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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 28, 1432/ August 9, 2010 # 31

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Verse of the Week

"The messenger believes in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, and (so do) the believers; they all believe in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers; We make no difference between any of His messengers; and they say: We hear and obey, our Lord! Thy forgiveness (do we crave), and to Thee is the eventual course.

Holy Qur'an 2:285

-Submitted by Sis. Abigail

Ramadan Alert :
By Dr. Omar Afzal, Ithaca, New York

The Muslims in North America should start Ramadan on August 12, 12010, if they wish to follow the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
In the USA and Canada Ramadan Hilal will not be seen on Tuesday, August 10. Its age, lag between the sunset and the moonset, as well as its altitude on the western horizon is too low.

In the evening of August 11, the moon will be easily seen almost everywhere except northern regions of Canada.

ISNA date of August 11 for N. America follows Saudi/Egyptian date. They do not decide by the Hilal of Ramadan in North America or Saudi Arabia .
A Hilal cannot be seen in Makkah or Cairo on August 10.

Editor's note: Islamic Law requires sighting of the moon for the start of Ramadan and for Eid. The Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, are authentic and unambiguous on this matter.

Read Jamaate Islami leader Munawar Hasan's khutba on the devastating floods in Pakistan. Please scroll.

Book Review

Notes by Kaukab Siddique

Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi
by Dr. Ali M. Sallabi
Three Volumes Hardcover by the International Islamic Publishing House, Saudi Arabia, 2010

This is a scholarly contribution to the Islamic view of the Crusades. It brings out the division among the Muslims and Salah ad-Deen's success in overcoming disunity. It also highlights the struggle of great leaders who appeared before Salah ad-Deen and prepared the ground for his liberation of Jerusalem. Salah ad-Deen and the other Muslim leaders were extremely generous in their treatment of the Crusaders, though they defeated and sometimes wiped-out the Crusader armies.

The greatest danger for Islam was from within the Muslim sects, the most venomous of which was the Ismaili (batini) sect which flourished under Fatimid rule in Egypt and under the "Assassins" of Alamut. Great Islamic leaders like Mawdood and Nizamul Mulk fell victim to these terrorists. Salah ad-Deen himself was almost killed on two occasions by the Ismailis.

Today we find the Crusaders again in the Muslim world with their base in Israel, their armies in Iraq and Afghanistan and their armadas controlling the sea lanes. Behind them are Ismailis of today, led by the Aga Khan who is a great friend of the Israelis and NATO and has vast sums at his disposal to be able to infiltrate the Muslim world and set up Westernizing organizations.

This book is a must read for those who know that history often repeats itself.

Unite Against Zionism
Spotlight from Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina

People often forget that Muslims have not put occupation forces into America. Muslims are facing military occupation in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Somalia etc. How would Americans feel if their land were occupied?

Outreach: Unite Against Zionism: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora's Call

Eight Page Document Given to 75 Muslims in College Park, Maryland, Mosque

On August 6, 2010, Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature was distributed by a sister activist at Dar ul Huda in College Park. Articles given to 75 Muslims included contrasting pictures of General Kayani with Hillary Clinton on one side and Syed Munawar Hasan in Chitral on the other. Included were the details of the tragic sentencing of Lynne Stewart, the struggle of Muslims in Somalia, Dr. Siddique's article on Abu Huraira, r.a. and thought provoking snippets from Imam Badi Ali.

An Indonesian brother was very supportive but most of the people here are cut off from the Islamic movement owing to control by CAIR and others like them including a pious imam who never speaks out. Long beards with no message. A very stodgy newsletter comes out of here which publicizes CAIR and even tried to justify the treachery against five Muslim youths by CAIR in its support of Keith Ellison (CAIR's Muslim).

Our America: #1
Obama's Magic: A Mosque near Ground Zero. We Need the Rod of Moses to Swallow Pharoah's Snakes
by Kaukab Siddique

Some US Muslims supported by some American Jews, in particular Mayor Bloomberg of New York, have seemingly won the case to construct a magnificent mosque near Ground Zero. Other Americans, particularly the relatives of 9.11 victims, are opposing the mosque. The debate has been waxing and waning with strong arguments on both sides.

(For overseas readers, Ground Zero is the place where the Twin Towers stood before they were struck by Muhammad Atta and 18 other Muslims who used American airliners as their weapons. One tower fell over the other, leading to the destruction of both. Americans have been traumatized since the 9.11 attacks. Unable to believe that unarmed assailsnts could wreak so much damage, various people have come up with conspiracy theories to explain how 19 Muslims could break through the American security network to create havoc in America's high value economic assets.)

