sham trial with the Qur'an in his hands. No Arab ruler comes near to him in honor or courage. An ISNA man, Zaid Shakir, insulted the martyr. To apologize to Iraq on behalf of U.S. Muslims, we publish Br. Kurdi's tribute, though we may not agree with all of it. Scroll to end.

Great article! (Saddam never allowed anyone to insult the Prophet, pbuh, or the Sahaba, r.a.)
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The Transformational Message of Islam in Mathematical context

" colleagues said: "Our students are not ready." I said: "Give me your very worst ones, and I will show you they can be taught."

From the biographical notes of Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz [ ] , Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, and philosopher of Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Many a Ph.D emerged from among his students.

Five daily prayers can change you if ...

Read Al-Fateha and its Significance, by Br. Shamim Siddiqui, a leading da'ee of Islam in America. Al-Fateha is recited in every rakat of the five daily prayers and needs to be understood for our lives to be changed. What is the connection of this comprehensive du'a with the Qur'an in its entirety? What is so deep in it that Hadith makes it required in every rakat?

Write to us. JAM will send a free copy to the first 10 requests.

Thoughts from Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina

Spotlight #1: The American contagion of separate churches based on race is spreading among Muslims. They want separate mosques for Sudanese, Somalis, Nigerians, Pakistanis, etc. God forbid, they are even moving towards separate mosques for each political group in Sudan. The Qur'an teaches that the believers are but one brotherhood, and there is no Islamic precedent for such behavior.

Spotlight #2: Do not listen to those who are justifying the free mixing of men and women. However well spoken and persuasive these persons might be, remember that free mixing cannot be justified in Islam. The decorum and life style of Islam does not permit it.

Spotlight #3: We have only one life and it is short. Do not waste it in trivial and shallow behavior. The other life is better and lasting. Deeds will matter there, not wealth nor pleasure.

Spotlight #4: Just because the history of a group was grand and full of righteous deeds does not justify that group's indulgence in illegitimate activities today. Fatah and Ikhwan should not mislead their members by focusing on the past. Today is what counts in the ongoing struggle.

Spotlight #5: Tunisia, Tunisia, Tunisia! The people are crying out against one of the worst regimes in the world. The masses are being crushed even as they appeal for justice, for jobs, for a voice in decisions. Islam is being trodden underfoot by this shameful tyranny. Islamic dress (hijab) is denied to our sisters in Tunisia. Please pay attention! It is a pariah regime and should be treated as a pariah.

Jerusalem under new Jewish attack

Erdogan: Temple Mount Will Always be Islamic

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan denied Jewish connections to the Temple Mount, Rachels Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs. It may seem like a moot point, but the statement comes after the government moved to include all of the sites in a list of Jewish heritage points. Erdogan's speal is available on youtube.


Latest Boycott Effort Against pro-Israel Businesses

At a masjid in the White Marsh area, northeast of Baltimore, Maryland, on December 31, 2010, Jamaat al-Muslimeen distributed Sis. Karen's latest letter to Muslims to boycott businesses which support Israel. The letter was printed in color and was given to 75 people, mostly of Pakistani and Arab origin.

The letter brought out the fact that Nestle, which produces bottled water, evaporated milk and many other items is openly and defiantly invested in Israel. Hence Muslims and their supporters are urged to boycott Nestle. Coca Cola, Calvin Klein and Disney are similarly subjects of the boycot.

A brother from Guyana who had listened to Br. Kaukab's khutbas in Masjid al-Madinah (west of Baltimore) was extremely supportive and said: "I love you."

An elderly Pakistani brother, with a flowing white beard, said: "The Saudi princes are helping the Jews in New York in the Ground Zero Obama plan." JAM rep told him that we have to begin where we are.

The literature distribution had a particular impact because it was accompanied by chants of: "Don't give your money to the yahood." "Your money may be helping the enemies of Islam."


Heber Brown's Christmas Sermon
Jesus, pbuh, was with the Poor, the Oppressed, the Downtrodden

On December 24, Jamaat al-Muslimeen representatives listened to a Christmas sermon given at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland. The preacher was Heber Brown III, an eloquent and devout follower of Jesus, peace be on him.

There were no decorative lights and no images of Jesus, pbuh. The Cross too was very different, more an image of hope than of blood.

Heber Brown spoke with extraordinary spiritual power about the birth of Jesus, pbuh, among the poor and the focus of his mission on breaking the chains of human bondage and ending human misery. He connected the mission of Jesus, pbuh, with the struggle of America's people against the prison system, drugs and crime.

After the sermon, Jamaat representatives met Pastor Brown and thanked him for his efforts.

