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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 5, 1432/ September 14, 2010 # 36

Verse of the Week:

"Those who believed, and adopted exile, and fought for the Faith, with their property and their persons, in the cause of Allah, as well as those who gave (them) asylum and aid,- these are (all) friends and protectors, one of another. As to those who believed but came not into exile, ye owe no duty of protection to them until they come into exile; but if they seek your aid in religion, it is your duty to help them, except against a people with whom ye have a treaty of mutual alliance. And (remember) Allah sees all that ye do."

Holy Qur'an 8:72

Submitted by Sis. Abigail

From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora Leader) North Carolina

Spotlight #1

The New York mosque/Ground Zero situation has clouded the real issues facing the Muslim world in America. Palestine is under occupation, Iraq is in shambles; Afghanistan is undergoing heavy fighting; Pakistan is flooded; Africa is in crisis and the American public is focused on the mosque at Ground Zero. The Imam of the Mosque is not an Imam and has no following...why is he being projected as an Imam when he works for the State Department. Islam is clear on such either serve Allah or opposing forces.

The entire disaster of the BP oil spill has been forgotten...what happened to all of the environmental issues? Muslims and the American public must learn not to be deceived by the media.


Literature given to 300 Muslims after Eid prayers in Masjid Rahma, Baltimore

On September 10, a record number of Muslims were reached by Jamaat al-Muslimeen. The following are some of the articles from New Trend which were given to 300 people mostly from Pakistan and India, with a sprinkling of African Americans, Arabs and Africans.
  1. Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and the Turning
  2. $267 Million a Day in Fighting the Taliban
  3. Non-Cooperation with Oppressors. Fasting is a Means to an end, not an end in itself
  4. Iraq: 150,000 minus 450 = 50,000 ?
  5. Latest Jamaate Islami Relief Effort News
  6. Not Really a Mosque. Not Really an Imam or Muslim. Long time FBI Collaborator. Obama's Political Acumen: He fooled Muslims and Provoked Fox TV "Rightists"

Eid Fun at ISB

By N. Siddique

On Eid morning, I was distributing New Trend at the ISB, located on Baltimore's West side. It is Baltimore's largest and possibly most "controlled" mosque. The mood of the mosque-goers was upbeat, and nearly everyone I approached took the NT (unlike some mosques, where worshippers run away from a sista trying to hand them of a copy of the anti-imperialist Islamic paper). I was more than halfway into the distribution when a balding gent in grey shalwar-kameez approached me. He was unremarkable in appearance, somewhat slender (lacking the characteristic middle class Paki pot belly), clean-shaven, and bespectacled.

"What is this, sister?" he asked rhetorically.

I gave him my standard, This-is-an-Islamic-paper, it-talks-about-the-issues-affecting-the-Muslim-world speal. I expected him to take the NT and walk away, but instead he faced me with a dark look on his face.

"You need permission to distribute anything here," he said.
"Really?" I breathed, surprised. "Is this something new? We have always distributed our newsletter here and it was never a problem."

What I told him was nothing short of the truth. Spineless mosque staffers had initially threatened to call the cops on the NT editor as he stood distributing the vanguard Islamic paper. He told them to go ahead, please do. After that, the mosque administration had stopped harassing him and other volunteers when they distributed the NT.

"Yes, we have a new policy in place as of last year. Everything has to be approved by the board," he said, his slight Paki accent emerging. "We had to do this because we were getting a lot of complaints about literature which was unIslamic or anti-American. Law enforcement was also concerned."

"I see," I said. "Well, I can certainly understand you have a policy. Can you please look this over, and make sure it's not unIslamic," I proffered a copy of the NT to him.

He said, "No, I can't. It has to go before the board."

"Well you're on the board, right?"

Yes, but this is not a dictatorship. I can't simply okay it without consulting the other members of the board."

"Well, what if there is no time to consult the other members of the board?" I asked. "This is the Eid prayer. Time is of the essence." I was getting irritated because people were walking by, without receiving information I thought invaluable, while Mr. Unremarkable waylaid me.

"This is the policy," he was adamant, as only a toady can be.

"Look I'm a visitor. I'm don't usually come here, and I wasn't aware of the new policy, because, as I said, in the past there was never any problem with distributing Islamic literature. I'm asking you to please check it, and okay it," I was clutching at straws.

"As I said it's not a dictatorship," he said.