President Obama has tried to reverse the perception of war between America and Islam. He is one of the most intellectual presidents America has ever had and he is working hard to clean up the confusion and damage President Bush created. Bush had been taken totally by surprise when the Muslims penetrated the cross referenced American defense patterns. He used the occasion to go to war with the full force of the military. Unfortunately victory became more and more difficult as Islamic resistance slowly but steadily stiffened.

Obama's line is that America is not against Islam. Bush made the same claim but Obama is more persuasive and eloquent with his seemingly superior intellectual ability. He did blunder into his "we are friends of Islam" campaign by starting off in Egypt. Even the gullible could not help noticing that Egypt is one of the worst human rights offenders against active Muslims. However, Obama has tried to patch over the mistake by continuing to send nice messages on Eid and by recruiting pliable but pious looking Muslims, including a Hafize Qur'an, a woman with a head cover and a "we are for peace" Aga Khani, into the White House public relations network.

The mosque at Ground Zero is part of the "soothe Islam" campaign. Part of the White House polemic is that Muhammad Atta as well as the Taliban killed and/or are killing Muslims. A few, very few, Muslims were killed in the Twin Towers. This is the "evidence'' used to 'prove' that the 19 hijackers wanted to kill Muslims. When the Taliban react to bombing by B-52s and B-1s, multiple rocket fire from drones and targeting by heavy artillery, with martyrdom operations, that is again seen as evidence that the Taliban kill Muslims. After all Taliban attacks lack the precision of "smart" bombs and some civilians do get killed. Do the Taliban want to kill Muslims? That's a difficult question which would mess up the White House' patterns of thought.
So the mosque at Ground Zero would prove that "Islam" and America are united against "terrorism."

The majority of the relatives of the 9.11 victims do not understand the sophistry of President Obama. They protest and obstruct the mosque and are supported by right wing extremists who wish that Bush had had another term.

Many Muslims have been beguiled. They don't notice this:
1. The mosque is a multi-million dollar project. It could not possibly be funded by any independent Muslim group.

2. MAS and other Muslim cliques which are supporting this mosque are known for their support of the government [whoever is in the White House] not unlike the Qadianis ["ahmedis"] and Aga Khanis.

3. Support for the mosque is coming from the Jewish-Zionist lobby, in particular mayor Bloomberg.

Non-Muslims too are divided and don't understand President Obama's agenda. Large crowds led by Spencer, a man with a twisted mind who wrote a hate filled and dishonest book against Islam, have been protesting the mosque. Sarah Palin has weighed in. Some Jews [ADL] have also turned against it. The extreme right wing could nullify Obama's efforts or at least blur his mission.

Note from NY: Rabbis Want the Mosque!

This proposed Center near Ground Zero has the support of Jewish Mayor Michael Bloomberg (or Bloombucks as activist New Yorkers call him). On August 5th, a few rabbis rallied in support of the mosque being built.

-Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

Our America: #2
International "Burn a Qur'an" Day planned for 9.11 Anniversary in America
By Sis. Abigail Anthony

An American church based in Florida is hosting an "International Burn a Quran Day" on this years anniversary of 9/11. This church (or so-called "church") is the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL.

The maniac who "pastors" this church, Terry Jones, is calling for others to join-in with his congregation to burn copies of the Quran because he says: "We believe that Islam is of the Devil, that it's causing billions of people to go to hell, it is a deceptive religion, it is a violent religion and that is proven many, many times," (as told to CNN's reporter, Rick Sanchez earlier this year).

The "church" boasts a sign on its lawn that says: "Islam is of the Devil"; and its website ( ) is filled with anti-Islamic statements.

When the pastor was asked why the church would post such a sign, he answered: "To expose Islam for what it is. It is a violent and oppressive religion that is trying to masquerade itself as a religion of peace, seeking to deceive our society." (Question and answer posted on the churches website)

The "church" website announces that it "offers free shelter and food to women who want to escape Islam"; it lists "Ten Reasons to Burn a Koran"; and it urges people to "show their support and take a stand" by purchasing a t-shirt that says "Islam is of the Devil" (the "church" actually sells these t-Shirts!)

The Florida 'church' condemns other Christians (or so-called "christians") for remaining silent about Islam, and encourages them to become bold and fearless and to finally speak-out about how they truly feel about Islam.