What Future for the Muslims of America?
Effective Advice and Practical Program

By Kaukab Siddique, PhD

The situation for the Muslims of America is dismal on January 1 and its their own fault. We (the Muslim elites) are habituated to look at and seek guidance from the power structure, and when we look at it, we are horrified. Our communities are heavily infiltrated by government-related Muslim cliques which help the power structure to subjugate, humiliate and terrorize the Muslims. The condition to which US Muslims have been reduced can be gauged from the incident in which, with the help of CAIR, five young American Muslims were handed over to Pakistani police via the FBI. The parents of the five were so terrified that they would not issue a statement in favor of their own children.

Islamophobia or Ignorance?

The habit of looking at rulers for their approval cuts many Muslims off from the reality of America. In a population of 300 million plus 12 million "undocumented" persons, the number of serious attacks against Muslims and mosques has been negligible. Consider the daily propaganda against Islam and Muslims: It's been a total failure. There is no such thing as Islamophobia. A few thousand extremists, often tutored and led on, certainly do not constitute an anti-Islamic wave.

America is not afraid of Islam as a religion.

Most Americans do not know Islam. Most react positively when they find that Muslims do not hate Christians or Jews and that war results from the projection of American power overseas and support for Israel, not from Muslim hatred of America.

Million Dollar Mosques not Needed

In Boston, New York and Nashville there has been opposition to the building of mosques which are bigger than most churches. These mosques have nothing to offer to the people of America. These are like suburban clubs where rich Muslims congregate to congratulate each other on their "luck" in living the American dream. When non-Muslims oppose these spiritually dead mosques, the Muslim elites start claiming prejudice and "Islamophobia."

Conversions to Islam are dropping

The populations from which most conversions to Islam occur are African-Americans, Latinos and women. Increasingly these groups see Muslims as cowards and lackeys of the power structure. African Americans who saw Islam as the religion of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik Shabazz) are joining leftist groups. W.D. Muhammad, in the last 30 years of his life, dealt a deadly blow to Islam by openly working for the State Department and restricting his sympathies to the victims of 9.11 Islamic attacks. Hispanics are still converting but they see the contempt rich Muslims, who control fancy mosques, have for poor Mexicans.

Women see that Muslim women are not included in decision making processes. CAIR supported a TV program whose chief (allegedly) beheaded his own wife and was not condemned by CAIR.

Muslims are seen as cowards. The masses see rich Muslims befriending and/or drawing near to the worst enemies of the American and Muslim people, the Zionist Jews, the activist Rabbis. ISNA's president has visited more synagogues than some Jews have. Now he is urging Muslims to buy into the Jewish holocaust story. Even during the genocide in Gaza, these Muslim cliques were silent, but after the genocide, sensing the general outrage, they started collecting funds for Gaza!

W.D. Muhammad was not the only leader working for the State Department, ICNA's president Zahid Bukhari not only became part of the State Department's overseas program but proudly placed his links to the government on his own resume.

CAIR, ISNA and ICNA have admitted that they have been in bed with the FBI for more than a decade. They are seen as agents. They have made Islam look really bad, in particular because they look like Muslims (beards, hijabs) and they pray and fast and yet are traitors to the ideals of Islam and humanity. They live and teach a dissected form of Islam.

Can Islam be practiced in America?

If Islam simply means praying and fasting and wearing Muslim garb, then America has no problem with it. However, even those aspects of Islam which the British imperialists did not oppose in India cannot be practiced in America:

What Should US Muslims Do?

  1. The duty of hijra has been ignored by US Muslims. It is difficult. We have become so used to a comfortable life in America that we do not even consider hijra. In certain circumstances, hijra is required in Islam.

  2. Follow leaders who have proven that they will not sell out, such as Imam Jamil al-Amin, Imam Muhammad al-'Asi, Imam Badi Ali and Imam Musa.

  3. Call Christians to Jesus, pbuh, so that they stop the wars and extremism of the right wing. This does not mean "interfaith" conferences. Islam and Christianity are separate and distinct religions. The internal Christian process of change towards peace should be helped.

  4. Shar'ia: Those Muslims who find hijra impossible should work for the implementation of Shari'a for US Muslims. If nine million Muslims stand up, using peaceful means, for Shar'ia, we'll have Shar'ia.

  5. Da'wah. Calling the people of America to Islam. The writings of Br. Shamim Siddiqui and the efforts of Imam Badi Ali are important. Without Da'wah, neither hijra nor Shar'ia can become real.

  6. We must resist peacefully and within the limits of the law. Violence provides American power the opportunity to terrorize Muslims through its 'Muslim' organizations. Do not be violent, ever. Remember Bilal, r.a., and Summayya, r.a.. (The latter spat in the oppressor's face.)