"Okay, I understand you have a policy. Excuse me while I...." I headed toward the road, but it seemed to concern him that I was going to distribute the NTs even there.

"This is private property. You need permission to distribute anything here."

"The masjid belongs to Allah," I said.

"Let's not go there," he said.

"Why not go there?" I countered. "Do you see anyone else talking about these issues?" I indicated the NT articles on Afghanistan and Iraq. That is why I'm distributing this paper. No one else is talking about it." Despite the residual Ramadan sabr, exasperation was setting in.

"We do talk about the issues," he said. "I talk about the issues. In fact I'll be on NPR tonight, talking about anti-terrorism."

NPR. This joker was going to be on airwaves where independent-minded Muslim leaders were persona non grata. I relinquished all hope of him "permitting" a NT distribution.
"Really?" I feigned interest. "What's your name? I asked.
"I'm ---," he said proudly.

"I'll make it a point to listen. And I understand you have a policy. I won't be distributing anything on your property," I told him. "Thank you for standing up for Haq. I hope you do great on NPR tonight," I said, my voice heavy with sarcasm.

I'd been retreating toward the property line all the while, and he'd followed me, as if to intimidate, with the same dark look on his face. When I got to the road, I immediately resumed distribution of the NT, and he walked off, pretending to check the mailbox. I found that this was actually a much more effective vantage point from which to hand out papers, eliminating duplicate copies of the paper going to the same family, and in fact, conferring a degree of officiousness on the distributor, as I greeted the brothers and sisters just outside the mosque entrance. Nearly all the cars exiting the mosque took the NT, some of them honking their horns to get my attention if I missed them.

The interlude raised a number of issues:

1) The mosque administration seems more concerned with the sensitivities of law enforcement, than either the genocide being enacted upon the Muslim world, or, the interests of its congregation. Additionally, intrusion of law enforcement into mosques may violate the U.S.'s own laws mandating strict Separation of Church and State (or Mosque and State, in this case).

2) The mosque appears to forfeit First Amendment Freedoms in disallowing the distribution of items with the tenuous label of "anti-American" (ie, which dare question U.S. foreign policy). So, Muslims have fewer rights to speak out on issues at their own mosque than non-Muslim Americans who criticize U.S. foreign policy (whether at a religious institution or elsewhere). On the other hand, Madeleine Albright, instrumental in the mass extermination of Iraqi children, was infamously permitted to use this very mosque, the ISB, as a mouthpiece. Similarly, U.S. politicians are welcome to canvass there, and distribution of literature, such as that disseminated after Eid salat, entitled "Islam on Capitol Hill presents Jummah Prayer on Capitol Hill," is permitted. So, only pro-government views—and not others—may be heard at the mosque, a clear contradiction of democratic (and Muslim) ideals.

3) The extent of government control of this mosque is troubling. Surveillance cameras, reportedly supplied by DHS, are in place, on and around the property, ostensibly for the protection of the mosque. Exactly who has access to the surveillance garnered by the cameras is unclear. If the property is under surveillance, are the khutbas also approved, monitored, or otherwise scrutinized by the authorities, as, for example, under the Egyptian or Saudi dictatorships? If so, would this not constitute a clear violation of First Amendment freedoms?

America is Not at War with Islam?

158,538 Comments and Countless Sermons Prove Otherwise.

By Sis. Abigail [New Trend Research Associate]

By now, most everyone has heard about the Florida church who threatened to burn the Qur'ans on the anniversary of 9/11; this story has been broadcast by international media outlets on a daily basis for the past couple of weeks despite the hopes of the White House of keeping it quiet.

Why would the White House want to keep this story quiet? Was it because they knew it would cause the Muslim world to question America's character and opinions about Muslims?

Once the story became known internationally, what response did the strategist within the Obama administration come up with? Their main priority seemed to be to 'defuse' the reaction of the Muslim world so this revelation of American character would not have a negative impact on foreign relations with their much-needed Muslim allies.

Regarding President Obama's statement:

At a 9/11 memorial service at the Pentagon, the President said: "As Americans, we are not and never will be at war with Islam," They are not at war with Islam? Do their policies agree with that statement? Do their policies allow the practice and incorporation of Islamic values and laws into any society? No...their foreign and domestic policies actually work in opposition to certain aspects of Islamic law and forbid the practice of certain Islamic laws...people who study Islam and American policies know this basic fact.