I have lived in this country my entire life and I have witnessed and can testify to the evil, bitterness, and hatred many Americans and so-called "Christians" harbor in their hearts for Islam.... these people are not true followers of Jesus, but sadly, they represent the sentiments of the majority .

As the Qur'an says to the true Muslims who follow the right guidance:

"You are the best of the nations raised up for (the benefit of) men; you enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong and believe in Allah; and if the followers of the Book had believed it would have been better for them; of them (some) are believers but most of them are transgressors."
-Holy Qur'an 3:110


Doubts Cast on Claim that Taliban Killed Medical Aid Workers
By Sis. Abigail Anthony

In an interview, BBC reporter speaks to IAM [International Assistance Mission] Director Dirk Frans about the accusations that Taliban are responsible for the deaths of the 10 IAM foreign medical aid workers.

Frans says "I find it a little bit strange that they've taken responsibility a number of days after the incident. I know of other cases where they've taken responsibility within an hour or two...that to me, sounds more believable. Secondly, according to our sources, that area is not particularly known for an insurgency by any armed opposition group, whichever it may be. As to us spreading Christianity, that is simply not true. We are a Christian agency. We are registered as such. In fact, we have been registered as such from the very beginning, since 1966. The Taliban knew we were a Christian agency and still they allowed us to work because they actually saw what we did. So, I don't think that is a valid argument."

Although the U.S. media is blasting the Taliban for these crimes (as usual), the people who are actually in a position to know facts about the case and are familiar with the local scene seem to believe that robbery was the motive.

In a separate interview, Frans is quoted as saying: "When the local police actually found the bodies of 10 people, the police chief basically said this was a robbery. And the people were completely stripped of all their valuables. There were no passports, no nothing of value left.
Now that could well be the case. That would actually fit the information that we had that basically there were no insurgents in the area. But, of course, you never know about bandits and robbers. They can be just about anywhere."

In a heavily loaded statement on Fox TV, August 9, Mrs. Hillary Clinton flatly accused the Taliban and ignored Dirk Frans' statement. Holbrooke, said to be a Jewish-Zionist, went even further. Looks like the US has realized that the Taliban will not be fooled into "peace talks." --Editor.


Afghan resistance statement
Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding a picture published by Time magazine

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

August 7, 2010

Sha'ban 25, 1431 A.H, Saturday, August 07, 2010

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Time magazine has recently published a picture of an Afghan women Aisha, and described her horrifying story which is connected to the Taliban under the title 'Afghan women and the return of the Taliban'.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan rejects this fabrication by the Americans, who are publishing these lies to divert attention of the people from their clear and disgraceful defeat.

This desperate propaganda by Time magazine has shown the whole world to the lengths which the world media will go to please America, even at the cost of their Journalistic integrity.

This picture published by Time magazine and the barbaric story wrongly attached to the Islamic Emirate is not only false, but publishing these images are against the morals and ethics of professional journalism. A lot of journalists worldwide have condemned this act of Time magazine and called it a crime against journalism.

As far as the story of Aisha is concerned, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has condemned this barbaric, inhumane and unislamic act and declares that this case has never been forwarded to any court or persons of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan uses Shariate law to solve any internal or human right issues. Shariate laws promote peace and justice to the society, not hatred and cruelty.

In sacred Islamic law, cutting of human ears and noses whether the human is alive or dead is illegal and prohibited. In many hadith from Muhammad PBUH, cutting of noses, ears and lips of a dead unbeliever is prohibited, so how can the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan carry out this act especially when the person to whom it is done is alive and is a Muslim. Under Shariate law if someone carries out this heinous act, the same thing will be done to the criminal who has perpetuated this act.

We sympathize with our sister Aisha and call this atrocious act a crime against humanity and against Shariate law.

We call on Time and other western media to stop trampling on their own moral principles, just to hide and divert people's attention from Americas military and political defeat by publishing such fabrications.

We also call on Afghani media to stop spreading the lies of Islam hating western media by becoming their translators. Journalism is an important duty, thus it should not be used is spreading mischief.

The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan

(With thanks to Br. Rafe in California)

Our America: #3
Helping the Islamic Movement in Somalia Made a crime

August 5: USA announced that it has arrested 14 Somali Muslims. The charges are not clear but apparently the US is determined to stop the flow of support from Somalis in USA to the al-Shabab in Somalia.