  7. Remain peaceful but do not ever cooperate with the oppressors and the Zionists.

Lincoln University Radio: Issues of Holocaust Denial and Israel
Lincoln Students Question Dr. Siddique: Point by Point Answers

With thanks to Br. Richard, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Omaha, Nebraska

Massive attacks on Dr. Kaukab Siddique which originated in Israel and were fanned by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) spread across the country. Lincoln University radio interviewed Dr. Siddique and two of Lincoln's best journalists asked Dr. Siddique blunt questions about the attacks.

The audio is now available (in 7 segments of 5 minutes each, total listening time 35 minutes). It's worth a listen, and is a rare look at these topics:

  1. Education and the methodology of honest pedagogy.
  2. Israel's legitimacy and Biblical claims.
  3. Terrorism
  4. Hamas and Hizbullah
  5. Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman ("The Blind Sheikh") and Dr. Aafia.
  6. Racist groups trying to undermine Lincoln University.

First anniversary of a Grave Injustice

Atlanta: Oppression of Muslims in America
Shameful Sentences handed to Bangladeshi Youths on Bogus Charges and "Thought Crimes": Shifa Sadequee gets 17 years, Haris Ahmed 13

December 14, 2009: America's Zionist power structure did it again. Two innocent Bangladeshi Muslims were given long sentences for having done nothing other than "thinking bad things about America" and mentally supporting the mujahideen who attacked the Pentagon on 9.11.

Reports indicate that Shifa Sadequee's visit to Bangladesh for purposes of marriage was construed by the prosecutors as an attempt to contact "extremists" in Bangladesh. Also Sadequee, 23 years old, took pictures of tourism related buildings in Washington, DC. This was interpreted by the zionist prosecutor as part of a plan to blow up those buildings!

Comment: O vey Moshe! This is what Obama's regime does to Muslims. After all the door keeper to the White House is Rahm Emmanuel, an Israeli terrorist.

Alhamdulllah, the Muslim community of Atlanta was not fooled by the Zionist propaganda. The court room was packed with Muslims in support of the two victims of American justice.
By the way, Sadequee did THINK that America is being controlled by DAJJAL (the Anti-Christ). That kind of thinking is going to keep him in prison for SEVENTEEN years. As an observer said, that is not justice, it is the master saying JUST US.

Comment: Hitler, whom the Jews impugn, did not give anyone 17 years for incorrect thoughts. This is barbarism, based on the idea that America is a superpower, or that perhaps America is god himself ! Astaghfirullah.

What happened at the end of this bogus trial exemplifying America's tyranny and racism should be written in the history of Islam, in particular in Bangladesh:

"At his sentencing, Sadequee gave a lengthy statement in which he quoted passages, often in melodic chants, from the Quran in Arabic. Sadequee said his intent was to 'bring the message of God and his greatness and his wisdom and his purpose.'

'I submit to no one's authority but the authority of God,' said Sadequee, who refused three requests from [Judge] Duffey to stand when being sentenced. Sadequee also said passages from the Quran called for him to surrender to God's will, which he said included bloodshed and, if necessary, jihad.

If what he said made it worse for him in regards to his ultimate sentence, Sadequee told Duffey, 'it doesn't matter to me.' " (From the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution, December 14, 2010)


Br. Siddique, May Allah be with you against Zionists and White Supremacists

As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. May this message reach you in the best of Iman.

My dear, brother Just know that Allah is the Almighty and what ever He wishes will take place and what ever He does not will not, He is the Exalted, The Mighty and the Powerful over all things. We know your struggle in many ways our duaas are wth you and your family.

May Allah subhaanAllah protect you and your family from all the evils of this world and May He keep you strong in your work to spread the truth. Ameen


Nadia Auxila McIntosh

Editor's note: Sis. Nadia should be applauded for quietly and tirelessly working for homeless women and the needy in Baltimore. Her organization, Almumtahinah, is always open to volunteers and donations.

To contact Almumtahinah:

Women Affairs of Almumtahinah Home, Inc

P.O. Box 1462
Baltimore, MD 21203
(443) 965-0555

To learn more about Sr. Nadia Auxila's work:


Historic General Strike:
Islamic Response to Western Moves against the honor of Muhammad, pbuh, the Global Leader of the Ummah

From our Pakistan observers

On December 31, 2010, the entire country of Pakistan closed down to protest U.S.-backed attempts to end the anti-Blasphemy law which makes it a felony to abuse or dishonor the Prophet, pbuh. Most people arrested under the law are Muslims or Qadianis, but whenever a Christian is arrested, there is a hue and cry in the West to repeal the law which defends the honor of Muhammad, pbuh. (No one has ever actually been punished under the law.)