Since we know that American policies work to remove certain aspects of Islamic law, and since we know that Islam is a whole religion which cannot be dissected (and still remain to be Islam), then how can anyone believe the U.S. is not at war with Islam?

The President's comments reminded me of a documented email conversation which I had with a woman last week about Islam; this woman, who has political influence in the U.S., has a very common American mentality about Islam; she said she and her organization did not oppose "the pious Muslims"...they were only opposed to the Muslims who support Shar'ia Law!
It is extremely important for the Muslim world to know that most U.S. politicians and even so-called "intellectual" Americans are under this spell of believing that there is an Islam without Shar'ia law and Islamic jurisprudence. These Americans say they know "faithful and pious Muslims" who do not believe in, nor support Shar'ia law and say these 'muslims' claim to practice the true Islam without the implementation of Shar'ia or Islamic jurisprudence ....these "muslims' describe an Islam that does not govern ones total life, and they describe an Islam that allows separation of church and state!

It is extremely important to realize this: It is this so-called "form" of Islam that the American leadership is not at war with!! It is this "form of Islam" (which is a dissected remnant of Islam) that America allows to be practiced! America does not allow the implementation of Islam in its entirety, but actually forbids it, and U.S. policies prove this.

Regarding General Petraeus statement:

Gen. David Petraeus said he is outraged by the pastor's decision to burn the Quran, which, he said, could "endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort here."

Please don't be deceived into thinking General Petraeus was defending the Qur'an or defending Muslims when he decided to intercede in this situation.

Why is he outraged? Is it because he thinks burning a Qur'an is wrong? No.

Is he outraged because burning a Qur'an hurts the feelings of millions of Muslims? No.

Listen to why he objected to the burnings: He says: "It puts our soldiers in jeopardy very likely," "And I think, in fact, images from such activity could very well be used by extremists here and around the world."

He did not object on a moral basis to burning the Qur'an; he only objected because he feared the reaction of the Muslim world would harm the American soldiers. He was merely worried about Americans being injured...not about Muslims. His intercession should not be viewed as a 'favor' to the Muslim world; it should be viewed as self-centered and self-serving.

Regarding Hillary Clinton's statement:

In a video interview, Hillary made several points that need to be addressed:

Mrs. Clinton said the media should not broadcast information about Quran burnings and the suppression of the story should be viewed "as an act of patriotism". Since when did suppression of the truth become righteous and patriotic? Why not acknowledge the truth and learn to deal with it appropriately? The US Government, despite its claims of having a 'free speech' and 'free media' society has always tried to stifle and hide the truth about the character of the American people and government, and this statement by Mrs. Clinton confirms it.

The White House knows that if the Muslim world knew the truth about how millions of Americans think and feel about Islam, many 'friendships' between the U.S. and Muslims leaders would cease to exist and this would have a destroying impact on America's foreign agenda.

Mrs. Clinton's statement led people to believe that the desire to burn the Quran were the desires of only a small church in Florida (having only 50 members) and said the churches actions "doesn't in anyway represent America, or Americans, or American government, or American Political or Religious leadership". Her statement is absurdly false, and there are numerous ways of proving that it is false.

  1. Regarding what she said about it not being the feelings and opinions of American Political leaders, I say this: American Politicians may not publicly criticize the one true Islam but their policies and actions prove their hatred and lack of love for true Muslims, and we should never believe their words more than their actions!

  2. Regarding what she said about it not being the feelings of the American religious leaders, I say this: That's absolutely not true, and it's easy to prove it's not true! American political leaders may disguise their true feelings about Islam from the public (and only speak the truth behind closed doors), but most American church leaders openly slander and denounce Islam during their time of "fellowship" with their congregation.

    These so-called Christian leaders do not hide their hate-filled feelings about Islam, in fact many of them are televised and most of them have independently produced video and audio recordings of their sermons that are easily obtainable by the general public for a small fee. There are literally thousands of these recorded sermons that prove what American Religious Leaders believe and teach about Islam, and they are certainly slanderous and negative.

    Many of these recorded sermons are sickening, painful, and abusive towards Muhammad (pbuh), and accuse him of the most despicable actions and teach that he was influenced by Satan instead of the Almighty God. Some of these recorded sermons slander and criticize Ismail (pbuh) and his descendants, and teach that Ismail and his descendents do not have a 'share' in the Kingdom of the Almighty and that they will be "at war" with the "chosen people" of God, (who they claim to be). I assure you these sermons exist, and they prove the bitterness, rage, and hatred that the Religious leaders in America have for Islam and they most certainly prove that hatred for Islam is not isolated to a small church in Florida, as Mrs. Clinton says, but is actually very common and wide-spread throughout this country.

