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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 18, 1432/ September 27, 2010 # 38

Verse of the Week

"The life of this world is made to seem fair to those who disbelieve, and they mock those who believe, and those who guard (against evil) shall be above them on the day of resurrection; and Allah gives means of subsistence to whom He pleases without measure."

- Holy Qur'an, 2:212

Submitted by Sis. Abigail

Sis. Abigail recommends


What mainstream America does not know about Palestine.

Graphic images of Palestine under attack. Israeli helicopters methodically machine gunning Palestinian homes. Christian communities under attack by Israel. Palestinian children throwing stones at Israeli tanks.

A must watch.

For a complimentary copy of the DVD, email:

Abi_anthony [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jamaat al-Muslimeen, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

Outreach Theme: Unite Against Zionism

Peaceful Means to Spread Authentic Islam

From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina] National Shoora Leader.

From his Juma' Khutba on September 24, 2010

Spotlight # 1

Fasting can free us. It brings out the spirit in us and makes the body secondary.

Spotlight #2

Fasting gives us new habits, reduces the desire for comfort and with Allah's help, we can defeat MASS CULTURE which dominates America. While the world eats, we fast. We don't do what everyone else is doing.

Spotlight #3

Time is of the essence. Fasting teaches us to start and end the fast on time. Taqwa and Time are connected. Don't waste time

Spotlight #4

Why should we support Homaidan al-Turki, a Saudi brother, and other political prisoners? Unless we support the oppressed, we are ourselves mentally oppressed. Unless we are in support of the imprisoned, we are ourselves mentally imprisoned.

During the trial of Homaidan al-Turki, Islam in general and hijab in particular were attacked by the prosecution. Go to facebook: Justice for Homaidan al-Turki

Strange Islamic Resurgence in India

Hindu Poetess Sings of Islam as the Best Way: Recalls the Martyrdom Of Saddam

Lata Haya, a Hindu woman, is drawing huge crowds in India with her poetry. Her style is full of innocence, piety and reverence for Allah. In between her hymns about the beauty of Islam, she attacks the Hindu idols of Ram and Shiva. The poetry is devastating for Hinduism. Looks like she has accepted Islam but has not announced it formally yet.

In a separate poem, a view she shares with the mainstream of Islam, she honors President Saddam Hussain of Iraq, for his resistance and then for his martyrdom. The last line brings the house down and the huge audience cheers with unrestrained acclaim. Here it is in weak translation:

O Oppressor, if you are victorious for once, do not celebrate

For if Saddam is gone, [Osama bin] Laden is still there!

For Urdu language listeners, please go to youtube and enter Lata Haya. It's a treat. Here is the female version of Dr.Zakir Naik, just when major Indian Muslim groups had sold out.

The Changing Face of Europe

Germany Is Rapidly Becoming Muslim, Says Chancellor Merkel
Paul Williams -- Family Security Matters (Washington, DC)
Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germans have failed to grasp how Muslim immigration has transformed their country and will have to come to terms with more mosques than churches throughout the countryside, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily. "Our country is going to carry on changing, and integration is also a task for the society taking up the task of dealing with immigrants," Ms. Merkel told the daily newspaper. "For years we've been deceiving ourselves about this. Mosques, for example, are going to be a more prominent part of our cities than they were before."

Latest War News: Afghanistan

US Forces Launch Massive Assault near Kandahar

September 25, 2010. Nearly 8,000 of the elite US 101 Air Borne division launched a night offensive against the Islamic resistance in the Kandahar area. [By the end of Sept. 26, it appears that the Taliban have avoided the punch.]

Defeated British Forces Withdraw from Sangin area of Helmand

September 24: Elite British forces withdrew from the strategic Taliban area known as Sangin. [Observers say the British defeat comes owing to classic Islamic guerrilla warfare. The Taliban avoided ongoing small scale attacks every night for a year. The Brits were worn out, suffering from lack of sleep, and facing a few killed and wounded every week. Guerrilla warfare takes a long time to defeat the enemy but it works, as the Soviets learned.