Our America: #4

The Railroading of Three Shia Muslims: Flimsy Claims of Plot Against JFK Airport
(There is no chance that Muslims will be treated with justice in a US court. --Editor)

Kadir denies US claim he was spying for Iran-admits passing reports to ambassador in Venezuela
Posted On July 22, 2010 (5:49 am)
Former PNCR parliamentarian Abdul Kadir, who is on trial for plotting to blow up the JFK airport, yesterday denied an accusation by the US that he spent years secretly working as a spy for Iran passing along information about Guyana's economy, foreign policy and military to Iranian officials.
Abdul Kadir
According to a Bloomberg report, Kadir, admitted under cross-examination that he drafted regular reports for the Iranian ambassador to Venezuela, which included details like the "low morale" in the Guyanese army. The documents he allegedly drafted included a five-year development plan to promote Islam in Guyana, which included references to infiltrating the military, police and other government agencies.

"Is it fair to say that you're a spy for the Iranian government?" Assistant U.S. Attorney Marshall Miller asked Kadir yesterday after showing him reports on Guyana that he sent to Iran's ambassador to Venezuela.

"No sir," Kadir answered.

Kadir and Russell Defreitas, a former Evergreen Airlines cargo worker, have been charged with participating in the plot hatched in January 2006. They circulated their plan to an international network of Muslim extremists, prosecutors allege. The plot was foiled in the planning stages with the aid of an informant, Steven Francis, who recorded the alleged plotters' conversations and who testified at trial in federal court in Brooklyn, New York. Kadir first took the stand on Tuesday.

Kadir was arrested in June 2007 on a plane in Trinidad on his way to Iran.
US prosecutors argued that Kadir was going to Tehran to get operational and financial support for the plot to blow up fuel lines and tanks at the airport. Kadir testified on Tuesday that he was going there to obtain funds for a mosque he wanted to build in Guyana and to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran's former supreme leader. Kadir said he had gone to Iran twice before.
On cross-examination by Miller, Kadir first said he never shared information on Guyana with the Iranian embassy in Venezuela, the closest to his home country.

Miller then exhibited several reports in Kadir's handwriting on Guyana's economy, military and politics. In one report, Kadir wrote about the "sinking" morale of the Guyanese army.
"Yes, I was telling him about what was happening in Guyana, sir," Kadir testified.
Miller also showed the jury a handwritten "five-year development plan" by Kadir that he testified was for promoting Islam in Guyana. Miller asked him questions about points in the document referring to infiltrating Guyana's army, police force and ministries.

Kadir, responding to a question by his own lawyer, Kafahni Nkrumah, said he learned about the airport bomb plot from Defreitas and Francis in February 2007. Kadir said he never told anyone about the plan, even though he told the two men he would try to interest others in it. "I never spoke to anyone after they told me about the plot," Kadir told the court.

The jury previously listened to a March 2007 recording of Kadir telling Francis that the people he contacted weren't interested in participating in the terror plot at that time. They might be in the future, Kadir said on the recording.
"I said that to him just because I did not want him to sever relationships with me completely," Kadir testified yesterday.

"I did tell them I wasn't interested in their plan from the very first time they introduced it to me."

The attacks were designed to destroy "the whole of Kennedy," the largest airport in the New York area, Defreitas said in a taped conversation, according to the US Justice Department.

The plotters conducted surveillance of the airport, including videotaping its buildings, and sought expert advice, financing and explosives, prosecutors said.

In her June 30 opening statement, Assistant U.S. Attorney Berit Berger told jurors that Kadir was an engineer who advised on the technical aspects of the plot.

Kadir and Defreitas face life in prison if convicted.

Defreitas, a U.S. citizen and native of Guyana, pleaded not guilty in 2007.

Abdel Nur, another Guyanese who was also charged in the plot, pleaded guilty on June 29 to one count of providing support to terrorists. Another accused, Kareem Ibrahim, a citizen of Trinidad who has pleaded not guilty in the case, was granted a separate trial at a later date due to a medical condition.

Article taken from Stabroek News -
(With thanks to Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn, NY)

Hadith Studies

"Persian Conspiracy" Theory about Hadith: Shows Parwez's Ignorance
By Kaukab Siddique

"Deem not the summons of the Messenger among yourselves like the summons of one of you to another: Allah does know those of you who slip away under shelter of some excuse: then let those beware who withstand the Messenger's order, lest some trial befall them, or a grievous chastisement be inflicted on them." (The Qur'an 24:63.) Quoted by Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal in his confrontation with a despotic ruler who wanted to include sectarian concerns into the fabric of Islam.

(The following writer has sent several questions this time. We'll answer only one at a time so as not to burden a substantial segment of our readers who are already quite well read in Islam.)