    Once again, Mrs. Clinton is merely trying to "calm" the Muslim world with a distortion and a covering of the truth because the White House fears the U.S. foreign agenda will be disrupted by the truth.

  3. Regarding what Mrs. Clinton said about the Florida church not properly representing America or Americans, I say this: This is another distortion of truth. I assure you that the spirit that dwells inside of people and produces the type of evil exhibited at Abu Ghraib is not isolated to a few American soldiers, nor is the desire to burn Qur'ans isolated to 50 members of a Florida church. Bitterness and hatred towards Muslims most certainly dwells in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, and listening to uncensored average Americans will prove it.

    The statements were posted in response to an article that announced the Florida church had cancelled its plans to burn the Qur'an, and to an article that announced the deaths of 2 Afghans who were killed in the protests against the burning of the Qur'an.

    At the time of my writing this article (9/12/10 @ 10:40pm) there had been a total of 158,538 publicly posted comments in response to 2 very small articles regarding the Qur'an burnings. These comments were posted by average American citizens....the very people who vote politicians into office and the very people who influence U.S. foreign policies.
    Below are examples of the comments made by American citizens....these comments are vulgar and abusive and I have not censored them....they are displayed just as they were publicly posted by the American people who wrote them, and they prove that Mrs. Clinton was absolutely wrong when she said Americans do not harbor hatred for Muslims.
"the koran is nothing but a book of lies and all muslims are slime"

"we don't need the preacher to burn won't stop me from burning them"

"Im gonna burn a whole pile of the D-a-m-n things what ya gonna do?"

"he may have changed his plans, but in my city... the books will burn !!!"

"Islam is a primitive cult of murder and what it deserves is mockery and ridicule."

"Not only should EVERY TRUE AMERICAN burn EVERY Quran, but we should also, should we stumble across someone carrying or reading one...burn them to hell as well!"

"burning the quran is an act of humanity"

"I have to say that I find myself agreeing with Jones. Muslims are a bunch of hysterical sub-humans, and we ARE at war with Islam. Would that our "leaders" would see it as clearly."

"100 million American gun owners take out only 15 muslims each = no more muslims"

burn the quran, then nuke all muslimaniacs ~"

"Islam is a force for evil around the world"

problem solver burn the qoran and burn all muslims problem solved"


"Let's have a pork roast and use the koran for fuel"

"i just bought 10 qurans or korans whatever. the first one i used as toilet paper and the remaining 9 will be burned. burn all the qurans you can get your hands on. im gonna get 100 more for 9/11."

" First we need a President who will take on the Muslims,,,,once we get a President with a backbone, the Muslims will know we will fight them to keep our freedom and all Liberties."

" I burn every koran I have ever got my hands on and always will. Bet no muslim alive would confront me alone and bare handed, they are all cowards"

"Hell, I will go out and buy a koran and burn it myself! Screw the muslimes"

"NOTHING is worse than a muslim"

"Burned 4 of them, one for each plane.Splatter with pigs blood.Boil in lard.Ignite with golden grain.Poured stale beer and urine on the dyeing embers.Smelled alot like the woman in line at Walmart in the burka"

"Please don't burn it!!! Uriniate on it!!!"

"I burned the Quran to start my grill that I am cooking PORK on today. HA HA HA. FU Muslims."

"I ordered my Koran on Amazon ($3.99 used) but won't have it until monday. So I will just be a little late. Islam is not a religion it is a cult and not deserving of any religious rights."

"Muslims hate Truth, it shows Islams War Nature !!!"

"Why can't they just kill everyone in towel head world, then we will have world peace"

"muslems we will never forgive or forget 9/11 death to all muslems!"

Latest Zionist Attack on Academic Freedom Fails

+ Letter from an alumna of Lincoln University

Latest Zionist Attempt to Defame Dr. Kaukab Siddique and Suppress his right to Free Speech

A notorious Islam hater, Steve Emerson, on his web site, known for its dishonesty, tried to present Dr. Siddique speech on Palestine, on September 3 in Washington, as hate speech and incitement to violence. Emerson's attack was picked up by one Debra Burlingame and transmitted to Lincoln University professors. Here we present Ms. Burlingame's attack, followed by Dr. Siddique's response, concluding with comments from various professors and a letter to Lincoln from an alumna of Lincoln University.