Black Hawk Down: Special US Force Killed

September 23: In the rugged Zabul province, Taliban reportedly shot down a US Black hawk, killing 6 men of the elite 101s Air Borne and 3 of the Navy Seals. These two units are considered the best in the world. The US issued an immediate issued a denial that it was shot down, but the denial seems to be part of policy not fact because it was too early and there were no US or Karzai forces on the ground. There are indications that the force was planning a big in-and-out kill in the area.

Support for NATO from US Shi'ite Novelist Khalid Hosseini and Aga Khan

September 24: NPR broadcast an interview with the author of Kite Runner, Khalid Hosseini, who demonized the Taliban in his novel. Zionist media turned the novel and movie version into coast-to-coast propaganda against the Taliban, thus supporting US military action. He is in Kabul, allegedly to help refugees from the north. [Most fighting is in the South.]

Earlier, Aga Khan, spoke at a conference held in Kabul by Karzai, supposedly for development purposes. Aga Khan unreservedly supported the Karzai clique. [Several Ismaili enclaves, followers of Aga Khan, have been established in northern Aghanistan.]

Latest War News: Pakistan [2 items]

At Least 90 Civilians killed in 19 US Drone Attacks: 7 in the latest

September 26: Two US drone attacks in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan 7 alleged Taliban. This brings to 19 the number of drone attacks and the death toll to 90 in September. [AP.]

The victims of US attacks are described by the Paki regime as "militants," a code word for civilians who support the Taliban. The Paki media are now using the term "alleged militants" because it's not clear whether the civilians killed are supporters of the Taliban or simply farmers..

[For the word "Paki" see letter below.]

Dr. Aafia Sentenced to 86 years: Chance Missed to Befriend Pakistan

By Kaukab Siddique

September 23: Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a wreck of her original self after alleged torture and rape in US military custody, was sentenced to 86 years in prison. She never hurt anyone and was herself shot in her alleged attempt to escape. [86 years for non-violent crime!]

Even the Pakistani government appealed for mercy on Aafia. Pakistanis are still na´ve enough to believe that any Islamic person will be treated with justice and decency once he/she gets into the clutches of the "justice" system in Zionist America. They still can't believe that America is at war with Islam, the real Islam, that of Muhammad, pbuh.

Sis. Yvonne Ridley fought well in Dr. Aafia's support. Br. Mauri Saalakan was one among many who really stood out for his efforts. May Allah bless them!

As Jamaate Islami's rallies of September 24-25 showed in Karachi and Lahore, the tragedy of Aafia has gone beyond what really happened and why. Pakistanis see this 86 year sentence not only as injustice but as sacrilege. They are awaiting someone like Muhammad ibn Qasim to liberate Aafia from the Dahir of our times.

Latest War News: Tajikistan

Islamic Tajik Leader Launches Attack on Communist Military

September 20, 2010: Islamic forces struck a heavy blow at the Communist regime when they attacked a military convoy in the Rasht area [eastern Tajikistan]. The military convoy was wiped out. The government has admitted 23 troops killed and 60 wounded.

Reports indicate that Tajik Islamic leader, Abdollo, led the attack. Looks like he has returned from Afghanistan with Afghan, Pakistani and Chechen mujahidee to help the Tajik Muslims. (Tajik military was unable to trace the mujahideen till last reports, Sept. 26.)

National Islamic Shoora to Meet on November 6, 2010 inshallah

Why are the Muslims of USA reduced to Silence?

Stop the Exploitation of Women in America.

The Shoora Committee of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet, inshallah, to deal with the real issues facing the Muslims of America.

The Zionists are trying to define Islam for Muslims through the media. Regime-linked Muslim groups easily fall into the trap and start reacting to the Zionist agenda.

Many Muslims, leaders, scholars, activists, non-activists are in US prisons and have been, by and large, abandoned by the Muslims of America.

It is time to bring them back to the attention of the ummah.
and many others.

Why are Muslims of USA, 9 million strong, silenced about the occupation of Palestine?