Question from M., Canada: You are trying to connect the "Qur'an Only" movement to Jewish scholars but Allama Parvez writes so well about some facts of Hadith which no one else had noticed. He wrote that ALL the scholars of Hadith were Persians. He saw that Hadith was not collected by the early Arab scholars. The Persians brought Hadith to oppose the Arabs. He writes about Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood, Ibn Maja and Nasai:

"All of them were Iranians. None of them was an inhabitant of Arabia. It's an astonishing fact that none of the Arabs took up this great task and the collection and compilation of Hadith was fulfilled by non-Arabs (ajamis). Secondly, all of these persons were in the third century Hijra ...." [Maqame Hadith, G.A. Parvez, page 13.]

Answer by Kaukab Siddique: Parwez's theory is absurd for anyone who has done any reading on Hadith ; hence I feel as if I am wasting my time answering this question. However, I need to answer because Parwez has been effective among people who have not studied Hadith. Among them is a man named Dr. Sayed Abdul Wadud who wrote a book titled Conspiracies against the Qur'an in which he made a straight copy of Parvez's list of the six scholars of Hadith in the form of a chart indicating their Persian origin. A very sincere gentleman (who is in Canada), Akbarally Meherally, was taken in by Abdul Wadud's book and wrote a book of his own Myths and Realities of Hadith in which he reproduces the same chart as Abdul Wadud (p.86) quite confidently. I doubt if Meherally knew that Abdul Wadud is a follower of Parwez. Let's break down the issue.

1. Were the six actually all Iranians? The answer is NO. Probably Parwez did not look at any map connected to Muslim history. Even the area known as "Khurasan" was a vast area, much of it now included in Afghanistan. Allama Tajuddin Subki (died 771 H.) has left us a good impression of the area known as Khurasan. He writes in his Tabqat al-Shafi'a: "The leading cities of Khurasan were four which were like its pillars which marked its foundation: Merv, Nishapur, Balkh and Herat. These were its greatest cities but if you were to say that they were actually the cities of Islam, that wouldn't be wrong because these were the centers of Islamic knowledge as well as of government."

Of the six Parwez noticed, the greatest, Imam Bukhari was born in Bukhara, which is in central Asia and is not included it in Iran or in Khurasan. So Parwez's theory is busted by the very one he hated most. Perhaps Parwez should have come up with a Central Asian theory.

Ibn Maja was from Qazwin which is and was in Azerbaijan. Talk to any Azerbaijani, and it becomes apparent that though Azerbaijan today is in Iran, it has its own history and background. Azerbaijanis are not Persians.

Abu Dawood was from Sijistan which is or overlaps with what we call Baluchistan today, some of it now in modern Iran and some in Pakistan.

Thus we are left with a Persian conspiracy with three "conspirators." Of these, Tirmidhi actually differed with Imam Bukhari and criticized the technical quality of some of Imam Bukhari's texts. He also has some criticism of Imam Muslim's texts. Thus this "conspiracy" was certainly not working.

Nasai and Muslim were from the general area of Khurassan but there are serious differences in the way they presented Hadith. Nasai actually ignores quite a few of the narrators Bukhari accepted. The methodology, purpose and style of all six is unique, each in its own way.

All six were independent scholars who stayed away from any control by rulers and took extreme pains to make sure that no one could pressure or buy them. There is no evidence whatsoever that they were organizing some kind of cultural "counter revolution" against the Arabs. They loved the Prophet (pbuh) so much and were so fearful of attributing anything to him incorrectly that they would differ among themselves and debate over the best possible sources of information about the Prophet's (pbuh) Hadith. For instance, Tirmidhi differed with Bukhari over his sources for a Hadith about istinja (or cleaning oneself after going to the bathroom). This was indeed a strange "conspiracy" that these two were differing over which chain of narrators was best for reference to the Prophet's (pbuh) mode of cleaning himself. This must have been a revolution about cleanliness!
2. When Parwez gave his neat little chart about the six Persian "conspirators," he conveniently forgot that Hadith was collected in non-Persian cities too. For instance, numerous scholars who met the companions (r.a.) of the Prophet (pbuh) in cities outside Khurasan, also compiled Hadith. Among the great centers of Hadith scholarship were Arab cities, Makka, Madina, Damascus, Kufa, Basra and parts of Egypt and Palestine. The greatest center of learning turned out to be Baghdad which was cosmopolitan, both Arabic and Ajami.