From: burlingame
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2010 6:51 PM
Subject: Lincoln University Prof Engages in Hate Speech

Dear Lincoln University Faculty & Staff Members:
Last Friday, a hate-filled rally took place at Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. in which supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah engaged in dangerous exortations against Christians and Jews, and called for the destruction of Israel.
One of the most shocking diatibes against "kuffirs" (a crude word for non-Muslims) was delivered by Lincoln University Professor Kautab Siddiqi. He can be seen in a video posted with the article about the event by the Intestigative Project on Terroristm.
While free speech, especially political speech, is a cornerstone of American democracy, Professor Siddiqui's call for Muslims to "unite and rise up against this hydra-headed monster," urging them to "stand united to defeat, to destroy, to dismantle Israel" goes beyond the merely rhetorical. This is incitement to violence.
Is this the face of Lincoln University? We don't think so. Nor do we think that it is the face of all Muslims, the vast majority of which to do not condone violence aimed at non-Muslims.
Please join us, those who have lost loved ones at the hands of terrorists who targeted innocent civilians, and reject Professor Siddiqi's call to violence.
Debra Burlingame, Co-founder, 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America

Dr. Siddique's Reply: Yes, I did Speak Against Israel

Hamas and Hizbullah, elected representatives of their people, are not fighting USA

Dear colleagues

I was told by a student that someone has sent an abusive letter to the Lincoln community in an attempt to put an end to my constitutional right to free speech. The emailer knew that she was being dishonest and hence did not send me a copy of the letter.

The rally in Washington was against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, in particular the Israeli desecration of Jerusalem [al-Quds in Arabic]. It was not against America. It was not against the victims of 9.11. So, the emailer, Ms. Burlingame has been dishonest on more than one count. She conveniently forgot that Israel and USA are two distinct entities.

I was not an organizer or a main speaker at the rally, so to give me the credit for this popular expression of Muslim American viewpoints is another game Ms. Burlingame has played.

She writes that the rally expressed "dangerous exortations against Christians and Jews." [sic!] That's simply not true. There was not ONE word against Christians. In fact a Christian scholar, Charles Carlson, came all the way from Colorado to speak against Zionism. There were Jewish speakers there, from Code Pink, etc, speaking critically of Israel.

Zionism is an ideology of hate. That's what was criticized at the Washington rally.

Ms. Burligame mentions Hamas and Hizbullah. She does not mention that most of the banners were those of Palestine, not of Hamas or Hizbullah. She also failed to note that Hamas and Hizbullah are elected representatives of the people of Gaza and Lebanon [respectively]. They have not usurped anyone's land. In any case, their fight is against ISRAEL, not against America.

Yes, I did speak against Israel. Does Ms. Burlingame know that Israeli Jews have occupied Palestinian land by force of arms? Does she not know that under international law and Islamic law, the occupied have the right to resist and expel the occupiers?

The Palestinians have the same right to resist Israeli Jews as the Jews of Warsaw had to resist the Nazis.

I wonder if Ms. Burlingame knows that "rise up" is the accepted terminology of moral righteousness against oppressors and occupiers. It is not hate speech.

As if all that package of lies from Ms. Burlingame was not enough, she cut off my words "if possible by peaceful means" and to really make sure she would be effective, she censored both the beginning and the conclusion of my speech. [See the youtube link she has sent].

Ms. Burlingame tried a hatchet job. She must have been in a hurry because she got both my first name and my last name wrong.


Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Associate Professor of English & Mass Communication

Others Respond to the Zionist attack on Dr. Siddique's place of work:

A number of Lincoln University professors visited Dr. Siddique following his reply and assured him of their support. Others, both Black and White, wrote openly in his support. One veteran lady professor remarked in irritation: Who is this woman anyway? A very senior professor told Dr. Siddique: I could see that the attacking email was garbage and I deleted it.

From, Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, [] Endowed Chair and world famous mathematics professor now at Grambling university, Louisiana, who was famous at Lincoln for his professionalism and excellence, came this response to Dr. Siddique's letter:

"Asalamu alaiikum! Mumtaz, mumtaz!!! Clearly the devil is on the run. Truth has and is overcoming falsehood, and, indeed, lies and distortions are being exposed. There is no hiding place. The light is on. Thanks a million for your clarity and sharpness."