Secularists within the power structure, like Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Sherry Rahman (the late Benazir Bhutto's closest friend) were active in formulating a repeal which would have made Muhammmad (pbuh) like any other person who can be insulted by anyone at random. Secularists know that Pakistan's foundation is the love and honor of the Prophet (pbuh). They want to do to him what the Jews have done to Jesus (pbuh) in America.

Every city saw rallies in support of Muhammad's honor, peace be on him. National leaders like Syed Munawar Hasan (Jamaate Islami), Hafize Muhammad Saeed (Jamat ud Dawa), Abul Khair Zubair (Jamiatul Ulama Pakistan) and Maulana Fazlur Rahman (Jamiatul Ulema-e-Islam) addressed large crowds.

Every business, big or small, was closed down. Transportation was at near zero.

Some idea of the public's support for the General Strike emerges in Karachi. Here Jamaate Islami held rallies outside 50 mosques. Groups of youths carried placards saying:

"We will accept death to defend the honor of the Messenger, pbuh."

At a rally in North Nazimabad, Masjid Farooqe Azam, speakers demanded that Salman Taseer, Sherry Rahman and Asma Jehangir be arrested. Effigies of the three notorious secularists were burned in a number of cities.

In numerous cities, demonstrators chanted slogans similar to this:

"hurmate rasool pur jan bhi qurban hay: Gustakhane rasool ki aik saza, sur tun say juda."

(May my life be sacrificed for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh. The one punishment for those who insult the Prophet: Let them be beheaded.)

The leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan summed it up: "If the rulers dare to change the anti-blasphemy law, we will smash the government into little bits and pieces."

In a show of solidarity, he was speaking at Jamaate Islami's office in Karachi.

Conflict in Ivory Coast: What the Media won't tell you

With thanks to Br. Abdul Jabbar (Hizb-ut-Tahrir) & (UK)

Question: What is going on in the Ivory Coast? The second presidential elections were held on 28th November, 2010 and the Constitutional Council which supports the incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo declared him elected with 51.45% votes, while the Election Commission declared his rival Hassan Ouattara to be winner with 54.10% votes. The United States, the United Nations and the UN Security Council have meanwhile acknowledged the results declared by the Election Commission and Hassan Ouattara as the winner. President Laurent Gbagbo has rejected this and regards himself as the winner as declared by the Constitutional Council and insists on remaining in authority.

The armed forces have supported him. Is this electoral rivalry tribal in origin or religious? Or is it political rivalry, if so which are the parties involved? And what solution is to be expected in this electoral crisis?

Answer: In response to these, we would present the following facts:

1: It is a well-known fact that France entered the Ivory Coast in 1843 and declared it to be a French protectorate. However the Muslims resisted and defeated the French and announced the formation of an Islamic emirate which implemented the Islamic Shari'ah. But the French were eventually able to occupy it and enforced their control on Ivory Coast with the help of certain tribes in neighboring countries and eventually declared it to be a French colony in 1893. Then in 1960 they gave nominal independence to Ivory Coast on the same lines that many other African states were granted nominal independence by Charles de Gaulle's France which was owing to the international situation prevalent in those days. Ivory Coast then came to be ruled by a French puppet Hofouet Bogny who ruled until his death in 1993 during which he relied directly on the French forces and divided the country in deference to the French wishes as follows:

Deprived and marginalized Muslims worked on Cocoa farms in poverty and exposed to severe persecution and injustice in the north even though they constituted some 65% of the population of Ivory Coast, though the Western figures puts their percentage at about 40% or even less owing to their well-known policy.

The well-placed pagans who were well supported in the south so as to prevent the spread of Islam among the pagans and were induced to convert to Christianity. They include heads of the state as well as the commanders of the armed forces.

2: The Ivory Coast is Cocoa rich and contributes to some 40% of the world's production which is mostly done by French companies. In addition to cocoa, certain other minerals like copper, diamonds, cobalt and uranium are found and are mostly exploited by the French. Even the financial establishments in Ivory Coast are overwhelmingly controlled by the French. The Ivory Coast regime is linked to France by the rulers and so are its economy and its security which continues to include some 900 men who protect the regime as well as the French investors whose numbers are between 15,000 and 20,000. The Ivory Coast is situated in the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic coast and is thus a strategic location surrounded by many African states which were once French colonies and remain under French influence. It is considered to be a Francophile stronghold where France imposed its language and culture and this is why it has been important to France in addition to its economic and strategic aspects.

3: The United States exerted efforts to salvage Ivory Coast from under the French influence and into its camp. Thus new events and disturbances came to the fore as a result of this clash. Ivory Coast witnessed a military coup in December, 1999 when the coup leader General Robert Guei promised elections which were actually held on 22nd October, 2000 and the French were able to hold on to the reigns of power through their agent Laurent Gbagbo despite the hostile American resources.