3. Parwez did not understand Hadith scholarship. Hence he did not realize that the six greats he attacked were merely compilers of selective editions of Hadith which already existed. [A comparison for understanding: Various scholars prepare selections of Iqbal's poetry from his many years of poetry. This does not mean that the anthologists invented Iqbal's poetry. They simply put together what they thought was Iqbal's best or what was best for their purposes.] The six were simply trying, each in his own way, to check on the authenticity of Hadith narrations by the most stringent of tests.

In addition to the six, there were other giants of Hadith scholarship who concentrated on the application of the Qur'an and the Hadith to the issues facing the community. Of the five most famous of these greats, four were Arabs:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq

Imam Malik

Imam Shafi'i

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

(The only non-Arab, great by comparison with these four, was Imam Abu Hanifa. Perhaps Parwez should have come up with a theory of Arab conspiracy to control non-Arabs. Unfortunately for him, Imam Abu Hanifa was the student of Imam Jafar. The Arabs and the non-Arabs worked together. Islam for both was about the Qur'an and the authenticity of Hadith. All were scholars of the Qur'an, a requirement before anyone could study Hadith.)

Incidentally, Imam Ahmad's Musnad is not included in the six books of Hadith because its purpose (by definition of the word musnad) was to be INCLUSIVE, while Imam Bukhari and the others were EXCLUSIVE, trying to keep out any narration which had any weakness OF ANY KIND.

Imam Jafar is from the Ahlul Bait [the line of Ali, r.a., and Fatima, r.a.], so nobody can suspect him of being an Ajami or non-Arab. He took Hadith from Hazrat Ali (r.a.), one of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) who WROTE Hadith during the time of the Prophet (pbuh), which debunks the idea that Hadith were first written down in the third century.

Imam Malik (most influential and with a wide FOLLOWING IN AFRICA) was from the holy city of Madina. His dates are 93-179 H and his collection of Hadith, Muwatta, written in 130 H. (before the middle of the second century) is one of the most famous books of Hadith. Its very existence refutes the story that Hadith were first written in the third century. [It is not included in the SIX because its focus is on hadith relating to law and not to the entire gamut of the Prophet's life (pbuh).] Malik had thousands of students, many of whom were great scholars of Hadith in their own right.

Most amazingly, Parwez missed Imam Shafai'i. [His dates: 150-204 also show that Hadith was available in writing in the Second century of Islam.] This great scholar took on those who were trying to claim that one report from the Prophet (pbuh) was not sufficient for purposes of law. His work was definitive in this field. There are few who have served Hadith scholarship better. For purposes of this discussion, I will only look at his Arab descent.

Muhammad (Shafaii son of Idrees, son of Abbas, son of 'Usman, son of Shafa'e, son of Saib, son of Ubaid, son of Abd Yazeed, son of Hashim, son of Abdul Muttalib son of Abd Manaf.

[Pakistani readers should look up Imam Shafaii kay ahd, mujahidat aur zaat-o-sifat ka mukammal jaiza (A Complete Appraisal of the Era, scholarly decisions, personality and qualities of Imam Shafii) by Egyptian writer Muhammad Abu Zahra, translated by Syed Raees Ahmad J'afri into Urdu.]
Parwez's fatal mistake was that he ignored Ahmad ibn Hanbal, who was not only an Arab scholar of Hadith but one who insisted that in the presence of Hadith, there is no need for qiyas [analogy]. As pointed out earlier, his Musnad, a compendium of Hadith bigger than Bukhari's Sahih is available today. Ahmad's dates are very significant: 164-241 H. Thus he was the contemporary of Bukhari and most of the other five greats of Hadith. He was part of the huge variety of scholarship which emerged from Islam's cultural center Bagdad.

That Parwez would try to condemn Bukhari for being "Iranian" while ignoring Ahmad ibn Hanbal is a sign of scholarly dishonesty. Ahmad's Musnad is a deadly blow for Parwez because it contains the ENTIRE TEXT of a FIRST CENTURY collection of Hadith, which was prepared in WRITING by Hammam ibn Munabbih who listened to Abu Huraira (r.a.) and wrote down 138 Hadith from him. (The ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of Hammam's collection was discovered by the Indian scholar, Dr. Hamidullah.)
What we are looking at here is that:

A FIRST CENTURY collection in WRITING reached the THIRD CENTURY intact and was PUBLISHED IN FULL TEXT in the Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal which EXISTS TODAY. Thus, there can be no doubt that Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) were successfully transmitted to future generations by the scholars of Hadith.
(By the way, Ahmad was Arab, not a Persian "conspirator. He was from the Arab tribe of Sheiban which settled in Basra when Omar ibn al-Khattab (r.a.) asked for volunteers to settle in that seemingly inhospitable area. Ahmad's line connects with that of the Prophet (pbuh) through Nazar bin Maadan bin 'Adnan.)