A number of scholars and teachers in various fields as well as students of Dr. Siddique wrote to the President of Lincoln University to protest the Zionist outrage. Here is the best letter from one of his former students:

Dear President Nelson:

I am, again, writing to you in response to another letter you have received from one of Dr. Kaukab Siddique's detractors. I have had the privilege of knowing him for nearly twenty years and have found him to be someone of the highest integrity and moral character.

Dr. Siddique is not a hate monger and has never espoused such speech. However, many of his detractors are pro-Israel supporters who believe that Israel has the right to exist on occupied land. It is common practice for these Zionists to purposely mislabel their opponents as anti-Semites or terrorists. This tactic would only be successful if people did not research the facts and see the misinformation for what it is, lies.

The September 3rd rally at DuPont Circle, in Washington, D.C., was an anti-oppression rally. It is every human being's right to stop oppression in its tracks by any means necessary, as El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) stated. Dr. Kaukab Siddique is continuing this legacy by speaking out against tyranny and human rights abuses.

If these Zionists are not hate mongers then, why are they trying to interfere with Dr. Kaukab Siddique's livelihood? Rather than simply voice their opposition to the views of anti-Zionists, they would rather seek them out to destroy them and their families. This is the typical destructive behavior of hate mongers!

These Zionists will continue to urge Lincoln University to discipline or terminate Dr. Siddique until he agrees with them that Palestinians are savages who deserve to live under Zionist occupation. That will never happen!

I only hope that your administration not only continues to respect Dr. Siddique's First Amendment right to free speech but, recognize it for what it really is: Support for those living and enduring human rights abuses by Zionist occupiers in Palestine.

Aisha [New York City]

Holocaust Stories originated before the "holocaust" allegedly happened.

Thomas Mann's War-Time Radio Speeches and the Genesis of the Mass Gassing Allegations
Thomas Kues - Inconvenient History

Courtesy codoh [dot] com

.. .. From 1940 to the end of the war Mann recorded a number of speeches in German which were sent to the BBC and broadcasted from London in order to reach German radio listeners .. .. As Mann proceeded to declare, the reports on mass killings of Jews were not simply "stories", but history in the making. This is highly ironic, considering that most of the supposedly authentic and reliable reports on mass killings relayed by Mann to his listeners have been quietly thrown down the memory hole. The speeches made by Mann during the war years are actually mythology in the making, and reading them gives us more insight into how and when the mass gassing allegations arose and provides us with leads to follow up in future research into this issue.

Threat to burn the Qur'an sparked worldwide anti-US response from Muslims.

Kashmiris Lead in Anti-Qur'an Burning Movement: 15 Martyrs

[Source RTT News]: On September 13, the curfew imposed by Indian forces in Indian-occupied Kashmir was broken by thousands of Kashmiri youths. Indian forces repeatedly opened fire on the unarmed Muslims killing 15 and wounding scores of others.

The demonstrators were protesting an American pastor's plan to burn the Qur'an. The angry crowds targeted a protestant a Christian missionary school and threw stones at police. At one point, youths took a truck and ran it over police, killing one.

Earlier, after Eid prayers, crowds of historic proportions gathered to condemn Indian occupation. The Indians then imposed an indefinite curfew which was broken on 9.13.

[Ed. Note: India is a close ally of the US and has used rape as a weapon to crush Muslim resistance in Kashmir. US media do not report Kashmiri suffering.]

[Latest: September 14: Demonstrations are Continuing and 2 more Kashmiris have been killed by the police.]

Afghans in anti-Qur'an Burning Rallies

Three Give their Lives: 10,000 rally in non-Taliban city Faizabad

September 10: Reuters) - Protests by thousands of angry Afghans over plans by an obscure U.S. church to burn copies of the Koran grew on Friday, with demonstrations spreading to the capital and at least five provinces, officials said.
Several hundred gathered in a northern district of Kabul, while about 2,000 marched on a government building in western Farah, officials and witnesses said. There were also protests in nearby Badghis in the northwest and Ghor and Herat in the west.

One protester was shot dead outside a German-run NATO base in northeastern Badakhshan, a government spokesman said. Several were wounded.

KUNDUZ, (Reuters) - One man was shot dead when protesters, angry over plans by a U.S. pastor to burn copies of the Koran, attacked a NATO base in Afghanistan's north on Friday, a provincial government spokesman said.