While the dramas of Qur'an burning and Obama's $100 million NY mosque are enacted:
Our tools to change the situation in USA by peaceful means include:

Response of Arabs, Muslims, not Controlled by the Government:

Compare with ISNA

USPCN denounces FBI attacks on Palestinians, solidarity and antiwar activists

The US Palestinian Community Network denounces the FBI raids on anti-war, Palestine solidarity and Palestinian activists that took place in several U.S. cities on Friday, September 24. 2010. We are appalled at this gross violation of First Amendment Rights as well as the human and civil rights of social justice activists who speak for justice and peace for all our communities. We see this attack for what it is-an attempt at silencing opposition to U.S. wars in our homelands and our rights to express dissent at home. The movement for justice in/for Palestine in the United States will not be intimidated or silenced. We pledge our full support and our firm commitment to defend the targeted activists.

US Palestinian Community Network

palestineconference [dot] org

With thanks to Sis. Abigail

Dr. Siddique's Response to Christian Broadcasting Network [CBN] Reporter

Does Islam Permit Racism Against Jews

What did Jesus (pbuh) Say about the Jews and Why?

Israel is doing to Muslims what Slave Holders did to Africans

Recently, a CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) reporter asked Dr. Kaukab Siddique to answer questions regarding the email and video which was recently sent to the Lincoln University faculty by a right-winger. Below is Dr. Siddique's response to him.

Mr. Stakelbeck,

Thank you for contacting me in response to your viewing of the video of my speech at the Al-Quds Day rally. I appreciate that you chose to inquire about my views vs. irrationally jumping to harsh and slanderous judgments about me.

In your email, you asked: "How did you come to these views?" (regarding Israel), and stated you would like to give me the opportunity to respond to the charges that I am anti-Semitic. You also questioned me on how my views might conflict with my role as an Associate Professor at Lincoln University.

Although it's difficult to briefly discuss such deep and important issues, I will try to provide you with a brief and clear response.

First of all, it's important to understand that I am not speaking out against the Jewish people as a race. In my Al-Quds Day speech, and in all my writing and speaking, when I refer critically to the "Jews" I am referring to the current leadership of the 'state of Israel' and to their major supporters, not to the Jewish race as a whole. Most of my readers and listeners understand this; if it was taken to mean otherwise, then I offer my apologies to those I have offended. (I'm quite certain that it is this type of misunderstanding and/or miscommunication that has brought about the occasional charge of my being anti-Semitic).

I am not anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism by definition is: "hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group". I am certainly not hostile to, nor do I discriminate against the Jewish people because of their lineage. I am in no way a racist; my history, actions, my friends and my acquaintances can all testify to this fact; to the contrary, I have actually dedicated much of my life and efforts to fighting against racism because Islam teaches against racism and promotes only those who do good acts.

"O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is the one who the best in conduct and God conscious behavior. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)" Qur'an 49:13.

There is absolutely no place in a Muslim's life for racism and I am thankful to God that it has never dwelled in mine.

Secondly, I do not discriminate against those who follow the Jewish religion. One must not confuse my rebuke of a Jewish person's behavior with discrimination against the religion they claim to follow. I do not discriminate against Judaism at all...I do, however, thanks be to God, sternly speak-out against the current behavior of the Jews who are governing the "state of Israel" and all of the ones who support their current behaviors.

If speaking out against evil or wrong Jewish behavior was anti-Semitic, then Jesus(pbuh), all of his disciples, the Apostle Paul, and all the righteous men of the New Testament would be anti-Semitic, for they sternly spoke out against the Jews. But these men were not anti-Semitic, were they? They were righteous and holy men who were confronting evil and injustice, just as the Spirit from God led them to do. Did that make them anti-Semitic or did that make them obedient and in submission to the Almighty God? I believe it made them obedient and in submission to God. Their words to the Jews were often harsh and painful, but that did not make these men evil; it merely proved they opposed evil. There is a huge difference.