Imam Ahmed defied three Abbasid Caliphs who were trying to bring sectarian concepts into Islam. I am not surprised that Parwez ignored him. Parwez was helping the secularist rulers of his time to bring sectarian ideas into Islam to help defeat the independent Islamic scholars of our time like Syed Abul 'Ala Maudoodi (rahmatullah alaih).

We as Muslims can be proud that people of all nations have contributed to Islamic learning.

Helpful hints for non-Muslims to understand their Muslim neighbors during Ramadan

O! You who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the people before you, so that you may acquire self control and God-consciousness
- Quran 2:183

1431st Ramadan - the Month of Blessings and Peace
By Imam Ali Siddiqui (California)

2.8 billion Muslims of the world will celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan . During this month, healthy Muslim adults will observe fasting during the daylight hours.
Muslim Fasting is a total abstention from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk for 29 or 30 days of the month of Ramadan. In addition, avoiding immoral behavior and anger and showing compassion is part of the requirements of the fasting. The purpose of fasting is manifold. Allah (the God Almighty) mentioned it in the Holy Book of the Muslims, Quran, that the fasting is prescribed for the believers as it was prescribed for the people before them, so that they may acquire self control and God-consciousness (Quran 2:183). Therefore, the purpose of fasting is to develop self-control, God-consciousness, improvement of health by reducing or eliminating impurities from the body, and to become aware of the plight of the poor, hungry, and the sick.

Ramadan is a month of spiritual consciousness and high sense of social responsibility. The fulfillment of one's obligations during this month is rewarded by 70 times. Fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam including Announcement of Faith, Salaat (praying 5 times a day), Zakaat (the right of the poor on the wealth of the financially able), Fasting during the month of Ramadan, and Hajj (once a life time pilgrimage to Ka'aba). It is an obligation on every adult and healthy Muslim to fast during the month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan is also the month in which the Holy Quran was sent down from highest level of heaven to the 1st level, from where it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a piecemeal basis over a period of 23 years. It is a very joyous occasion for the Muslims of the world. They fast during the day, pray, and read Quran during the part of the night.

There is a special night called the Night of Power, which is mentioned in the Quran (Chapter 97), as a night of peace, mercy, and light. Worshiping during this night is better than the worship of 1,000 months. During this night, Muhammad was chosen by Allah, as the Messenger and Quran was sent to the 1st level of heaven. During this night, Allah (the God Almighty) sends down an army of special angels, under the leadership of Archangel Gabriel, who go to every nook and cranny of the earth to pray for the mercy of Allah (the God Almighty) and salvation of the believers.

Unlike common calendar, which is Solar based, Islamic calendar is Lunar based. It does not mean that Muslims worship the moon. It is another way to count days of the month and the year. Like all Islamic months, Ramadan, 9th lunar month, begins after sighting the Crescent, but not the new moon.

The population of Muslims in the US is estimated at 9 million, of which about 2 million lives in California. All healthy Muslim adults including homemakers, school-going kids around the age of 13, factory workers, businessmen, and others among them will be fasting. Your Muslim neighbors will be getting up very early to take their sahoor, a pre-dawn meal before starting their fast. So, don't get alarmed if you hear lot of noise next door. School staff has to show understanding and consideration towards Muslim students fasting during the month of Ramadan from August 11 to Sept. 9, 2010. They should be assigned alternate activities instead of strenuous gym activities.

Physicians should also understand that their patients might be fasting. They should prescribe the medicine in a way that they could take it with their pre-dawn or after sunset meals. However, if the patients' life may be in jeopardy, explain it to the patients or seek help from a Muslim Medical Chaplain at a local hospital, (like Imam Ali Siddiqui, 707-545-5234, or an Imam/director of a local Masjid/Islamic Center. According to Muslim physicians, there are some physiological benefits from Muslim Fasting (total abstention from food and liquids) including lowering of blood sugar, lowering of cholesterol, and lowering of systolic blood pressure.