A crowd, estimated at 10,000 by a spokesman for the Badakhshan province governor, had earlier poured into the streets after special Eid prayers. Some later hurled stones at a NATO base run by Germans and a protester was shot when troops inside opened fire, spokesman Amin Sohail said.

A spokesman for Nato in Kabul said NATO was aware of protests in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan, and were investigating.

September 11: Anti-Qur'an burning rallies continued in Afghanistan leading to atrocities by NATO forces which killed two unarmed protestors in Logar province. Most of Logar is now in Taliban control.

Pakistan # 1. [One Pak called it Delayed Eid "present" from the US]

Drone Attack

September 12: A US missile strike killed three militants in northwestern tribal belt, near the Afghan border, officials said.

The strike early Sunday hit Newey Adda village in the Datta Khel area near Miramshah, the main town of North Waziristan tribal district, officials said.

"A US drone fired two missiles. The target was a house used by militants as a compound. Three militants have died," a senior security official in Peshawar told AFP.

Another intelligence official in Miramshah also confirmed the attack and the death toll. - AFP

[Ed note: "Militant" is a term used by the non-Muslim media to justify the killing of civilians who support the Taliban.]

Pakistan #2 [From Shamsuddin]

Jamaate Islami calls Florida Pastor's Qur'an Burning Stunt "Satanic."

Protest Rallies all over Pakistan Condemn American's Planned Sacrilege

September 10, 2010. Protest demonstrations were held in cities across Pakistan at the appeal of top JI leader Syed Munawar Hasan to condemn the Qur'an burning plot by a church leader in Florida. The biggest rallies, in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi, followed the final Juma' prayer of Ramadan.

Addressing a very large juma' gathering in Mansoorah [on the outskirts of Lahore], Munawar Hasan said that though the Qur'an burning threat has been put off, the very fact that someone could dare to make such a threat shows that the western world is aware of the cowardice and shamelessness of the rulers of Muslim countries. Our rulers, he said, are slaves of America. The JI leader said that the Qur'an has been memorized by millions and it is in the hearts and souls of countless millions. No one can destroy the Qur'an by burning it. The issue, he said, is the violation of the sacred by the western terrorists. The West is trying to rationalize the Pastor's plan by calling it freedom of expression; others try to excuse him as a mere nut case. In fact he is an extremist reeking with hatred of Islam.

A WORD to US MUSLIMS: The Islamic leader, Munawar Hasan, had a few words for US Muslims too. He said, distributing copies of the Qur'an is okay, but if US Muslims cannot come out on the streets to protest such horrific desecration and cannot even raise their voices against the ultimate in hate, that means they are second class citizens: There is then no Islamic basis for their stay in America and they should return home.

In Lahore city, a mass rally was held at the Mosque of Martyrs and was addressed by JI leaders Liaqat Baluch, Dr. Farid Piracha, Ameer al-Azeem and Zikrullah mujahid. The demonstrators carried anti-American placards and chanted slogans like: "We'll sacrifice our lives for the sanctity of the Qur'an, we'll sacrifice our lives for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh."

In Karachi, a mass rally against American Qur'an burning threat was held at Lasbella Chowk where JI leaders condemned the American move.

First Response to Qur'an Burning Threat Came from Indonesia

September 4: Thousands of mostly Muslim protesters rallied around Indonesia in opposition to an American church's plan to burn copies of the Koran on September 11.

During the weekend rallies in Indonesia, cities protested an event planned by a small Florida church to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks in the United States.
The chairman of the Islamic group Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia that planned the protests, Rokhmat Labib, says the plan to burn the Islamic holy book is a provocation.
He says if the event happens Muslims will certainly fight back, and he cannot predict what form the retaliation will take.
The Pluralism Care Movement, a group comprising interfaith organizations and representatives from moderate Christian and Muslim centers, has called for the U.S. government to prevent the burning. It says the reaction from Indonesia should be one that shows the country's tolerance for religious differences.
Labib sees it differently. He says Muslims must not stay silent when their faith is threatened.
He says Hizbut Tahrir does not accept the argument that the reason for burning the Koran is because it is the source of Islamist violence.
Labib says Muslims do not have any problem with Christians as long as they do not spread their beliefs in Muslim areas. And since Muslims are not forcing their beliefs on Christians, he says there is no reason why they should feel threatened.