Despite this the American pressures did not ease but increased to levels that and the French became worried over the fall of Laurent Gbagbo in the next elections. Thus when his term ended in 2005, he postponed elections several times until they were at last held this year due to increased US pressures on him and his regime which was threatened with imposition of international isolation and sanctions. The first phase of the elections in October last while the second phase on 28th November, 2010.

4: The election results as declared by the Constitutional Council which backs the incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo, declared him to be the winner with 54.10% of votes, while the US, the UN and the UN Security Council recognized election results declared by the Election Commission which declared Hassan Ouattara as the winner. Laurent Gbagbo rejected this and considered himself to be the winner as declared by the Constitutional Council and insisted on him remaining in authority supported by the army.

The recognition of the Election Commission results by the US, the UN and the UNSC and the American pressure which still persist are meant to threaten and force Laurent Gbagbo to step down from power, and this implies that Gbagbo continues to follow anti-US policies and remains loyal to France.

5: As for Hassan Ouattara he was earlier a deputy head of the International Monetary Fund and was brought in by Hofouet Bogny as the prime minister in order to please the United States and meant to reduce US pressures which were considerable. France was aware of Hassan Ouattara's loyalties during his term at the IMF but was not worried as long he worked under the powerful and experienced French puppet Hofouet Bogny especially since this arrangement meant a reduction in US pressures.

However when Bogny died in 1993, the French were worried over its influence and the rise of the new star Hassan Ouattara who began to implement IMF policies in Ivory Coast. Therefore France brought in the parliament speaker Aimé Henri Konan Bédié as the interim president so as to bring in a law to bar Hassan Ouattara from the presidential electoral process and make himself as the president of Ivory Coast in 1995.

All these indicate that Hassan Ouattara remained loyal to the US ever since his IMF tenure which is why America backed him by recognising his victory as the legitimate president of Ivory Coast. America worked to form international public opinion on the issue and thus the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon supported him and the US was able to pass a resolution at the UNSC to this effect which was announced on 9th December, 2010 which recognised Hassan Ouattara as the president of the Ivory Coast by sounding a warning to Laurent Gbagbo which said: "The members of the Security Council condemn in the strong possible terms any effort to subvert the popular will of the people or undermine either the integrity of the electoral process or the free and fair elections in Ivory Coast."

The United States also made the African Union (OUA) to issue a resolution supporting the victory of Hassan Ouattara and continues to apply pressures and threats as well as temptations to make Laurent Gbagbo to step down and hand over power to Hassan Ouattara. This is why we saw the African Union move in this direction and declared on 9th December, 2010 that: "[it] suspends the Ivory Coast membership of the organisation until Laurent Gbagbo hands over power to Hassan Ouattara".

Similarly the West African regional economic group, ECOWAS demanded that Laurent Gbagbo steps down and hand over power to Hassan Ouattara which it recognises as the winner. Thus the US influenced international opinion and mobilised all international and regional institutions against Gbagbo and his regime causing disturbances in the country and threatening it with severe divisions and further sanction and global isolation. In addition to this, the US also offered incentives to Laurent Gbagbo and as the Reuters agency reported on 10th December, 2010 quoting a US official that"invite him to the White House to discuss how to advance democracy in the region, laying out a role he could play. But Obama also warned in the letter, whose receipt was confirmed to Washington by a senior Gbagbo government official, that he would support efforts to isolate Gbagbo and hold him to account if he refused to step down".

6: The American pressures, political maneuvers and threats accompanied by some inducements, which is generally known as the 'carrot and stick' policy were effective and decisive in that they generated an international opinion which has worried France and the European Union and they came to support election results declaring Hassan Ouattara as the presidential winner over his French and EU-supported rival and especially Britain called for power sharing on the Kenyan model under which Gbagbo would remain as the president with Hassan Ouattara serving as prime minister. France tried to play its military card with its forces present in the Ivory Coast and Ivorian armed forces themselves are strongly under French influence. So France tried to use this card as the pressure weapon to gain acceptance of power-sharing. Britain on its part moved in support of France through their African agents, it mobilized South Africa which in a statement issued by its external affairs ministry stated: "that Pretoria calls upon the rival leaders to restrain themselves for the sake of national reconciliation, and make unity as their absolute priority during this period". [BBC 09.12.2010].