The entire bible is filled with stern warnings for the Jewish people; Jesus(pbuh) and the righteous men of the New Testament reserved their harshest words for the Jewish people. Jesus(pbuh) repeatedly calls the Jewish leaders "snakes" and "broods of vipers", and in John 8:44 he called them sons of the Devil. In Acts 7, Stephen called the Jews "stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears", saying the Jews have always resisted the Holy Spirit, and describes the Jews as being a people who, like their fathers, persecute God's prophets.

Were Jesus, Paul, Stephen, Peter, John, and all of the other followers of The Way (may peace and blessings be upon them all) anti-Semitic for saying harsh things about (and to) the Jews? Of course not. They did not hate the entire Jewish race because of the actions of the then-current Jewish leadership, nor do I hate the entire Jewish race because of the actions of the now-current Jewish leadership and their supporters. Those men hated the evil acts of the Jews, and it was this holy hatred that led them to boldly and courageously stand-up to the Jewish leadership, rebuking them in the name of God, and pointing out their evil deeds. They did this not only for the sake, love, and protection of the oppressed; they did it for the sake of the Jewish leadership's souls. They confronted them - often harshly - in an attempt to wake them up and lead them to repentance, and with the help of God, I will continue to do my best at doing the same.

So again, no I do not hate the Jewish people because of their Jewish lineage; I hate the actions of the current Jewish leadership.

The next questions would be, do I hate the Jewish people because of the Jewish religion?

The answer is absolutely not. I believe Moses(pbuh) was a messenger of God and brought the Truth from God. I certainly do not despise that Truth, nor do I despise those who believe in it.

But Mr. Stakelbeck, do the "Jews" who govern the "state of Israel" actually practice the religion as it is revealed in the Torah? No, they do not. A comparison of their actions to the Torah easily reveals this. So again, I do not disapprove of Judaism. I only disapprove of the actions of the so-called Jewish leadership.

This topic (of Judaism) however, raises an interesting question: Even if the Jews were actually practicing the religion revealed by Moses(pbuh), do you as a Christian (and I as one who agrees that Jesus(pbuh) was sent from God as their Messiah) believe that the practice of that religion would be acceptable and well-pleasing to God? Didn't God make this first (Old) Covenant "obsolete", as it states He did in Hebrews chapter 8? Doesn't Hebrews chapter 7 state that the 'former regulation' had been 'set aside because it was weak and useless'? And does it not state all throughout the New Testament that the Jews will not find salvation through any other path other than the narrow path revealed to them, and shown to them by Jesus(pbuh)? I believe the New Testament is extremely clear on this point. The fact is, is that the Jews have been called to the obedience of the New Covenant for the past 2,000 years and yet most of them have continued to reject God and have refused to even acknowledge that Jesus(pbuh) was sent by God.

It is one thing for a Jew to be in doubt about Jesus(pbuh), be confused about the truth, and yet be dedicated to obeying the beautiful laws revealed to them in the Torah; but it is quite another when they reject both the Torah and the New Testament and simply disobey the Laws of God as the current leadership is doing. Again, a comparison of their behavior to the basic laws of God proves they've rejected His authority.

So while I sternly believe that God rewards obedience, I also believe the Jews must become obedient to the laws God sent forth to them through Jesus, the Christ (pbuh) (or as a Muslim, to the laws sent forth through Muhammad(pbuh)), and the Jewish leadership clearly does not follow any of the religions revealed by God.

So the topic of whether or not obedience to the Old Covenant law (in lieu of the acceptance of Jesus(pbuh)) is honored by God or it is not, is not applicable to the current situation in Palestine because those who govern the 'state of Israel' do neither....they obey neither the laws of the Old, nor the New Covenant. These 'leaders' have devised their own set of ever-changing laws and have exalted these man-made laws to the highest level. They reward obedience to their laws, punish the violations of their laws, and set-aside the laws of God. These men are worldly, vicious, murderous, hate-filled, racist, greedy, quick to war, vindictive, unforgiving, unmerciful, lovers of the world, envious, slanderous, and filled with all sorts of evil.