Iran's Islamic Leader [following new report of Qur'an burning in Tennessee]

September 13. "Without a doubt, the leaders of the global arrogance engineered [this plot] and [were in charge of] the command room of these atrocities," the Leader said.
Ayatollah Khamenei added that "Zionist think-tanks which hold the most influence on the US government and its security and military organizations" were among the accomplices in the scenario.
"This incident and previous incidents clearly show that what the global arrogance is attacking today is the foundation of Islam and the Holy Quran," Ayatollah Khamenei said.
The Leader said that the enemies' main objective behind this abominable act was to drag their fight with Islam and Muslims to all levels of the Christian society and to give it a religious pretext by bringing the Church into play.

$60 Billion Weapons Deal for Saudi Arabia [to fight Iran?]

September 13: WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is seeking a go-ahead from Congress to sell up to $60 billion worth of sophisticated warplanes to Saudi Arabia and could add another $30 billion worth of naval arms in a deal designed to counter the rise of Iran as a regional power.

The deal would apparently represent the largest single U.S. arms sale ever approved. It would allow Saudi Arabia, the most militarily advanced of the Arab Gulf states and one of the richest countries in the world, to buy top-line U.S.-made helicopters and fighter jets with ranges that would span the Middle East and beyond.

Somali Mujahideen Squeezing Puppet Regime but Lack Heavy Weapons

September 12: Somali mujahideen , al-Shabab, struck a military unit of the US installed Mogadishu clique killing 5 troops and injuring others.

Big Success for Bok Haram Islamic Movement

Prison Raid in Nigeria Releases Hundreds

DAKAR, Senegal — More than 700 inmates in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi were freed Tuesday night in a daring raid by well-armed attackers on a prison where members of an Islamist sect were being held, authorities and witnesses said Wednesday
September 7. Prison staff members stood outside the partly scorched exterior of the central prison in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi on Wednesday.

A "substantial" number of those freed in the attack belonged to the sect, called Boko Haram, a police spokesman in Bauchi said. The attack came just over a year after the bloody suppression of an uprising by the sect left more than 800 dead, and suggested that the sect was still active.

"Before we got to the area, they succeeded in freeing 721 inmates," a police spokesman, Mohammed Barau, said Wednesday. "They went there with sophisticated rifles, and they attacked the prison." Mr. Barau said one police officer was shot dead, and a total of four people were killed, including bystanders.

Witnesses on Wednesday described a brazen assault by well-armed assailants, largely unhindered by security forces. One witness, Lifidin Bauchi, the local director of Jama'atu Nasril Islam, a national Muslim advocacy organization, said police officers did not arrive in substantial numbers until hundreds had fled from the prison and into the streets.

Mr. Bauchi said the attackers were wearing "traditional gowns," and were "using big, big guns." He said he had just finished evening prayers in the central mosque, next to the prison, when he heard gunshots.

"I saw two men with big guns shooting directly to the door of the prison," Mr. Bauchi said. "They surrounded the whole prison. I saw them firing."

He quoted the assailants as saying they "had not come to kill us, just to collect their followers." He also said that the shooting lasted up to an hour and that the attackers broke down the door of the prison and set fire to cars in the prison yard.

"They were many, and they were well armed," he said. "Immediately when they left, the policemen started coming. The police arrived when they had already gone."

Last year's unrest began in Bauchi, when members of the sect attacked a police station and 39 were killed. Over a week in late July 2009, police and army forces struck back, concentrating on the nearby city of Maiduguri, where Boko Haram had its headquarters and where members lived a life of strict observance. Among the scores killed was the sect's leader, Mohammed Yusuf, in still unexplained circumstances while in police custody.

The group, whose name is a Hausa expression indicating disgust with Western education, is known to have been angry over the failure to fully apply Islamic law in this predominantly Muslim region of Nigeria.

The Bauchi State police commissioner, Alhaji Danlami Yar'Adua, told reporters in Bauchi late Wednesday that five people in all had been killed, including a soldier, a policeman, two prison warders and a civilian.

A witness reported seeing security officers fleeing upon spotting the well-armed attackers.

"They mounted their machine guns in front of the prison yard with impunity, and asked traders around the premises of the prison not to panic," said the witness, Malam Zubairu Abdullahi.

Mr. Barau, the police spokesman, said on Wednesday that relative calm had returned and that the police had made arrests.

Sani Adamu contributed to this report from Bauchi, Nigeria.

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