Thus South Africa did not support Hassan Ouattara, instead it said that it is concerned about the unity of the country and calls for a solution which will ensure that Gbagbo remains in authority. The British also mobilised their agent Thabo Mbeki, the former South African President to find a solution and Mbeki nominally acted in the name of the African Union. After Mbeki's meeting with Hassan Ouattara which lasted for about half-an-hour, Ouattara addressed Mbeki and said: "I ask him [Mbeki] to demand that Laurent Gbagbo does not stick on to power". [AFP 06.12.2010].

This indicates that Mbeki is not working to make Gbagbo step down, rather he is working to keep him in power. This is further stressed by the statement issued by Mbeki himself after the meeting which said: "The situation is fraught with danger, and it is important that violence and return to war is avoided and a peaceful solution is found". [AFP 06.12.2010].

Which means that Mbeki is not concerned with Gbagbo's stepping down or Hassan Ouattara taking over as president as the US wants and insists, rather for Mbeki, avoiding violence and war which French influence will lead to, is important as well as finding a peaceful solution. This implies finding a reconciliation between Gbagbo and Hassan Ouattara. It has become evidently clear that Britain is working against American influence and not for pleasing France, rather Britain is aware that waning of French influence in Ivory Coast will result in building British influence in the country which will enable it [Britain] to strengthen its influence in the African continent. The British, during their period of colonisation in Africa have often cooperated with France in order to maintain their stronghold, and their cooperation was aimed at consolidating their influence in the region.

When the United States emerged on the scene and attacked against them in order to end their colonization, British-French cooperation increased so that they could withstand the situation. On the other hand, it is easier for Britain to exercise their influence in French-controlled areas as they did in many other countries in northern Africa, but it is not easy for them to compete with the US with enormous resources and immense opportunities, especially because the British are aware that America is working to totally eliminate their influence in their former colonies and strongholds.

7: Thus the electoral crisis in Ivory Coast is an aspect of the international rivalry between France and the United States. As for what is expected, the power sharing arrangement may well work if neither of the parties is able to achieve what it wants. But if one of the parties is in a position to have its way, or feels that it can have its way, then there is but a weak chance of reconciliation. For an observer of the events in Ivory Coast and the US-mobilised international opinion against Gbagbo, the United States as an unprecedented opportunity to not accept reconciliation and expect Gbagbo to step down with Hassan Ouattara taking over the reigns of power. This is at least expected in the foreseeable future, but reconciliation cannot be ruled out; indeed the US has the opportunity to get hold of an African country through the electoral process without any military coup. This situation provides the US with ways to openly gain loyalists and protect them simply because they would be seen as legitimate who came to power through popular mandate via the electoral process. Hence none would be in a position to blame and accuse the United States of colluding with dictatorial regimes if its agents were to come to power through military coup.

Thus what is expected is that the US will not ease pressures and threats against Gbagbo and even offer him inducements until he steps down. The US administration led by the Secretary of State and other officials have exerted all their strength on this issue even to the point of using weapons and internal killing. The US has its trump card in Ouattara and it backs him to the hilt in order that he comes to occupy the reigns of power in Ivory Coast. Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State stated: "We are in complete agreement that Hassan Ouattara is the legitimately elected president of the Ivory Coast and that he respects the election results". [BBC 03.12.2010].

It appears that America will succeed this time, however the US may reject the power sharing proposal which calls for Gbagbo to remain as the president and keep Hassan Ouattara as the prime minister, especially because the Gbagbo regime is known to be oppressive towards its people, though the oppressed ones are Muslims, and the US takes this oppression as the reason for its current attack to gain influence in Ivory Coast and eliminate French influence from here and the entire region. America has warned its people against traveling to Ivory Coast and has said in a statement issued by its State Department: "there is an increased probability of political unrest and potential violence". [AFP 03.12.2010]. It is as if the US is calling for such violence or has prepared for such eventuality should Gbagbo choose not to step down. This indicates America's insistence on gaining complete influence and wiping off French influence if France insists on power sharing.

8: Such is the situation in Ivory Coast which is regarded as an Islamic country with a Muslim majority and which remains the focus of an international conflict between the colonialists who are bent upon pilfering and stealing is resources. France insists on retaining an effective role in Ivory Coast and the US is keen to have total influence there. While the Ivory Coast is an Islamic country with a Muslim majority which was earlier under Islamic rule, it is imperative that its people remain in charge of its destiny without the colonialists kuffar's intervention.

It is another matter that the Muslims the world over have no one over them to take care of their affairs ever since the departure of the Khilafah from the world. The Ivory Coast like other Muslim countries awaits the establishment of the Khilafah State to liberate it from the strongholds of the kuffar colonialists and make it a part and province of the Khilafah State, this is not a tall order for Allah (swt).

5th Muharram al Haraam, 1432 A.H

11th December, 2010 C.E.