So, is God well-pleased with them? I believe not. I believe all the ones that are truly a part of God's kingdom are displeased with them, but sadly many people are simply unaware of what is actually taking place at the hands of "Israel".

As for your question about whether my views conflict with my position at Lincoln University, I say No, I do not believe that my fight and speaking out against oppression, segregation, racism, murder, destruction, theft, greed, rape, and all of the other evils that are being committed by "Israel" conflicts with my position at Lincoln University. Moreover, and more importantly, I believe that my speaking out against these evils and speaking out on behalf of the oppressed actually conforms to the ideals and principles that founded Lincoln University, and thanks be to God, these ideals and principles still flow through the veins of the Lincoln University Administration and Faculty.

As you may know, Lincoln University was established in 1854 as the nation's first Historically Black College-University, and is nationally recognized for producing great African American leaders such as Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall and poet Langston Hughes.

Lincoln University has always served the segment of American society that has been victimized by the same type of "superior" attitude that currently reigns in the hearts and minds of the 'Israeli' leadership. The black community in America has experienced segregation, hatred, rape, murder, injustice, race-based wars and fighting, theft, discrimination, and many more of the evils that the Palestinians are currently experiencing, and African American's certainly remember whose hands committed these crimes against them....they remember it was a 'race' of people who firmly believed they were better than the black man, a race of people who thought God had exalted them above other races, and a race of people who thought they had been 'chosen' to be the leaders of society, and the African American community remembers what helped them get-out from underneath this type of oppression (and it wasn't quietness and meek submission to authority). Rather, it was bold rebellion coupled with reasonable speech (to the reasonable listeners); it was marching and shouting and demanding justice and impartiality that helped them to become free, and I firmly believe that quietness and gentleness will not set the Palestinians free either. Unfortunately when you are dealing with heavy-handed, hard-hearted, superior-minded people, if often takes a little more than quiet, reasonable talk to obtain justice.

While Lincoln University is in no way obligated to adopt and/or announce an official opinion about the current state of affairs in the Middle East, I do not believe they would oppose my speaking out on behalf of the oppressed (even if those oppressed reside somewhere other than America). Instead, I feel the University will continue to dedicate itself to the education and betterment of the historically oppressed society living within America, and continue to allow its Faculty Members the freedom to exercise the rights granted to them by the United States Constitution.

Mr. Stakelbeck, good luck to you in your Christian walk. I pray God guides you into all Truth, and keeps your eyes focused on the task given to you by Jesus(pbuh), and that He keeps your feet from slipping into the disobedience so many Christians have fallen into. I know you probably do not believe Islam is of God and you likely see Muslims as your enemy, but please don't allow your hatred for Islam and for Muslims cause you to stumble into the disobedience that so much of the Christian community has stumbled into. I am familiar with the calling and instructions that Jesus(pbuh) gave to those who want to carry his name, and it was a calling to pray for your enemies, and to pray for those who persecute you. It was not a calling to war; it was not a calling to seek vengeance against those who attack you; it was not a calling to judge those outside of your own church; and it certainly was not a calling to support the mass murder of a particular race of people at the hands of the Jews. Don't allow the rapid flow of society and the popular movements of mega-churches trap you into believing that Jesus(pbuh) would approve of these things within the Christian community when he clearly teaches otherwise.
May God hear the prayers of those who search for the truth, those who long for His righteousness, and those who struggle to achieve obedience, and may He hear the cries of those who are suffering throughout the world and firstly those who are suffering at the hands of those coming in His name and the names of His Prophets.

Best wishes to you, and thank you again for contacting me.
Kaukab Siddique, PhD

September 19, 2010


If you Consider US Oppressor why live here, earn and Pay Taxes?

["Yes, we have a new policy in place as of last year. Everything has to be approved by the board," he said, his slight Paki accent emerging. "We had to do this because we were getting a lot of complaints about literature which was unIslamic or anti-American. Law enforcement was also concerned."
"I see," I said. "Well, I can certainly understand you have a policy. Can you please look this over, and make sure it's not unIslamic," I proffered a copy of the NT to him.]