At the completion of month of Fasting, Muslims all over the world celebrate their holiday of Eid al-Fitr. It is the biggest Muslim holiday. It is a true thanksgiving for a Muslim believer for having the opportunity to obey Allah (the God Almighty) by observing Fasting. It is celebrated on the 1st day of 10th lunar month, Shaw'waal. The holiday begins with Muslims putting on their best, preferably new clothes and going to the Eid congregation. Eid congregations are very large gatherings of Muslim men, women, and children across the country. You can witness these gathering at local Convention Centers, Fair grounds, and/or Community Parks. Afterwards, people greet each other with hugs and handshakes. The children receive gifts of money and toys. After the congregation, Muslims visit each other at their homes and hold lunches or dinners for family and friends. Don't be surprised if you are invited to an Eid dinner or Eid celebration by your Muslim neighbor or friend. Please do accept such an invitation. The hospitality, friendliness, and variety of international Muslim cuisine will pleasantly surprise you. Greetings of Ramadan, Ramadan Karim!

The local police and other law enforcement agencies should take extra precautions, during this month around the local Masjid / mosque / Islamic Center and where the Eid Congregation will be held, for the safety of Muslims and their facilities. The Muslim Communities across the nation appreciate the local police officers and the law enforcement agencies for looking after their safety. They are also thankful of interfaith volunteers who have provided support and vigilance. Thank you! May Allah, the Creator, look after you in your hour of need! Amen!
Imam Ali Siddiqui
P.S. Muslims should call their local Masjid for the beginning and end of Ramadan. Additional information can be acquired through e-mail:

Imam Ali Siddiqui serves the North Bay Muslim Community, CA. His other responsibilities include President, California Muslim Institute & Center for Interfaith Studies, Santa Rosa, CA; Co-Coordinator, North Bay Jewish Muslim Dialogue; Member, Sonoma County Interfaith Council and Japanese American Citizen League, Florin, CA. Previously, as an imam, he has served the Southern California Muslim Community. His other engagements were the Chairperson, Peace with Justice Center of the Pomona Valley; Member of the Board, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Los Angeles and UNA of Pomona Valley; and the President, Corona-Norco Interfaith Association.

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Pakistan: Biggest Ever Floods Ignored by Ruling Junta

Zardari's joyrides sprinkling salt on flood affectees' wounds
Jamaate Islami supports education

Report by Shamsuddin (Lahore)

LAHORE, Aug. 6: The discovery of President Zardari's King's palace in France is tantamount to sprinkling salt on the wounds of the flood affected people but the rulers seemed to be devoid of any sense of shame or humanity, Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, said here Friday.

In the backdrop of British PM David Cameron's tirade against this country and in the midst of British Media's taunts of "Mr. Ten Per cent", self respect and the national honour required President Zardari to call off his visit to Britain, he said in his address to the Friday congregation at Mansoora, mosque.

The JI chief said that the Pakistani nation was facing difficult situations one after the other. The 2005 earthquake caused heavy losses of both life and property. Subsequently, around five million tribal people were forced to leave their homes due to military operations and now the torrential rains and floods had killed thousands of people and uprooted hundreds of habitations. Crops over hundreds of thousands of acres of land had been washed away and the business of the people had been destroyed.

In such a dismal situation, he said, the rulers were busy in photo sessions, setting up fictitious relief camps and issuing bogus checks. The President was busy in joyrides abroad, visiting his palaces purchased with the looted national wealth.

He said as the government and the bureaucracy had abandoned the flood affected masses in distress, the nation must face the calamity with a sense of unity and dedication. He said, the JI workers and Al-Khidmat Foundation volunteers were busy providing relief to their brethren in distress, thinking it a religious duty.

Karachi, he said, the mini Pakistan, had no government worth the name. The tug of war between the ruling parties and the tussle for grabbing lands and areas had made the life of the Karachi people miserable. The police and the rangers were helpless and were protecting the criminals and killers instead of the citizens. The property of the poor people was being burnt as the PPP government both in the centre and the Sindh province was being blackmailed by the MQM.
He said the Karachi situation could be controlled only through rule of law and by cleansing the port city of arms and ammunition.

Liaquat greets position holders in different education Boards

LAHORE, Aug. 6: Jamaat e Islami Secretary General, Liaquat Baloch, has congratulated the position holders in the matriculation examination of all the eight education Boards in the Punjab and said the brilliant youth were the pride of the country.

In a statement here Friday, he said the grand success of these students was the result of their own hard work under the supervision of their able teachers and the invocations of their parents. He also felicitated the parents, the teachers, and the heads of their institutions.

He expressed the hope that these students would continue their hard work so as to achieve prominence in their academic career and later serve the nation.

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