Bangladeshi Muslims Arrested in UK: Vague charges of "terrorism"

New Trend's Media Monitor notes that 9 Bangladeshi Muslims have been arrested by the British police on charges of terrorism. We must consider them innocent until they are proven guilty beyond a reason doubt. The British are notorious for their hatred of Islamic activists. Every now and then the Brits arrest Muslims and try to come up with some way of convicting them. (One person below does not have a Muslim name.)

BBC correspondent Jon Brain said the men had appeared before the court in groups.

Mohammed Moksudur Rahman Chowdhury, 20, of Stanliff House, Tower Hamlets, and Shah Mohammed Lutfar Rahman, 28, of St Bernard's Road, Newham, have been remanded in custody until 14 January.

The defendants from Stoke-on-Trent

Gurukanth Desai, 28, of Albert Street; Omar Sharif Latif, 26, of Neville Street, and Abdul Malik Miah, 24, of Ninian Park Road, all from Cardiff, have to appear at the Old Bailey on the same date.

Nazam Hussain, 25, of Grove Street; Usman Khan, 19, of Persia Walk; Mohibur Rahman, 26, of North Road, and Abul Bosher Mohammed Shahjahan, 26, of Burmarsh Walk, all from Stoke-on-Trent, were also remanded in custody.

Tribute to Saddam Hussein
On behalf of the Iraq-Palestine Committee

By Husayn Farajullah Zaki Al-Kurdi (Chicago)

Saddam Hussein was born April 28, 1937, in the town of Tikrit, north of Baghdad, Iraq. A son of Iraq's humble toiling people, he was an orphan at birth. He spent his early childhood in the home of his mother and his step-father, who was also his paternal uncle. As a child he was most sensitive to the plight of those who were deprived and suffering, traits which were to characterize his life and work until his martyrdom at the hands of his country's enemies in Baghdad on December 30th, 2006.
Saddam, whose name signifies one who steadfastly confronts evil, ran away from home at the age of 10 to obtain an education, an act which was contrary to the routine enforced on peasant lads under the British-sponsored monarchy which ruled Iraq at that time. He was encouraged and supported by his illustrious maternal uncle, Khairallah Tulfah, who had spent five years in prison as a result of anti-colonialist activities. Before him, Saddam's grandfather had fought the Turkish occupiers. Saddam traces his ancestry back to Ali Ibn Abi-Talib, the fourth Caliph of Islam whom the Shi'ites of Islam profess to venerate.

As a young man sensitive to oppressive conditions and yearning to serve his people, Saddam gravitated towards the Ba'ath movement and Party, which was and is the embodiment of Arab nationalism, interweaving the basic elements of freedom, Arab unity and socialism, features of genuine Arab liberation. He was to emerge as the foremost leader and active protagonist of Ba'athism and eventually to be recognized as the greatest of Arab heroes and martyrs.

Known as one of the most courageous and audacious of the Ba'athist youth, he enthusiastically volunteered to participate in the dangerous attempt to eliminate the crazed Abdul-Kareem Qassem, who had seized power in Iraq in 1958, when the decrepit British-leashed Hashemite monarchy had run its course. Wounded in the unsuccessful attempt to rid Iraq of its misleader, Saddam made a daring escape up the river and ultimately into exile in Egypt.

He returned to Iraq in the wake of the revolution in 1963 that overthrew Qassem after a number of mistaken and disastrous policies had revealed to the general populace the utter bankruptcy and hopeless failure of that regime. Unfortunately for the Iraqis, this revolution was aborted because of the efforts of corrupt and archaic self-serving political elements, led by such as Abdul-Salam 'Arif and his successor-brother. Saddam was subsequently captured and jailed along with many of his comrades and co-strugglers. His resolute conduct throughout this period garnered him renown and respect throughout Iraq as he lived up to his name as the determined opponent of corruption and mis-rule.

The third time proved to be the charm for the Iraqi revolution. During a two-week period from the 17th to the 30th of July, 1968, the Ba'ath achieved its goal of opening the path to freedom in Iraq. A 31-year old Saddam once again led from the front, as he always did. The initial seizure of power had to be augmented with the ouster of a couple of self-seeking politicians of the antiquated variety, who sought to ride the coat-tails of the Ba'ath-inspired people to attain political power for themselves. Saddam personally, and in a most elegant and efficient manner, saw to it that the opportunistic deadwood was ushered out of Baghdad and into exile. A general cleanup, initiated in 1963, re-commenced, and an assortment of ill-wishers including various reactionaries, royalists, politicians-for-hire, religious obscurantists and Communists were held in check as Iraq embarked on its great strides in the advancement of its people and of the Arab cause.