Dear Mr. Kaukab Siddiqui: I am glad you don't have Paki accent, good for you for speaking perfect English. However, your slurs against a Pakistani who is doing his job at masjid Rahma is uncalled for. What they have been doing is the right thing and according to Quran, see below, copied from your email. So, stop harassing them and stop distributing anti-American, pro-jihadi literature there; it is un-Islamic thing to do.
Do not interpret Quran and history in your own liking and do not mislead others to believe otherwise. Mohammad (PBUH) had treaty with Kuffar of the time and he made sure to abide by that. This is what Quran says clearly, no if or but, "but if they seek your aid in religion, it is your duty to help them, except against a people with whom ye have a treaty of mutual alliance. And (remember) Allah sees all that ye do."
Holy Qur'an 8:72
By the way, if you consider US oppressor then why are you residing here and taking advantage of its liberal laws? It is also hypocritical of you to criticize others when you are abiding by the "treaty" of being legal alien here. I am sure you are earning income and paying taxes (a form of treaty) since I see you proudly flaunt being some professor in some university in US.

-Ghazala Kazi, West Virginia

Editorial response: Your letter is being passed on to the writer of the comments you quoted.

Here are my comments.

New Trend supports peaceful resistance to oppression. We stay within the limits of the law, The US government is an oppressive power structure. Hence we urge Muslims not to become part of it. There is no treaty between any Islamic authority and the US government. In fact the US is militarily assaulting Islamic forces worldwide. Paying taxes, working here and obeying the laws does not indicate that we should obey the government's policies of support for Israel, its wars of aggression and its exploitative schemes globally. The earth, including America, belongs to Allah, not to any race or power structure. The mosque too belongs to Allah. It is not private property if it is a mosque. If the ruling clique in a mosque is linked to the enemies of Islam, we must try to warn the innocent Muslims who come to the mosque.

"Paki" is used as a term for people of Pakistani origin who violate Pakistan's honor by siding with western powers. We use "Pakistani" for people who are supporting Pakistan's ideological foundations. Remember that Pakistan is based on Islam. Those who violate Islam are, strictly speaking, not Pakistanis.

The word "jihadi" is a Zionist concoction. Those who fight in the way of Allah are called Mujahideen, not "jihadis."

Media Monitor

A Problem for Conspiracy Theorists

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri Issues Detailed Analysis of Nine Years Struggle against "Crusaders."

We are often told that al-Qaida does not exist, 9.11 was an "inside job" and tapes issued by the armed Islamic movement are fakes. This is going to be difficult for the conspiracy theorists. The number two leader of the armed Jihad movement has issued a detailed analysis of the nine years since the American attack on Afghanistan. The analysis has been posted on Pakistan lists. Ayman al-Zawahiri speaks in Arabic and his words are simultaneously translated into English.

He begins by condoling with the Pakistani people for the suffering caused by the floods, mentions the relief work done by the Islamic forces and bemoans the obstacle put by the Paki army in the way of much larger Islamic efforts for flood relief by the mujahideen.

Dr. Al-Zawahiri seems to be a top scholar of the Qur'an and Hadith and speaks without the hesitation of consulting notes. He condemns the Pakistani regime and the Pakistani army for their alliances with the West. He sees the attack on the Red Mosque as a pivotal point in Pakistan's history.

Over nine years, he says, the armed Islamic movement has brought fighters together from across the world purely for Allah's sake without taint of nationalism, race or ethnicity and with few resources and fewer weapons.

He debunks the claims of Palestinian puppets but he is best at the criticism of Egypt and ridicules the plans to replace the dying Hosni Mubarak either with Mubarak's son or with El-Baradei, the atomic energy man,

The message of Dr. al-Zawahiri is so detailed and so deeply anti-Zionist and anti-American that it certainly is not propaganda but scholarly passion.

Let's see how the Iranians prove this to be a fake tape.

2010-09-29 Wed 19:01:15 cdt