Aided by Saddam's indispensable leadership, Iraq became a modern, prosperous country with its people educated, literate, cultured and cared for. It assumed the forefront of the Arab Ba'ath struggle to unify the Arabs, break the shackles of foreign imperialist and Zionist domination and build a progressive, socialist society guided by principles of equity and justice. Oil proceeds were nationalized and utilized to serve the needs of the people. The Ba'ath reached out to Kurds, leftists and others in an effort to rehabilitate recalcitrant individuals and bring them into the fold of a prosperous and principled social system.

Inevitably, the imperialist and reactionary forces began concentrating their assaults on the Ba'ath and Iraq. They continued to cultivate the ephemeral Kurdish gangster mercenary factions and encourage the hide-bound fanatical forces that paraded under Islamic banners. The clerical fascists who took power over neighboring Iran in the name of Shi'ite Islam made it their top priority to subvert and defeat the Ba'ath, venturing to expand their newly-attained conquest of the Persian domain into Iraq and beyond. Iraq was forced to defend itself and the rest of the Arab nation that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the eastern frontiers of Mesopotamia. A long war that lasted eight years ensued, with much human and material devastation, until the designs of the Ayatollahs were thwarted. Saddam ranged around the frontlines of the war, leading from the front as usual.

Following this failed attempt at the destruction of Iraq and foray of conquest into the Arab nation, Imperialism turned to its Arab puppets to accomplish their objective. The Kuwaiti emirs, Gulf Statelet satraps, Saudi monarchy, Egyptian puppets and the Syrian renegade ruling clique were mobilized to effectuate the next phase of the ceaseless attack on Iraq. The consequence was the 1991 Gulf War after Iraq had liberated "Kuwait" (a fictional entity created and sustained by Anglo-American interests) the previous summer and re-absorbed it into Iraq. This happened after the "Kuwaitis" were caught stealing Iraqi oil and reneging on their financial responsibilities after Iraq stood up to the would-be Iranian conquerors.

The Gulf War and more than a decade of a sanctions embargo blockade that followed wreaked immense havoc on Iraq. More than one-and-a-half million perished as a direct result, mostly children and women. Through it all, Iraq with Saddam and the Ba'ath managed to struggle to live up to their ideals of a progressive, educated, just society.

At last, in March 2003, the imperialists, Zionists and Iranian reactionaries got together and mobilized their resources, assets and hirelings to wage what they conceived as a final and victorious war of conquest. Faced with overwhelming military force, Saddam organized the mobilization of the resistance to the occupation. He counseled the people to withdraw from Baghdad to prevent the destruction of that ancient and noble city. He personally fought the invaders at the airport, rocket-propelled grenade launcher in hand. He made a final appearance in the city on April 9th, as the US helicopters hovered overhead. He exhorted the crowds to be steadfast and assured them of their eventual victory. He crossed the river the next day and went about organizing the forces of the resistance, which continue to grow and wage the national war of liberation.

The occupation forces were to capture Saddam later in the year and to hold him for over three years, offering him lavish terms of safe exile into plush surroundings in exchange for his capitulation and renunciation of his unswerving dedication to Ba'athism and the Arab cause. He unhesitatingly rejected all of their blandishments as well as the tortures which were inflicted on his person. His sons Uday and Qusay, along with his 14-year-old grandson, were martyred fighting the occupiers; a barrage of bombs, missiles, rockets and bullets being fired at an apartment in Mosul being the instrument of their deaths. The televised display of their bodies only served to re-affirm the glorious nature of their cause.

The dignity with which Saddam conducted himself at his sham trials and up to the scene of his martyrdom was witnessed by all in the world who cared to notice. Those who bore witness could not help but be amazed at the fortitude and calm certitude he displayed. Many who had denigrated him out of ignorance or sectarian malice were jarred into revising their opinions and forced to acknowledge his pre-eminence among the many historical martyrs and heroes of Arab history.

In his final will, dated December 26th, 2006, Saddam called on the Iraqi people to "not harbor grudges and to know the real enemy who harmed Iraq's people," admonishing them to strive for unity, stating that "The enemies of your country, whether they be invaders or Persians, found that the ties and reasons of your unity prevented them from enslaving you." He urged the people to cultivate love, kindness and forbearance to each other and to be patient and persevering, working for the good of all. He concluded by saying, "To this I invite you as united people who are sincere and loving to themselves, their nation and humanity, and who are honest with others and with themselves."

Only now, after he has gone, have a great many Arabs and other people around the world begun to realize Saddam's true value and appreciate his unmatched stature as revolutionary leader and liberator, as a light to the Arab cause and an exemplar of goodness and rectitude in a troubled world. To those who appreciate and seek such ideals in practice, he will be ever-present and his memory most cherished.

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